Jaaxy Review: [Is This Keyword Tool Really THE Bomb?]

Thanks for dropping in on my truthful review of the Jaaxy keyword research platform!

Any blogger and vlogger should know that traffic is the bread and butter of their online business. Without it, it’s lights out, I’m afraid.

So if you want a wild stampede of blog visitors around the clock, it’s not just gonna require the creation of “high-quality” content on a regular basis…

But you’ll also need the magic ingredient called “keywords”.

So this is where Jaaxy comes into the picture.

But here’s the question:

Is the platform really as phenomenal as other users/affiliates lead you to believe throughout their reviews, huh?

The answer’s right HERE along with a walkthrough of the features…

At a Quick Glance

Jaaxy Review
Name: Jaaxy.

Owners: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim (co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate).

Website: jaaxy.com.

Cost: 30 free searches, $49/month for PRO or $99/month for Enterprise.

(BUT if you join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium member, you’ll get exclusive LITE access for $0, PRO for $19/month & ENTERPRISE for $49/month).

My Score: 7/10.


  • Start with 30 free keyword searches (+ no credit card required)
  • Easy & fast for newbs to use
  • It’s web-based – so nothing to download
  • Comes with numerous features
  • Step-by-step training tutorials (+ bonuses)


  • The free level comes with limitations
  • Some important SEO metrics are inaccurate


I must say that Jaaxy is probably one of the easiest keyword tools I’ve ever used.

Not only does it make the keyword research process a total breeze, but it’s ultra-fast & produces a heck of a lot of ideas for your content too.

I especially love the Alphabet Soup, Site Rank, and Affiliate Programs features as well. Awesome sauce!

So it’s definitely a great platform fit for a novice blogger and affiliate marketer from those angles, in my book.

BUT, sadly, I just don’t think the keyword metrics are up-to-par, if I’m being totally honest. (I explain why inside this review).

So there are important SEO issues that Kyle and Carson need to address for it to be highly effective in the keyword department itself.

Final Verdict: Highly Recommended – Just be Cautious of Certain Metrics.

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To see the super capabilities of the tool and how it can help your quest to affiliate marketing stardom, do continue with this FULL review…


What is Jaaxy All About, You Ask?

In both Kyle and Carson’s words: Jaaxy is your competitive edge that was designed by affiliate marketers FOR affiliate marketers.

While I totally agree that the tool is ideal for affiliate marketers in terms of user-friendliness…

I beg to defer when it comes to the competitive edge side of things (namely the keyword metrics themselves).

But more on that topic in a jiffy.

Put simply, Jaaxy is a keyword research platform with numerous built-in features that allows you to uncover keywords for top rankings in the main search engines.

Rankings, that can potentially lead to a consistent stream of website visitors, sales, and KA-CHING… commissions in ya pockets $$$!

Basically, a forever-growing Biz producing a passive income.

Well, providing you write product reviews around the right “buyer intent” keywords, that is.

There’s not a lot else I can say on the subject.


The Meat & Potatoes of Jaaxy: How it Works…

Now, before I show you the mind-blowing features that come with Jaaxy, let’s kick things off with the main keyword research function itself.

First of all, you dump a keyword into the search bar.

For my example, I’m rolling with the term “sewing machine”.

Here’s a small snippet of results Jaaxy unearthed in just a few seconds:
Jaaxy Keyword Research Dashboard
“But what do all the damn metrics mean, huh?”

I’ll tell you…

Avg = the number of monthly searches conducted for the keyword in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Traffic = how many potential visitors will land on your blog post review each month for the keyword term.

Tip: Kyle suggests picking a keyword that triggers at least 40 – 50 visitors per month.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) = how many competing websites there are in the search engines for that term.

Tip: Choose a number that’s as close to “0” as possible for increased ranking potential.

KQI (Keyword Quality Index) = the quality of a keyword. You should roll with a Great or Normal keyword.

But obviously, Poor speaks for itself.

SEO = a score that takes both traffic and competition levels into account.

Tip: Select a keyword near the “100” mark – again, for ranking potential.

And that about covers it.

Oh, and one last thing…

When you do find a keyword that fits the criteria, it’s of the utmost importance that it makes grammatical sense like “sewing machine for quilting”.

Rather than speaking in riddles and sounding like Jedi Master Yoda throughout your blog post. 😛


But There’s One Slight Problem With Jaaxy (UGH!)…

Some SEO metrics (namely the traffic and competition ones) seem inaccurate, in my experience.

Because I spent a good 12 – 18 months writing quality content on my previous website with very little traffic and income to show for it.

More than 2 years and 300+ posts later, the blog never ever exceeds 100 organic visitors daily – no matter how much I freshen up the content.

YUP, the old gal’s still ticking along. But only just.

Now, with that amount of elbow grease and time, you’d assume the traffic would be 10X that by now, right?

But due to a combination of unable to rank a lot of reviews on Google page-1 + some reviews that ARE on page-1 not producing much traffic…

The site’s an absolute shambles, to say the least.

I’m not the other Wealthy Affiliate member to pick up on Jaaxy’s flawed metrics either.

In fact, Ian Pribyl (founder of FIMP) suggested that I make the transition to Long Tail Pro.

I’m so HAPPY I made the switch because almost 6 months down the line, and my new site FuriousAffiliate.com is looking promising in terms of a sustainable Biz.

(Traffic and other results coming soon, so stay tuned).

But it’s not all doom and gloom because Jaaxy does have other awesome qualities – features that I like VERY much.

Check out my faves…


#1: Alphabet Soup

In a nutshell, the “Alphabet Soup” technique runs through the entire alphabet – displaying phrases that folks are typing in the search engines based on your keyword.

So again, rolling with “sewing machine” and also starting with the letter ‘A’.
Alphabet Soup Keyword Feature
Here are some examples of the phrases it found:

  • Brother sew advance sewing machine 
  • Alex sew fun sewing machine
  • Sew cool sewing machine amazon

So on and so forth…

What I love about this feature is not just the superman/girl-speed results it pulls up.

But also the sh*t ton of ideas you can dig MUCH deeper into until you find that one perfect keyword for your new blog post and/or review.


#2: Site Rank

This does exactly what it says on the tin.

“Site Rank” enables you to monitor the rankings of your blog posts in the 3 major search engines with ease and at speed.

For my example (at the time of writing this review), I’m tracking the progress of my SiteRubix review in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
Site Rank Feature
Woop Woop, nice to see it’s ranking in position #5 on Google and #6 on Bing!

Yahoo will no doubt follow suit.

But what I truly love about this feature is that you can set it to automatically monitor your rankings and ACTUALLY SHOW where you’re ranking as well.
Google Page One Rankings
In my opinion, this feature is a massive time and hassle-saver – allowing you to allocate that saved time to other areas of your Biz.

Give Jaaxy a whirl by dropping a keyword into the box below:


#3: Affiliate Programs

OK, the “Affiliate Programs” feature isn’t really associated with the keyword research side of things.

BUT what it does is quickly locate niche-relevant affiliate programs for you to apply to. It even displays the sale commission percentages.

Simply dump your keyword (i.e. “sewing machine”) into the bar and select an affiliate marketplace to search.

For example; Commission Junction, Link Share, Digital River, and ClickBank…
Affiliate Program Feature
And then BOOM… you’ll be spoilt for choice!

It certainly saves you from having to do the slow and painful affiliate program hunting process manually.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Jaaxy delivers so many more great features in addition to the ones I’ve highlighted, and there’s also a ‘Help’ tab.

Where Kyle offers 4 in-depth walkthrough videos to show you how to take full advantage of the research platform.

Plus, he’ll chuck in a few sweet bonuses. 😉


What’s The Price of Jaaxy, You Say?

The good news is that you can take the research platform for a spin around the block with 30 free searches before you choose to spend anything.

But to unlock the advanced features and get the full benefits, there are the following options:

  • PRO = $49/month
  • ENTERPRISE – $99/month

But Wealthy Affiliate has a special offer – where if you become a Premium WA community member, Jaaxy’s prices will be drastically slashed:

  • PRO = $19/month
  • ENTERPRISE = $49/month

However, as a paid WA member, you’ll get EXCLUSIVE access to the Jaaxy “LITE” version anyway.

Which is the level that will suit your needs perfectly if you’re a newbie.

==> Find Out How to Start an Online Biz With Wealthy Affiliate For Free & Learn More About Jaaxy!


Final Conclusion: Is Jaaxy Worth it?

Despite Jaaxy falling short in some areas (only two of THE most important SEO ones), I must say I’m totally impressed by the tool when it comes to other aspects.

I love the fact that every feature’s as fast as Road Runner at delivering keyword suggestions.

And it’s especially awesome that the platform produces more than enough ideas to roll with for your blog posts.

Not to mention, you can monitor your rankings as easy as pie, which is a huge bonus, in my book.

But the #1 thing for me is that it’s super easy to use and get to grips with – making it an ideal platform for affiliate marketers – especially newbs.

So yeah, it’s totally worth it. Just don’t always believe the keyword research function metrics though lol.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts, questions or experiences to share on Jaaxy? Hop on the conversation below…


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