Instant Email Empire Review: [An On-The-Spot Scam?]

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Apparently, it’s meant to be a simple method (that you’ll get for “free”) for making $125 online each day, 7 days a week.

But don’t believe those bold claims for one single second.

Because they’re nothing but a pack of lies – As you’re about to discover inside THIS review.

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At a Quick Glance

Instant Email Empire Scam Review
Name: Instant Email Empire (IEE).

Owner: Bobby (used as a stage name).


Real Cost: $34 + $100s in additional fees (So much for it being $0, eh?)

My Score: 0/10.


  • It’s a great example of the type of products you should avoid buying
  • The ClickBank marketplace offers a refund policy


  • Sales video revolves around hype
  • It’s not free (as promised)
  • Bobby’s a paid Fiverr actor
  • No member gets paid, EVER!
  • The product breaks email CAN-SPAM laws
  • Comes with upsells
  • It’s a rehashed scam


If you’re hoping to get value for money from Instant Email Empire, then you can guess again.

Not only does the video presentation throw up a bunch of red flags that walk you down the garden path.

But the product gives you email subscribers from some unknown source, which could potentially translate as junk leads generated via solo ads, for example.

Not to mention the fact that you’re taught to unethically “SPAM” your subscribers to death with trashy promo messages and earn commissions off of them.

This kind of reminds me of the stuff taught inside some WarriorPlus products LOL.

I digress.

But the biggest downfall of IEE is that members’ are complaining about not receiving commission payments when they reach the $1,000 threshold.

The creator promises to pay his members’ the $1K at the end of the month (providing the threshold’s met), but sill…


Every member continuously pays a monthly fee for the sole benefit of BOBBY’S own pockets.

So I urge you to avoid this product like the London plague.

Bobby is nothing but a clown act, at the end of the day.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Instant Email Empire, You Ask?

Apparently, you’ll be paid $100 by an internet marketing millionaire called ‘Bobby’ just for testing out his free ‘Done-For-You’ system.

It’s the very same system he uses himself to earn $125 on a daily basis from blasting out simple emails from the comfort of his own home…

That’s allowed him to buy a big home and take luxury holidays, blahdy blah.

But if that’s really the case, then won’t Bobby be out-of-pocket faster than he can say Jack Robinson if he’s giving his system away for no cost?

And if he’s raking in $1,000s on a weekly basis, then why on earth is he offering to pay you 100 bucks for taking advantage of his “$0” product?

Surely, he’d be charging you $100s – $1,000s, right?

Sadly, it’s just a ploy for Bobby to get your email address so he can spam you to death with offers, and then actually charge you a monthly fee for IEE.

In the real world of internet marketing and especially ‘Done-For-You’ systems (like My Online Startup, Partner With Anthony, and 12 Minute Affiliate, to name a few)…

You must pay the creators to use their systems – They don’t pay you for “testing out” their stuff.

Also, it requires consistent hard work and patience over a period of time for monetary results to happen…

Success won’t happen at the drop of a hat, like Bobby leads you to believe.

I digress.

But before we dive into the ins and outs of IEE, let’s further inspect the red flags…


#1: “Bobby” is a Stage Act

The guy in the video presentation claims to be “Bobby” (the IEE creator).

Meet Bobby.
Instant Email Empire Owner Earns One Hundred and Twenty Dollars Daily
But if he’s the real deal, then how come his “spokesperson” services are sold to anyone who’s willing to hire him via

Short Dark Haired Man Selling British Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


So obviously, the person behind IEE has something to hide.

Otherwise he or she would reveal their face and true identity to the world.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Unfortunately, this is a common tactic among scammers because they know that newbies are easily deceived.

Plus they don’t think for one second that you know Fiverr even exists and you’ll call them out on their BS.


#2: Lies About Email List Being Too Big

According to Bobby, he’s giving you access to his free system.

Because his email subscriber list is overflowing and his Autoresponder can’t handle it LOL.

So you’re getting a bunch of his subscribers to relieve the pressure.

Because when you make money online from them, Bobby does too.

But what a crock of sh*t (pardon my French).

Because email provider services like Aweber, for example, don’t have subscriber limits, and also enable you to send unlimited emails.

Scratch that…

There are subscriber limits depending on your price plan.

But you know what I mean, generally speaking, right?


#3: Instant Email Empire Members’ Don’t Actually Get Paid *GASP*

The guy behind IEE claims that folks can earn $125 per day in affiliate commissions from their email marketing efforts.

But sadly, it’s far from the truth.

Because numerous complaints have been made against IEE from members’ who have tried to cash out, but got nowhere.

See for yourself.

GIM System Training Member Complaint


Read more complaints made against the so-called product on

It’s a bit of an old complaint, but it seems when folks hit the pay out threshold of $500, the shady owner shifts the goal posts to $1,000 and requests more money to continue…

And even then, members’ STILL don’t get paid any commissions.

I think it’s fair to say the whole thing’s a con just to line the creator’s pockets at YOUR expense.


#4: It’s Been Rebranded Numerous Times

Unfortunately, IEE has gone under names, like Copy My Email System, Guaranteed Income Machine, and GIM System Training, to name a few.

And those brands aren’t even the tip of the iceberg.

The reason for this is so the fraudster can continually rip off unsuspecting newbies like you.

But once one a product receives a bad reputation for not delivering the goods, the con artist simply shuts it down and relaunches the crap under a new name.

It seems to be a common theme amongst unethical money-grabbing deadbeats, these days.

And I can guarantee that even to this day in 2022, Bobby’s still up to his usual tricks with IEE and other deceptive stuff.


#5: Get Ready For an Influx of SPAM

One more VERY good reason why you should avoid this IEE crap like the plague is that when you enter your name and email, your inbox email inbox will be flooded.

Day-after-day, you’ll receive email-after-email from the likes of Bobby, Christian, and Michael.

And guess what?…

YUP, you’ll constantly receive a load of spammy offers instead of emails that actually deliver you VALUE.

So if you do decide to enter your credentials to know more about IEE from the offset, I strongly suggest you submit a dummy email address that you rarely check.

That way, the creator stands less chance of grabbing your hard-earned bucks. 😉


How Instant Email Empire is Meant to Work…

You first buy IEE for $34 and then get an email Autoresponder account set up with Builderall (via the scammer’s affiliate link).

Which, starts from under $10/month.

This is so you can start building an email list of subscribers to promote your affiliate offers to.

Apparently, your Autoresponder account will also fill up with email subscribers from the person behind IEE on a weekly basis.

Additionally, you can spend extra cash (to the tune of $100s) if you want even more subscribers added to your list quickly.

But be warned, the email subscribers are from an “unknown” source.

Which, could lead to your email service account being terminated followed by other consequences.

And then you’re provided with ‘copy and paste’ emails for promoting IEE to your subscribers for affiliate commissions when they buy.
Instant Email Empire Spammy Promotional Message
However, the emails are extremely tacky, which means your subscribers may not even read them.

Because they’ll be flagged as SPAM.

Also, since you’ll be promoting IEE as an affiliate, won’t that turn you from a scam victim into a scammer yourself?


But the biggest concern with IEE is that the emails don’t comply with the CAN-SPAM Act – meaning you’ll be breaking the law.

My guess is that you could be fined a heck of a lot of money if subscribers make complaints against you.

So is it really worth it, at the end of the day?


Final Conclusion: Is Instant Email Empire a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownWell, given the fact that the whole Instant Email Empire sales video represents the ‘get-rich-quick’ myth…

Throws up numerous red flags, like a fake owner, misleading claims, and members’ not receiving a single cent from their efforts…

And especially with IEE providing you with email subscribers from an unknown place, garbage emails, and teaching law-breaking habits…

Then, YES, IEE is 100% a scam, without a shadow of a doubt.

The only great thing about it is that you can submit a $34 refund request to ClickBank, ClickBetter, and ClickAggregators (wherever the product’s currently being sold).

But you may only be refunded your initial investment, that’s the problem.

So if you buy any upsells and shell out $100s on junk subscribers, then good luck getting that moola back from the creator.


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The dirtbag creator.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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