High Ticket Affiliate Marketing – The Good & Downright Ugly Faces.

There’s a ton of hype surrounding this “high ticket affiliate marketing” thing just lately. Especially in the ‘Make Money Online’ industry.

You’ve probably seen it all over the internet and Facebook…

Numerous affiliates touting systems and training courses, bragging about earnings, and convincing you that:

The Concept of Hight Ticket Affiliate Marketing“You need to promote BIG commission offers to crush it online”…

“It’s WAY easier & faster to generate 10 X $1K sales/month than 100 X $100 sales/month”…

“$1K a day keeps the 9-5 away” (LOL)…

“Baby commissions… Ugh, they suck!”…

I dunno about you, but all I hear is “ooh eeh, ooh ah aah, ting tang walla walla bing bang”.

Unfortunately, those statements are inaccurate.

Because they’re the words of brainwashed opportunists peddling extortionate products.

So, I’m about to blow the lid right off this unethical cult and help you understand why low – medium ticket is the best and safer money-making route.

But before I dive into all that…

What The Heck is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Anyways?

As the name says on the tin – high ticket affiliate marketing is when you (as an affiliate) promote products and services with big price tags.

From each item you sell, you make a bigger commission. That’s the concept in a nutshell.

Here’s how affiliate marketers practice big-ticket in an ethical manner:

Let’s say that you wanna promote a certain Prada handbag, Apple Macbook Pro, outdoor barbecue grill or a Rolex watch as an Amazon Associate.

For example; you can earn (if my calculations are correct at the time of writing):

  • $131 (4% commissions) from each $3,278 Prada handbag sale.
  • $98 (2.5% commissions) per $3,948 Apple Macbook Pro sale.
  • $233 (4% commissions) per $7,785 barbecue grill sale.
  • $1,679 (4% commissions) per $41,995 Rolex watch sale.

OK, Amazon’s commissions aren’t exactly sexy are they?

BUT if you sell 10 handbags or Macbooks per month, 5 BBQ grills each month or even 1 Rolex watch on a monthly basis…

Then you don’t really need to shift that many expensive tangible products for a part – full-time income to quickly start stacking up, right?

But as crazy as it seems to promote such ridiculously priced stuff, there are actually folks with the budgets to splash out on said products online.

Obviously, what I’ve just discussed is for example purposes only, since there are no promises set in stone.

Because the truth of the matter is that high ticket sales are very few and far between in the real affiliate marketing world.

So don’t be fooled (especially by Facebookers) into believing that it’s easier to make a $1,000 commission than it is to make 10 X $100 ones.

Trust me, I’ve made A LOT more money promoting a cost-effective offer like Wealthy Affiliate (in volume) vs. a $997 high ticket one in my niche.

At the end of the day, it’s all about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes rather than thinking about your own pockets.

Because you’ll have much bigger long term success, believe you me.

The Rise (& Later Fall) of The High Ticket Affiliate Marketing “Gurus”

If you’ve been around the digital marketing arena for as long as I have, then you’ve probably stumbled across a number of overpriced schemes.

Ones, that run into $1,000s (even $10,000s in some cases) like:

Secrets of The Wealthy Membership Fees

And as for Ponzi-style systems like Profits Passport, don’t even get me started on that one.

But why do said products cost the earth, you ask?

Do they give you some kinda Thor or Wonder Woman-like special powers?

Dream on, comic book nerd! 😛

All jokes aside, these schemes may offer value in terms of training, tools, and support…

But you can easily locate the same level of value inside other great programs and platforms for a fraction of the cost.

Unfortunately, the whole idea behind high ticket schemes is for both creators and affiliates to “cash in” from recruiting others into the systems…

It’s not about making money off of the value of the actual products themselves, to be totally honest with you.

In my experience, the true way to do affiliate marketing is by building a trustworthy brand around your chosen niche…

And actually solving the problems of your audience by recommending awesome products that they won’t need to sell a kidney for.

But high ticket affiliate marketing product publishers and their naive sheeple followers know best. Obviously…

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing “Opportunists” Are Destroying The Landscape

Man Counting Cash in HandAs I said, there’s the right way to be an affiliate marketer, and then there’s the douchebag way.

When folks choose the latter and try to brainwash newbies with high ticket affiliate marketing jibber-jabber – all they’re doing is poisoning the well.

Because noobs are led to believe that if they don’t fork out $1,000s for the latest and greatest scheme to rake in $10K a month…

Then they will have to settle for earning the “baby commissions” from small-ticket products – totally sucking as affiliate marketers.

This puts them under a great deal of pressure to invest and make those “$1K sales” on Facebook, for example.

At the end of the day, it’s nothing more than scaremongering…

Just so the wolves in sheep’s clothing can take advantage of the vulnerable online.

And it’s this toxic approach that’s drawing the attention of the Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Competition Bureau.

So take my advice:

Run for the hills when it comes to pretty much all big-ticket marketers in the ‘Make Money Online’ industry.

In fact, if a product:

  • Isn’t 100% transparent about the training, resources & prices…
  • Requires you to pay to promote it & join certain levels to increase your earnings…
  • Has multiple levels & revolves around pass up commissions…
  • And the creator has a pretty shady history…

Then it’s highly likely to be a “recruitment scheme” that you might wanna avoid.

Yeah, I know… Says the guy recommending MOS and PWA. Pfft. LOL.

But in my defence, they offer decent training and are less scheme-like than many rip-off systems I’ve come into contact with.

My Final Conclusion on This Whole Big Ticket Thing…

In my eyes, affiliate marketing should be kept simple, no matter what your niche is…

Where you connect a customer with an amazing reasonably priced product and collect a commission.

In fact, if you build a website for yourself and work like a donkey, you can rack up a full-time income doing affiliate marketing the proper way.

But if you really wanna spice things up a little, then promote invaluable subscription-based products/services…

Because products with “recurring” monthly commissions really do p*ss (pardon my French) all over the high ticket affiliate marketing world.

Joking aside…

I do see the sex appeal of the high ticket affiliate marketing game, since it makes sense to strike gold from producing fewer sales.

But the problem is that promoting products with sky-high price points – means that sales will come along at a snail’s pace.

Because not everyone and their grandma can afford the world’s biggest TV, an all singing-and-dancing fridge freezer or that $40K Rolex, right?

Furthermore, those who peddle high ticket stuff (namely in the ‘affiliate marketing’ niche itself) are just asking for trouble.

Because there are gurus and affiliates who think it’s perfectly acceptable to purposely overcharge newbies in the name of greed.

Sooner or later, those marketers are in for a rude awakening when the law comes knocking…

Which in turn will destroy their reputations and credibility. Not just on Facebook, but online, in general.

Those are my thoughts on the topic anyway, so I’ll let you be your own judge on the whole high ticket sales thing.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on affiliate marketing, the big-ticket way? Please hop on the conversation below…


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