EZ Passive Paydays Review: [Easy Solution to $200/Day?]

Thanking you for checking out my review of EZ Passive Paydays!

Which I came across inside Profit Maximizers along with other stuff like 5K Publishing Paydays, 10X Commissions, and Five Figure Freedom.

Anthony Mancuso (its creator) claims he has a brand new and easy method to show you for raking in up to $200 per day in affiliate commissions.

But can his product really deliver what’s advertised on the tin?

Or is it just another hyped-up one designed to easily get your hope up instead?

Tuck into this honest review to find out the answer and also how the whole thing works for a buck…

At a Quick Glance

EZ Passive Paydays Review
Name: EZ Passive Paydays (EPP).

Owner: Anthony Mancuso.

Website: ezpassivepaydays.com.

Cost: $6.95 + other expenses + Upsells.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Cheap front-end cost
  • Video tutorials
  • Works in any niche
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Money-making potential


  • Numerous training videos are fairly shallow
  • Extra expenses for recommended resources
  • Comes with a bunch of upsells


EZ Passive Paydays is designed to help you get an affiliate marketing Biz up and running by building a blog and earning from “local” marketing.

Which is a lot quicker and easier to make money from, in my experience.

But the only reason why Mancuso classes EPP is an “easy” method is that you’ll be hiring freelancers to produce your content and build backlinks.

This is why some parts of the training are very thin, unfortunately.

So without freelancers, you would have to learn how to write the content yourself and put in plenty of hard graft for your Biz to pay off.

Overall, EPP is OK for the small price you pay.

But even with the work done for you, you’ll still need to give your Biz time to grow because there are no “silver bullets” when it comes to the web.

And as for making $200/day with this strategy, it’s possible. But not guaranteed.

Final Verdict: Legit.

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What is EZ Passive Paydays All About, You Ask?

Well, according to the sales pitch, EZ Passive Paydays is a simple and brand new way of banking you $193 on a daily basis using free traffic.

Continued with all the usual WarriorPlus product hype, like no internet marketing skills required, make cash in your sleep, and easily fire your boss.

Blah, blah, blah.

I’m not gonna recite the whole sales page, but you get the message, right?

But putting all that hyped-up money-making talk to one side…

In a nutshell; EPP revolves around a concept called ‘Lead Generation’ marketing.

Where, instead of doing affiliate marketing in the traditional sense of promoting other people’s stuff for a percentage of the sales called “commissions”.

What you’ll do is generate leads on the web for local businesses in various cities and get paid for doing so.

It’s as simple as that really.


How Does EZ Passive Paydays Actually Work?

Once you part with a WHOPPING 7 bucks, you’ll gain access to the members’ area below:
EZ Passive Paydays Training Dashboard
Where there are 9 different video training modules on getting up and running with the money-making concept.

Well, the first video module (4.55 minutes) is basically a short introduction from Mancuso on how the method works.

Which is what I just briefly explained. 😛

Joking aside, Mancuso says the most lucrative way to go about it is to target companies in “smaller” cities because there’s less competition.

This means you can profit much faster, and he’ll show you HOW to do it within the following modules:


Module #2: Finding Affiliate Offers (12.54 Mins)

Mancuso walks you through the Aragon Advertising and Ring Partner (+ recommends Offer Vault) networks.

So you can pick out a decent-paying Pay-Per-Call offer you’d like to promote.

Basically, a “low-hanging fruit” offer that you can target a smaller city with and easily generate cash from.


Module #3: Finding Profitable Keywords (8.02 + 5.17 Min Videos)

Here, you’ll start off by picking a bunch of cities that are local to your area.

And then learn how to dig up golden nugget “SEO” keywords based around your offer that you can easily rank for in the search engines.

To search for the right phrases, Mancuso shows you how to use the Power Suggest Pro keyword tool and also the ‘Google Autosuggest’ method.

Personally, I like to use the Jaaxy keyword tool and combine it with LongTailPro for my affiliate marketing efforts. 😉


Module #4: Niche Selection (3 Videos)

Choosing a Niche to Dominate (5 mins)

You’ll be guided through the process of choosing a broad or high cost per lead niche that you can build a $0 website around.

Mancuso also suggests that the population sweet-zone to aim for when choosing your city should be around 20,000 to 60,000 peeps.

Validating Our Niche (4.19 mins)

Basically, you’ll see how to use Google to research city populations and find easy opportunities to dominate your competitors.

This is rounded off by a short video – where Mancuso says he’s put together a list of over 2K niches for you.


Module #5: Building Your Profit Machines (14 Videos)

In this module, there are the following video tutorials to follow along with:

  1. Registering a Domain at NameCheap (2.41 mins)
  2. Getting Hosting For Your Domain (1.18 mins)
  3. Setting up Your Nameservers (1.15 mins)
  4. Adding a Domain Name (1.29 mins)
  5. Installing WordPress on Our Domain (3.30 mins)
  6. Basic WP Cleanup (3.47 mins)
  7. Installing Your WordPress Plugins (4.36 mins)
  8. City Based Subdomain Build Out (2.38 mins)
  9. Installing WordPress on City Subdomain (2.19 mins)
  10. Installing Plugins on Our Subdomain (3.20 mins)
  11. Ordering Homepage Content (4.29 mins)
  12. Ordering Content For Supporting Pages (2.24 mins)
  13. The Ordering of Blog Content (0.55 seconds)
  14. iWriter Update (4.27 mins)

So the gist of it is that you’ll build and set up a free WordPress blog and hire freelancers to write out your content for you.

In all honesty, I thought this section was gonna be epic – with Mancuso teaching you all about WordPress and blogging in-depth.

But it disappoints because there’s not even an hour’s worth of tutorials here LOL.

Add to the fact that you’re encouraged to approach blogging from a “lazy-ass” angle.

Which isn’t a great way to start off with affiliate marketing, in my book.

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Module #6: Optimizing For Success (6 Videos)

Here are the following tutorials inside this module:

  • Configuring Yoast For Better SEO (5.31 mins)
  • Adding Pages to Your Website (2.16 mins)
  • Adding Blog Content to Your Site (1.40 mins)
  • On-Page Optimization Part 1 (8.37 mins) & Part 2 (6.33 mins)
  • Outbound Authority Links (3.30 mins)

In a nutshell; you’ll set up your blog in a way that’s optimized in terms of SEO – meaning it’s gonna improve your chances of Google rankings.

While this module’s a bit bet better than the previous one:

There’s still no meat on the bone when it comes to publishing “high-quality” content yourself.

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Module #7: Backlinking (4 Videos)

Inside this module, there are the following videos to watch (along with some recommended resource links):

  • Citations (2.29 mins)
  • Web 2.0’s (1.58 mins)
  • Press Release (3.24 mins)
  • PBN Links (7.32 mins)

Basically, these strategies are designed to help your website and its content rank quicker and higher on Google for multiple keyword terms.

But even though Mancuso recommends hiring freelancers to add some “SEO juice” to your site, backlinks can also be risky IF done wrong.


Module #8: Free Traffic Domination (11.41 Mins)

Mancuso quickly walks you through various methods for driving visitors to your website and expanding your real estate online.

Basically, getting your site on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, blogger, and Weebly, etc.

These are classed as high authoritative ‘Web 2.0’ platforms that can give your site more credibility and boost SEO.


Module #9: Putting it All Together (17.15 mins)

This is the final conclusion to make sure you’re on the same page as Mancuso when it comes to everything he teaches you in his course.

Once you’ve watched this video, you’ll get heaps of bonus training courses that relate to what’s inside EPP.


What’s The Cost of EZ Passive Paydays?

The front-end cost is only $6.95.

But for all the tools and services recommended by Mancuso throughout his training can easily cost a chunk of change combined.

And then it’s on to the EPP upgrades:

  • ‘Outsourcer Rolodex’ = $27
  • ‘WP Theme’ = $37
  • ‘Resell Rights’ to promote EPP itself for 100% commissions = $97 – which probably explains the “biased” reviews you come across.


Final Conclusion: Is EZ Passive Paydays Worth it?

To be honest, for less than 7 bucks, you really can’t go wrong with EZ Passive Paydays.

Because you’re gonna learn a thing or two about what it takes to make money from generating leads for businesses in your local cities.

But with that said, there’s not a lot of training when it comes to “content creation” – which means you’ll need to fork out for freelancers to write it for you.

Furthermore, while Mancuso teaches you stuff about ranking your website on Google, he teaches nothing about other strategies like paid ads.

But overall, it’s not a bad course for learning the basics of local marketing.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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