El Bandito Review: [Money-Making, The Outlaw Way?]

Hola, welcome to my honest review of El Bandito!

Which I got inside Profit Maximizers with other products like The Fuego Multiplier, The Clones, and The Incognito Method, to name some.

The creators of El Bandito claim they make $419 per hour with it from just 1 hour of simple work – by legally “stealing” money.

But will newbies like you be able to follow suit – cashing in “bandit” style?

Or is this one WarriorPlus product that should be made a virtual outlaw due to not bringing you results, huh?

Saddle up and gallop into this review to find out…

At a Quick Glance

El Bandito Review
Name: El Bandito (EB).

Owners: Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong & Anthony Mancuso.

Website: elbandito.net/el-banditonow.

Cost: $12.95 + $100s/$1,000s for upsells, resources & paid traffic combined.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Low start-up cost
  • Video tutorials
  • Some good traffic training
  • support available
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Hyped-up sales pitch
  • Some training areas require more depth
  • Can be an expensive way to get started
  • Focuses on the ‘make money’ niche
  • Comes with numerous upsells


In a nutshell, El Bandito guides you on the processes of affiliate product selection, creating a sales funnel, and driving traffic to build an email list.

In my opinion, the training isn’t bad quality for a 13-dollar product.

But saying that, $12.95 isn’t gonna get you big success with this strategy because it will require you to splash out on resources and paid traffic to get going.

There are two things I truly hate about EB though:

First of all, the guys claim it’s easy-peasy and quick to set up your system.

Yet, whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer or not, you’re talking a good few hours to get everything in place.

Not to mention the time and effort you’ll need to invest in traffic-generation methods.

And in regard to the $400+ per hour claim, that’s debatable since variables come into the picture because results can’t be guaranteed in digital marketing.

And secondly, the training revolves around the ‘money-making’ arena which isn’t just a tough cookie, but won’t serve you well if you lack interest in it.

In addition, you’re shown how to roll with promoting WarriorPlus products – where a lot of them are totally trash, in my book.

ClickBank may have its flaws, but’s it’s still a FAR better affiliate marketplace than WarriorPlus, any day of the week.

Final Verdict: Legit.

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What’s El Bandito All About, Huh?

From the same guys behind stuff like Super Funnels, Atomic DFY, Boomerang Buddy, and Vid Chomper – comes El Bandito.

Which, according to the sales letter, is some “easy” new and newbie-friendly method that starts making money after setting it up in 20 – 45 minutes.

To the tune of $419 today, which you’ll scale up to become a job-crushing income, FAST.

According to the trio (Mace, Armstrong, and Mancuso), all it requires is 3 steps for the big paydays to roll in:

  1. Follow the step-by-step video instructions to set everything up
  2. Turn on the free traffic tap for all the quality traffic you need
  3. And BOOM… sit back as you bank a cool $419

Yeah, if only it was that simple.

Trust me, I’ve reviewed countless products from these dudes – and their methods always take A LOT longer than an hour to set up.

Furthermore, I’ve been in this ‘affiliate marketing’ industry long enough to know that heaps of time and effort are requirements of big success in the online space.

So making money is never as easy as spreading margarine on a slice of bread – no matter what the “Gurus” say.

I’d say it’s more a case of spreading hard butter and tearing your bread to shreds LOL.

But to understand why EB isn’t gonna be some teddy bear’s picnic…


Let’s Look Inside El Bandito’s Bag

The inside of the fanny pack (sorry, members’ area) looks like THIS:
El Bandito Training Dashboard
Where you’ll learn that EB involves:

Picking a WarriorPlus affiliate offer, buying the resell rights to make 100% commissions, creating squeeze and bridge pages, and sending paid/free traffic to them.

Which in turn won’t just put your affiliate offer in front of those peeps, but also build you an email list (known as your “asset”) at the same time.

But trust me, this isn’t some new method because you’ll find it’s been around for donkey’s years.


Now, Let’s Get Down to The Meat on The Bone…

When it comes to the training from Anthony Mancuso, you’ll find plenty of videos to help put your money-making system together.

These tutorials are as follows:

  • Finding Your 100% Commission Affiliate Offer (20.24 Minutes) – Picking a top-converting WarriorPlus offer (with resell rights) to promote.
  • Deep Funnels & Slack Adjusters (5.38 mins) – Ensuring your chosen product contains upsells/downsells to maximize your $.
  • “Squeezing” The Lead (7.08 mins) – Using ‘ProfitBuilder’ to build a high-converting (but VERY hyped-up) squeeze page inside WordPress for collecting email leads.
  • Creating an Email List: Aweber (4.17 mins) – pretty self-explanatory.
  • Connecting Our Squeez Page & Email List (5.56 mins) – same as above ^^.
  • Bridge Page Magic (4.59 mins) – A discussion about how this “presell” page (the second page your new subscribers see) helps to sell your product.
  • Grabbing Your Affiliate Link & Cleaning it up (3.52 mins) – Shortening your link using the ‘Redirection’ WordPress plugin.
  • 7 Day “Money-Sequence” (10.05 mins) – A brief walkthrough of 7 ‘Done-For-You’ Aweber emails (upsell) you’ll need to buy from the guys.
  • Feeding The Funnel: Traffic (7.38 mins) – Sending traffic to your squeeze page by buying solo ads from ‘Udimi’.
  • Tracking – VERY Important! (5.53 mins) – Using software called ‘ClickMagick’ for monitoring your campaign results.
  • The Sales Loop (7.32 mins) – An advanced strategy where you’ll chuck a “review” page into your funnel to increase conversions further.
  • Traffic Section Solo Ads (23.48 mins) – An in-depth explanation of buying solo ad traffic.
  • Bing Ads (22.54 mins) – How to set up targeted ad campaigns on Bing.
  • Forum Marketing (8.02 mins) – Leveraging the Warrior Forum for free traffic.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization (25.32 mins) – A discussion on choosing keywords for ranking your blog and YouTube reviews in the search engines.
  • Reddit Traffic Hack (11.47 mins) – Spending a week or two contributing to discussion threads to build authority and potentially drive traffic.


My Take on Mancuso’s Training

First of all, the setting up of the system is gonna take longer than an hour – especially if you’re a total novice at the internet marketing “stuff”.

While the guy does guide you through the various processes that make up your money-making system, I think his tutorials need to be meatier.

If you already know a thing or two about how to build a free WordPress website, as well as a squeeze page, and affiliate marketing, in general…

Then you’ll probably get along like a house on fire with the short tutorials.

BUT if you’re an inexperienced newb, then you’ll likely encounter a few issues – which means you’ll need to do more digging on YouTube.

However, when it comes to the traffic training side of things, Mancuso goes into some great detail, especially with solo and Bing ads, and Reddit marketing.

But as for SEO and forum marketing, he could dive a little deeper into those topics, in all honesty.

On a whole, the training isn’t bad considering EB is only 13 bucks.

Which leads me to the next part…


What’s The Cost of El Bandito, You Say?

The starting price is just $12.95.

However, you will have to fork out a chunk of change for the essential resources and paid traffic methods:

  • ProfitBuilder starts at $47
  • Aweber email autoresponder starts at $19/month
  • ClickMagic tracking software starts at $27/month
  • Plus, there are costs for “resell rights” with your chosen affiliate product promotion

But when it comes to driving traffic through Bing and solo ad marketplaces like Udimi, you can easily be $100s (even $1,000s) out-of-pocket.

In my opinion, it’s best to focus on forum and Reddit marketing for free traffic to keep your costs to a minimum when first getting started.

In fact: See My Recommended Way to Start Affiliate Marketing on a Shoestring!

And then it’s on to the EB upsells:

  • ‘7-Day Done-For-You Emails’ = $37
  • ‘Limitless Traffic’ = $197
  • ‘Lifetime Affiliate Campaigns’ = $197
  • ‘License Rights’ to make 100% commissions reselling EB = $97
  • ‘Brendan’s One-on-One Coaching = $2,000!

Say whaaa?!

If you truly wanna earn a passive income with this sales funnel “thing”, there are far greater products to roll with than EB.

For example, check out the Super Affiliate System, Commission Hero or 12 Minute Affiliate for some epic alternatives.


Final Conclusion: Is El Bandito Worth it?

To tell you the truth, I found some good value inside El Bandito.

But as I’ve said, I think the “system set up” training could do with beefing up to help guide newbies more in some areas.

However, I did enjoy the traffic training though (namely the Bing and Reddit tutorials) because there’s some great guidance.

But the biggest problems with EB are that the training’s centred around the ‘make money/affiliate marketing’ niche which is highly competitive.

Furthermore, it’s a niche you should really “enjoy” helping folks in – not just turning a buck from for the sake of it, like most people in the ‘MMO’ arena.

And secondly, choosing to go down the paid ad route for traffic can really put a strain on your purse/billfold, especially with no guaranteed results.

So this product/strategy won’t be everyone’s cuppa.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on EB? Please hop on the conversation below…

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