Eclipse Review: [Will You Overshadow The “Gurus” Online?]

Hi, and welcome to my unbiased review of Eclipse!

From Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong – comes ANOTHER product in the ‘make money online’ arena.

But this one’s designed to allow you to secretly hijack the “Gurus” traffic in 30 seconds for blowing up your own affiliate commissions.

But is this one solar-tastic product that’s really gonna enable you to overshadow the big guns on the web?

Or will things be out of alignment – getting you little to no results from the “secret hack” (as the dudes call it)?

Hmm… this review is about to shed some light on Eclipse, so buckle up, buddy!

At a Quick Glance

Eclipse Review
Name: Eclipse.

Owners: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong.


Cost: $12.95 (at the time of writing) + $100s for upsells & resources.

My Score: 6/10.


  • Low start-up price
  • Video training tutorials
  • Good money-making potential
  • Can work in various niches
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Google/YouTube Ad costs can easily rack up
  • Extra expenses required for tools & other resources
  • Comes with numerous upgrades


In a nutshell, Eclipse revolves around showing you how to promote your affiliate offers on relevant YouTube videos by Gurus/marketers who practice “launch jacking”…

By using the power of paid ads through the Google Ads platform.

So if you totally suck at launch jacking, then this method is worth a shot, in my book.


Only practice this strategy if you’re fully prepared to invest in ad campaigns and other resources recommended by Armstrong in his training.

And one more thing: be prepared to invest some level of effort too, because it’s not a straightforward process.

But overall, the product itself isn’t too shabby, and the strategy is something I’d be willing to try myself.

Gosh, I must be coming down with something because I rarely praise Armstrong & Mace’s products LOL.

Final Verdict: Legit.

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What is Eclipse All About, You Say?

According to Mace and Armstrong, the Gurus lied to you, and now it’s PAYBACK time!

But hold on a sec…

Aren’t these guys the “big boys” themselves, since they are behind 100s of products like Invi$ible, Equinox, Enigma, and Kartel, to name a few…

And rake in a sh*t ton of cash online?

So in reality, you’ll be stealing food from THEIR mouths LOL.

Joking aside, Eclipse is designed to trample all over the “Gurus” by hijacking their traffic in 30 seconds and turning it into a 24/7 passive income.

And as always, Armstrong and Mace claim it’s a never-been-seen-before unique way of making money easier and faster

And it doesn’t involve launch jacking, boring content creation or hard work, etc…

Blah, blah, blah… *YAWN*

In a nutshell, Eclipse is another hyped-up product targeted towards “bone idle” newbies who wanna cut corners to big success.

Not that I’m calling you lazy, of course. 😛

OK, enough of all the hype, rambling, and my awesome sense of humour…


Let’s Get Down to Business With Eclipse

Once you’ve parted with your hard-earned spondoolies, you’ll gain access to a members’ area which looks like THIS:
Eclipse Training Dashboard
You’ll first start off by watching a 4.36-minute welcome video from Mace, followed by a 5.45-minute overview one.

Where Armstrong walks you through the ins and outs of Eclipse – a method he claims he’s never revealed that’s generated him multiple 4-figure days.

Holy Mackerel!

How the system works for “hijacking” Gurus traffic is simple:

  1. You locate a Guru’s YouTube video of a product review to place your Google ads on.
  2. He or she blasts that video to their huge list of email subscribers.
  3. A boatload of peeps see your ad & potentially buy through your affiliate offer link instead of theirs = $$$.

I must admit, I really LOVE the sound of that idea. The Gurus do all the work… YOU cash in. 😉

But saying that, there will still be those things called “effort” and “funds” required for this strategy to have high-impact.

Because it’s not as simple as putting an “affiliate link” in front of loads of eyeballs and expecting your offer to sell like hotcakes nowadays.

But moving on…


The Toolbox (8.42 Minute Video)

Inside this video, you’ll discover all the essential tools of the trade for the implementation of the method.

Armstrong briefly discusses setting up Google Ads (aka ‘Adwords’) and YouTube accounts.

Plus, he recommends an optional step of setting up an autoresponder service with GetResponse IF you plan on email list building.

Last but not least, he suggests using WiX to build a free website and also buying a product called ‘Commission Gorilla‘ for easily creating bonuses.

Trust me, “BONUSES” can make all the difference in the world when it comes to maximizing affiliate profits.


Training (3 Lengthy Videos)

This section covers 3 different monetization methods:

  1. Easy (33.13 Minutes)
  2. Intermediate (27.34 Mins)
  3. Advanced (23.23 Mins)

With the easy method:

Armstrong guides you through the process of finding ClickBank affiliate products to promote and also promotional material to snatch for your YouTube ads.

As an example, he rolls with John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System product and shows how to build a simple WiX “bridge page” for showcasing the offer.

Recommended: See SiteRubix – The Free Builder I Use For Money-Making Websites!

Rounded off with a walkthrough of setting up your YouTube ad campaigns inside Google Ads.

Now, when it comes to the intermediate and advanced stuff:

It dives into hijacking the efforts of JVZoo and WarriorPlus product “launch jackers”, creating a bonus page and your own review videos, tracking, and finding Gurus.

And this is all rounded off by a brief conclusion video.

Overall, the training’s not bad at all.

But as a total newb, I recommend getting to grips with the basic method before branching out into the heavier stuff.


What’s The Cost of Eclipse, Huh?

To get your hands on the basic software will cost $12.95 (at the time of writing).

But when it comes to Google/YouTube Ads, they can easily cost a chunk of change if you get too carried away.

The costing also depends on the level of competition, especially when it comes to the ‘make money’ niche. So there are variables at play.

Additionally, you’ll need to splash out on other tools and resources, even more so if you wanna apply the advanced strategies.

So please bear in mind that the Eclipse method won’t come cheap if you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, there are the following upgrades:

  • ‘Done-For-You’ = $197
  • ‘Steal Our List’ = $197
  • ‘1K Daily Hack’ = $197
  • ‘Our Rolodex’ = $67
  • ‘License Rights’ = 167 for reselling Eclipse for 100% commissions, hence all the “glowing” reviews of it you’ll find on Google.


Final Conclusion: Is Eclipse Worth it?

To tell you the honest truth, I’m not a big fan of Armstrong and Mace’s products.

For the simple fact that they’re aimed at lazy bum asses, are borderline unethical at times, and sometimes lack in the “quality” department.

I guess you get what you pay for though, right?


When it comes to Eclipse, it is actually a product I would have a pop at.

First of all, I like the idea of beating “launch jackers” at their own game LOL.

Secondly, I think this product has great money-making potential – providing you follow Armstrong’s tutorials to the letter and invest in paid ads.

But just be cautious of the ‘money-making’ niche because your competitors can cause Google to raise your campaign costs.

Especially when a brand new product’s about to hit the scene! Trust me, it’s like feeding time at the zoo on YouTube and Google.

And thirdly, the last 3 training videos offer some good value. Even I learned a new trick or two from Armstrong.

But shh, mum’s the word, right? 😉


Want a Cheaper Kick-Ass Alternative?…

Don’t get me wrong, turning Gurus and competitors in your niche into dog meat is great n’ all that.

BUT at what cost to your wallet or purse, huh?

So the method I highly recommend you start out with for creating a profitable affiliate marketing Biz in the long term is called “blogging”.

YES, it requires that word called “elbow grease”.

And YES, it will take longer for you to see results in terms of a full-time passive income as an affiliate marketer.

But trust me, when all that work turns into a rolling snowball – bringing in free organic website visitors from Google, Bing & Yahoo 24/7…

It’s totally worth it!

So if you wanna get free WordPress blogs, tools, step-by-step training & support around the clock from a HUGE community…

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Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts on Eclipse? Please jump on the conversation below…

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