Easy1Up Review: [An Easy Way to Spend Cash Quickly?]

Hello, I’m glad you’re here on my unbiased review of Easy1Up!

OK, let’s cut to the chase…

Can it really help you to “level up” your life through generating a full-time passive income online?

Or is it just another shady BizOpp that’s actually designed to get “one up” on you – leaving you out-of-pocket instead?


I’m about to level with you in THIS review, so continue reading…

At a Quick Glance

Easy1Up Review
Name: Easy1Up (E1U for short).

Owner: Peter Wolfing.

Website: easy1up.com.

Cost: $1,000s for products, resources & paid traffic strategies.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Internet marketing training courses
  • Earn big 100% commissions (kinda)
  • Help & support available
  • Numerous members have hit the jackpot (but also, at what cost?)


  • It could be classed as a borderline recruitment scheme
  • It comes with $1,000s in expenses to potentially make $$$
  • All sales are final – there are no refunds
  • Peter Wolfing was behind numerous shady BizOpps that are now defunct (so E1U puts me on edge)


On the surface, Easy1Up is disguised as an internet marketing coaching platform.

Because what’s really going down is that it’s a pay to play recruitment-style scheme.

Where the name of the game is to splash out a chunk of change on training products yourself…

Just to make 100% commissions from your referrals who do the same.

But in order to get your E1U referral link out there, you have to follow the training – meaning more expenses for tools and paid traffic.

So the next successful member you come across who boasts about raking in $1,000s with E1U…

Ask how much (in terms of both effort and cash) they had to invest beforehand?

And the answer won’t be pretty, I guarantee it.

Final Verdict: Legit (But Not Recommended).

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What is Easy1Up All About, You Say?

It’s amazing what BizOpps you discover inside rip off systems like Stupid Simple System and Profits Passport, wouldn’t you agree?

This is exactly how I just stumbled across Easy1Up.

Which is all about empowering entrepreneurs how to 1up their competition by learning and deploying new internet marketing skills.

Where you’ll gain access to 5 courses that teach you various strategies to keep you up to date with the latest marketplace trends.

Well, according to the sales pitch anyway.

But after doing more digging into E1U, it’s not as straightforward as you’re led to believe.

Because the name of the game is basically to “recruit” as many new members into the program as possible.

So this is what the training‘s really for instead of showing you how to start and grow your own affiliate marketing Biz from scratch.

When your referrals purchase the same training products as you inside E1U, that’s when you make some tasty commissions.

So realistically speaking, E1U could be classed as a borderline “pyramid scheme”.

Because the emphasis is on you getting paid to bring peeps into the platform rather than you promoting the training products themselves.

But unlike flat out law-breaking pyramid schemes, E1U actually provides some digital products of substance.

Hence, why I consider it as borderline.

But I don’t wanna bang on about this “scheme” stuff all day, let’s jump to the next section of this review…


How Does Easy1Up Actually Work?

Before we dive into the costs and commission structure, let’s start with the training side of things.

The inside of your members’ area will look like THIS:
Easy1Up Members Dashboard
You’ll kick things off with the ‘Elevation’ training product that covers Network Marketing (UGH!) and Affiliate Marketing basics.

Where you’ll learn about lead generation, creating a capture page, setting up an autoresponder, creating offer bonuses, and writing reviews, to name some topics.

Followed by the next training products:

  • ‘Elevation Elite’ – Free marketing & cash generation videos
  • ‘Vertex’ – Advanced digital business video series
  • ‘Vertex Elite’
  • ‘V Pro Connect’
  • ‘V Live’

But the problem is, when you scroll through said product packages on the E1U sales page, the descriptions of what you get are terribly vague.

For example, here are the affiliate marketing topics listed under the ‘Elevation’ package.
Affiliate Kickstarter Video Series
This means that you’ll be investing in the products blindfolded from the get-go.

So you’ll just have to take Peter Wolfing’s word for it that the training’s top-notch.

Pretty much similar to WarriorPlus products LOL.

But regardless of whether the E1U products are any good or not, they are ALL a prerequisite for raking in the dough with the program.

As you’re about to discover…


How Much Does it Cost to Go “All In” With Easy1Up?

When it comes to the product package prices, they are as follows:

  • Elevation – $25 (+ $5 admin fee)
  • Elevation Elite – $100 (+ $10)
  • Vertex – $250 (+25):
  • Elite – $500 (+ $50)
  • Pro – $1,000 (+ $100)
  • Live – $2,000 (+ $500)

So when your referrals buy said packages, you collect 100% commissions.

I don’t mean to sound all anal, but it’s not entirely accurate.

Because you don’t earn off of the extra fees, since they end up in the pockets of the guy(s) behind E1U.

But the real bad news with E1U is that you must be at a certain level to qualify for commissions.

For example; if you’re just an Elevation customer, but your referrals buy Elevation Elite and above…

Then those commissions automatically get passed up to your sponsor.

So the whole thing revolves around that scarcity word called “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out).

If you fail to invest in all the products and climb the ranks, then you’re potentially leaving $1,000s, if not $10,000s on the table.

In addition to those costs, implementing the training itself isn’t exactly gonna be a drop in the ocean either.

Because you’ll need to splash out on a domain name, web hosting, an autoresponder, ClickFunnels sales funnel software, and also paid ads.

So the costs of those alone combined can easily rack up to $100s PER MONTH!


What Makes Easy1Up so Unique, You Might be Wondering?

Well, besides the fact that E1U comes with an extortionate price tag to get rolling with the program…

It’s called “Easy1Up” for a VERY good reason:
Affiliate Commission Compensation Plan
The idea is that EVERY 2nd product sale and commission that you generate actually gets passed up to your sponsor.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… someone else profiteering from your efforts doesn’t exatly have sex appeal, right?

BUT as your own paid referral circle grows, their 2nd sales/commissions will also be passed up to you.

So I guess it’s a WIN-WIN when you look at things from that angle.

Having said that though, I’m not a fan of this MLM style money making approach, in the slightest.

Because the REAL way to do affiliate marketing (in my opinion) is by earning straight forward commissions on a single level…

Not by piggybacking off of your “team’s” efforts (which is what I dislike about the My Online Startup ‘Legendary’ level LOL).


This Is Why I’d Much Prefer to Roll With Systems Like:

Said systems not only allow you to earn single-level commissions from FREE-to-promote ClickBank products (saving you $$$)…

But they help you to earn with a selection of niches instead of just the “make money online/BizOpp” one.

Trust me, I could spend all day giving you a gazillion and one reasons why E1U isn’t the be-all-end-all opportunity.

But I don’t wanna bore you to tears with my ramblings…


Final Conclusion: Is Easy1Up a Scam to Avoid?

Well, given the fact that Easy1Up has training products to sell you on behind the scenes, makes it a legitimate opportunity.

Plus, what I’ve seen from reviews and testimonials on YouTube, some are crushing it in terms of making $1,000s.

But as my #1 inspiration (Gary Vee) says:

HOW you make your money is more important than HOW MUCH you make”.

So let that sink in…

First of all, because E1U is all about recruiting… makes it similar to a pyramid scheme.

Secondly, everyone you refer must fork out $1,000s for the privilege of earning $1,000s in commissions (just like YOU).

And thirdly, your referrals will need to splash out $100s – $1,000s extra for resources and traffic generation methods like solo ads, for example.

As I just said, by no means am I labeling E1U as a scam.

But taking all the costs into careful consideration, not just for you, but also YOUR referrals…

Is it really a fair money-making opportunity designed to HELP?

Or one that’s built around a lot of out-of-pocket expenses and pure greed?


I’ll leave that one with you.


Seeking a Kick-Ass Money-Making Alternative?

Unfortunately, there are far too many of these “pay to play” money-making opportunities about, for my liking.

Why should you have to shell out $1,000s when there are MUCH cheaper ways to go about affiliate marketing?

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Crazy, eh?

That’s all for today, young grasshopper!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to get off your chest when it comes to E1U? Please hop on the conversation below…


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