Easy Retired Millionaire Review: [Is “Easy” Money Utter BS?]

Inside this unbiased review, you’re about to discover if Easy Retired Millionaire is nothing but a scam to keep your distance from.

Or whether the product really will allow you to make $1,000s on a weekly basis as easy as warm apple pie.

So without beating about the bush, jump straight into THIS honest review to get all the facts you need before parting with a single penny for the product…

At a Quick Glance

Easy Retired Millionaire Scam Review
Name: Easy Retired Millionaire (ERM).

Owner: Ryan Wise (just a stage act).

Website: easyretiredmillionaire.com.

Cost: $47.

My Score: 1/10.


  • ClickBank has a 60-day refund policy in place


  • Ludicrous money-making claims
  • Owner remains anonymous
  • Fake testimonials produced by Fiverr sellers
  • Unrealistic income proof that’s questionable
  • Insufficient & outdated training


Let’s cut straight to the chase, yeah?…

I strongly advise against falling for this Easy Retired Millionaire crap.

But why, you ask?

For the simple fact that the sales video tries to convince you it’s a “get-rich-quick” system, and also throws up a bunch of red flags (as mentioned in this review).

And as for the actual product itself… Pfft!

Not only are you presented with insufficient tutorials on affiliate marketing, but the training on a whole is very outdated.

Because the training just doesn’t go into the full ins and outs (step-by-step) of the strategies that actually work in this day and age of digital marketing.

The product’s like a vague ebook from the 1990s lol.

So in my opinion, you’ll be extremely lucky to make a single penny from buying into ERM.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Easy Retired Millionaire About, You Say?

As the name ‘Easy Retired Millionaire’ suggests, you can make a boat load of cash on the internet as easy as apple pie and live out your dreams, apparently.

According to the presell video spokesperson, “$600 can be added to your bank account in the next 5 minutes without investing a single dime”

“$15,000 pay checks can land on your front doorstep every week”

And get this, all this is possible from just 12 clicks of your mouse button!

I’m sorry, but if you’re willing to believe in this fairy-tale nonsense, then I recommend you book a doctor’s appointment, pronto.

Joking aside, if ERM really does what it promises, then why isn’t everyone and their grandma buying this stuff and rolling in the money?

That’s because the term “get-rich-quick” is non-existent.

ERM was simply forged in the land of make-believe, so the unethical person behind it can trick you into stuffing cash in THEIR pockets instead.

Unfortunately, there’s A LOT of this type of crap circulating the internet:

Simply buying into such products only enrich the creators’ themselves, unfortunately for you.


How Does Easy Retired Millionaire Work?

Apparently, ERM is some sort of ‘Done-For-You’ “secret system” that rakes you in the cash without breaking into a sweat.

But as I’ve stated, it’s just one big fat lie.

Because the concept of get-rich-quick is nothing more than a hoax intended to line the pockets of those who lead you to believe in it.

Trust me, even with systems like The Fast Tracks or the Super Affiliate System (to name a couple)…

You still need to pour your heart and soul (not to mention cash investments) into said systems and give them adequate time to start working for you.

But back to ERM…

All you gain access to is some sub-par and outdated training on the topics of affiliate marketing, traffic generation, and list building.

In my experience, affiliate marketing is a truly awesome method of generating an income online from promoting others’ products and services.

But the training you get inside ERM only really skims the surface of the subject without any real direction.

Not to mention the fact you’ll receive some really bad guidance on various aspects of internet marketing.

Simply put, ERM fails to teach you how to get an online business up and running, and how to actually profit from affiliate marketing.

Furthermore, you can very easily find better quality training on YouTube without parting with a single penny.

So now we’ve cleared that up – Wanna see the red flags raised by the video sales pitch?…


#1: What “Money-Making Account”?!…

Ryan reckons he’s set you up a money-making account that makes you commissions just for watching the presentation.

After just a few minutes of listening to his crap, he claims you have $120 commissions waiting inside your new ClickBank account.
ClickBank Affiliate Commissions of One Hundred and Twenty Dollars
But the laughable part about the whole thing is that he fails to explain HOW your affiliate commissions were generated.

The truth is, there is no such thing as “free” commissions – especially ones produced out of thin air.

He’s just manipulating the hell out of you, so you hand over $47 to him.


#2: Who The Hell is “Ryan Wise”, Huh?…

Ryan Wise wants you to believe he’s the video spokesperson and also the guy operating ERM.

But in actual fact, he’s just a fictitious character because there’s not a single scrap of evidence to support his identity.

Which, also suggests his voice belongs to some random actor who has been paid to read a bullsh*t script.

The reason why these shady product creators hide behind pen names and voiceovers is so they can continuously “cash in” without exposing themselves.

Toxic greed-driven cowards, the lot of them!

Sorry, but these unethical people really grind my gears lol.


#3: Fake-Ass Member Testimonies…

As with all far-fetched money-making products, there are short video testimonials from folks who are apparently crushing it with ERM.

Meet this dude, for example, who’s easily raking in the big bucks thanks to the product.
Easy Retired Millionaire Testimonial From Bearded Man in a Stripy Tshirt
But if he’s really telling you the truth, then how come you’ll find him on Fiverr.com with his professional video services for hire?

Bearded Man in Green Shirt Selling Spokesperson Services on Fiverr

Source: Fiverr.com.

So obviously, the shameless ERM creator has paid the man to read some fake script for deceiving newbies.

If the product truly works like a dream come true, then where are all the genuine member testimonials at?


#4: Deceptive Affiliate Commission Snapshot…

Ryan desperately wants you to believe ERM makes him $100s (sometimes $1,000s) per day through ClickBank.

Daily Three Figure ClickBank Affiliate Commissions

Ryan’s ClickBank affiliate earnings, apparently.

But it’s just setting an unrealistic income benchmark for beginners.

Because affiliate marketing takes heaps of time and effort for results.

Even if his affiliate earnings are genuine, they are more than likely generated as a result of him peddling other “pip dream” ClickBank products.

Another way of looking at it is that commission reports can easily be fiddled with by scammers…

Especially with access to PhotoShop software these days, right?

So take the ERM product creator’s results with a pinch of salt.

In fact, to learn more about the red-flag-tactics deployed by shady online product vendors, then see my Work At Home Secrets & Scams review.

Because John Crestani does a great job (in my opinion) at exposing said individuals and their deception.


Final Conclusion: Is Easy Retired Millionaire a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownThe way I see it, any sales pitch that pulls the wool over your eyes with hyped-up money-making talk and deceptive practices, makes it a scam.

So I do believe you have your answer when it comes to Easy Retired Millionaire.

Furthermore, the actual product itself delivers training on affiliate and internet marketing methods, that’s not just thin, but is also stale.

So implementing most of what you’re taught won’t do you any favours, I’m afraid.

Because the digital marketing world constantly evolves – so ERM just won’t cut the mustard.

But even if ERM was “freshened up”, it would still be inadequate for starting and growing a real profitable Biz on the web.

Because the I can guarantee you that the creator will always put HIS/HER own needs first.

So count me out of this product.


Stop With The Shiny Object Syndrome: See An Alternative That Works…

Sadly, forking out for get-rich-quick crap like ERM isn’t gonna do you any good because it simply doesn’t work.

There are no “magic bullets” when it comes to making money online. Period.

Trust me, I’ve been there and got the t-shirt… I’ve been doing this online stuff since 1999.

But luckily, there are legitimate products out there that will enable you to build a thriving affiliate marketing Biz IF you’re willing to put in the effort.

“But where the heck do I start, Neil?”

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any thoughts or questions on ERM? We’d love for you to join the conversation below…


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