Eagle Emails Review: [Will You SOAR to New Heights?]

Thanking You for paying my unbiased review of Eagle Emails a flying visit!

Dawud Islam reckons that he’s gonna share the “secrets” of email marketing to get your results to SOAR.

But will this 12-dollar WarriorPlus product really help you to scale your affiliate marketing Biz to new heights?

Or are you gonna be tirelessly flapping your wings in vain – unable to actually take flight, huh?

Wrap your clawed-feet around THIS review for an honest answer…

At a Quick Glance

Eagle Emails Review
Name: Eagle Emails (EE).

Owner: Dawud Islam.

Website: eagleemails.com.

Cost: $11.95 (at the time of writing) + Upsells.

My Score: 6/10.


  • Cheap front end cost
  • Video training, email swipes & bonuses
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Email marketing’s a powerful strategy


  • The training & email swipes revolve around the ‘make money online’ niche
  • The email swipes contain WarriorPlus product bonuses to give away
  • No training on how to start an email list & use Aweber
  • Comes with upsells


In all honesty, I think Eagle Emails has to be one of the LEAST tacky products from Islam.

The guy may not cover every email marketing angle, but he offers some good tips and walkthrough examples on how to effectively craft emails.

I also like the fact that he gives away some swipes that you can roll with for your own email marketing campaigns.

BUT, both the training and swipes revolve around the ‘make money’ arena and promoting WarriorPlus stuff. UGH.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the WarriorPlus marketplace at the best of times because I know (as a customer) that most products are junk.

So there are some downsides to EE, I’m afraid.

But if you LOVE the ‘MMO’ niche and put Islam’s training to the test, I believe you’ll see results from your email marketing efforts in time to come…

Just switch to promoting JVZoo or ClickBank marketplace offers in your emails instead.

Final Verdict: Legit.

But before scrolling further, see my #1 recommended program for truly learning how to take to the skies as a profitable affiliate marketer.


What’s Eagle Emails All About, You Say?

First of all, I just don’t know what it is with this Dawud Islam guy because he creates numerous products based on the animal kingdom.

For example; Tigers Traffic, Cougar Commissions, and Leopard Lists LOL. It’s as if he has a “thing” for walking on the wild side of life.

But anyway, let’s talk about Eagle Emails (which I got inside The Lockdown Formula), yeah?

According to Islam, EE is a training product that contains the secrets of email marketing that can transform your results over the next year.

In addition, you’ll get some swipes to help your email marketing journey run more smoothly.

What I like about Islam’s sales pitch is that he doesn’t go over the top with all that bullsh*t money-making hype.

Heck, Islam even gives you a quick guided tour of EE to help you decide whether the product’s a good fit before you part with cash…

Unlike the majority of WarriorPlus product publishers. UGH.

In my opinion, THEY should take a leaf out of HIS book for a change and start practicing that word called “integrity”.


But enough of all that soppiness (LOL), let’s get down to business…


Here’s a Bird’s-eye View of How Eagle Emails Works

Once you’re inside the members’ area that looks like THIS:
Eagle Emails Training Dashboard
You’ll be greeted by quick EE welcome and overview videos.

Followed on from these, you’ll jump right into the main training section that consists of the following video tutorials:

  • How To Test Inbox Delivery (7.42 minutes) – Using the free Gmass Email Deliverability Tester to ensure your promotions reach inboxes.
  • Avoiding Spam Words (8.52 mins) – Islam briefly runs through the type of phrases not to use in your subject lines/ emails.
  • Introduction: The Science of Email Marketing (12.56 mins) – A discussion on how to best construct your emails to make them more effective.
  • How Often Should I Mail My List? (8.36 mins) – A quick chat on the general rules of thumb.
  • Method 1: The Minimal Approach (13.09 mins) – Inside Islam’s own Aweber autoresponder account, he shows you how to create a short & sweet promo email. It’s all pretty self-explanatory, which also applies to the following methods…
  • #2: The Negative – Positive Approach (16.14 mins)
  • #3: The Scarcity Approach (12.31 mins)
  • #4: The Story Method (8.01 mins)
  • #5: The Extra Offer (7.15 mins)
  • #6: The Promo/Coupon Code (5.30 mins) – Just a brief discussion on the method.
  • #7: A Day in The Life (10.58 mins)


But Wait, There’s More to Come From Islam!…

In addition to the training, you’ll get heaps of email swipes to download, copy n’ paste for new subscribers, buyers, and an unresponsive list.

There’s also a quick 4.44-minute video on how to use the swipes, and even a 26.54-minute video on using other marketers swipes.

Islam rounds things off with a resources section.

Where you’ll not only receive an article from someone named Alissa MacDougall on 100+ spam trigger words to avoid in your campaigns.

But you’ll also gain access to Jono Armstrong’s Urgency Suites Pro – allowing you to create countdown timers and scarcity bars for your emails.


What’s The Cost of Eagle Emails, Huh?

At the time of writing, the entry cost is $11.95, which a fair price to pay for the product, in my book.

And YUP, then come the upsells…

  • Eagle Emails 365 = $37
  • EE Super Solos = $67
  • Quadrupel Reseller Rights to earn 100% commissions from promoting EE as your own product = $97 (why do you think Google & YouTube are full of “biased” reviews?)
  • EE ‘Done-For-You’ = $197

In my opinion, if you’re just looking for simple guidance on crafting emails that can make you profitable, then there’s no real need to buy the upsells.


Final Conclusion: Is Eagle Emails a Scam?

Are you kidding me?! 😛

Nah, Eagle Emails is a completely legitimate product to grab hold of.

I like the fact that Islam’s transparent with you on his sales page from the get-go – which makes a refreshing change, in all honesty.

And he actually offers you some sound guidance on email marketing with good email templates you can snatch for your own campaigns.

So EE is definitely worth 12 bucks, in my opinion.

But the only drawback is that the whole training course (+ swipes) focuses on the ‘make money online’ niche.

Which doesn’t surprise me, in the slightest.

So if your niche is different, then you’ll have to tweak things to suit your audience.

Furthermore, I’m not a fan of the freebies inside the email swipes that Islam encourages you to offer your subscribers.

Because it’s all sub-par WarriorPlus stuff belonging to Islam’s pals:

Art Flair, Eric Cagi, Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong, to name a handful.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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