Cougar Commissions Review: [Is The Cat Out of The Bag?]

Thanks for choosing to sink your teeth into my honest Cougar Commissions review!

Dawud Islam claims he’s gonna reveal the very system that took him from $0 in 2018 to $15K a month in 2020 with affiliate marketing.

But is the cat really out of the bag?

Will his system really bag you a 5-figure per month income on the internet – enabling you to join the ranks of the “cool cats”?

Or is Islam just another fat-cat guru with his own best interests in mind, huh?

Claw your way through THIS review to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Cougar Commissions Review
Name: Cougar Commissions (CC).

Owner: Dawud Islam.


Cost: $11.95 (at the time of writing) + Upsells of $100s.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Low front end cost
  • Video tutorials + bonus training
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Affiliate marketing is a legit Biz model


  • Some areas of the training are vague (it’s not all over-the-shoulder)
  • Islam doesn’t show you how to start a YouTube channel or build bonus & squeeze pages
  • Comes with expenses & upsells
  • Lauch jacking is taught


Simply put, Cougar Commissions revolves around creating YouTube review videos to make money from the concept of launch jacking.

Dawud Islam may supply you with video tutorials, but there are certain key areas that he fails to go over with you.

So I think a newbie may struggle to generate 5 figures unless the upsells are purchased, in all honesty.

In addition, “launch jacking” is by far THE worst way you can go about doing affiliate marketing as noob.

Because it’s not just highly competitive, but you simply earn cash for the sake of it by promoting shoddy WarriorPlus products.

When what you should really do is build a thriving Biz around a topic of interest (niche) that you have a true passion for.

Final Verdict: Legit – But I’m no Fan of The Strategy.

But before scrolling further, see a real beastie way to make sustainable money via affiliate marketing that’s perfect for newbies just like YOU.


What’s Cougar Commissions All About, You Ask?

Islam (the same guy behind The Lockdown Formula, Tigers Traffic, Leopard Lists, and Eagle Emails, to name a few) has designed Cougar Commissions to help you earn online.

More specifically, you’ll learn all about Islam’s system – the same steps he takes each day to rake in five figures on a monthly basis.

The whole thing revolves around helping you to succeed as a complete novice in the affiliate marketing arena.

Where you basically promote others’ products and earn a percentage (in the form of commissions) of any sales.

Surprisingly though, Islam’s CC sales page isn’t the typical hyped-up bullsh*t that you find with 99% of WarriorPlus product publishers.

He gives it to you straight – explaining that if you give CC some welly, you can generate a five-figure per month income in the next year.

Heck, he even gives you a quick demo of CC before taking the plunge!

I dunno about you, but those words called “integrity” and “transparency” are what I admire the most about product publishers/marketers.

This is why I joined Wealthy Affiliate, FIMP, and Funnel Academy, to name some awesome non-WarriorPlus training platforms.

But enough of me blowing smoke up Islam’s ass when it comes to his sales pitch LOL…


Let’s Discover How This Cougar Commissions Thing Works, Shall We?

Once you log in to the CC members’ dashboard (shown below) and watch the quick introduction and overview videos.
Cougar Commissions Training Dashboard
You’ll kick things off with the main training section comprising 15 video tutorials:

  1. Getting Started (26.12 minutes) – Islam discusses the mindset side of things. Very sneaky of the dude, indeed. But it’s a crucial topic to learn.
  2. What is Affiliate Marketing? (8.31 mins)
  3. The Big Three (11.41 mins) – An overview of the JVZoo, ClickBank & WarriorPlus affiliate networks.
  4. Muncheye (5.02 mins) – Using the site to view new affiliate marketing products due to be launched.
  5. Launch Jacking (11.35 mins) – An introduction to “launch jacking” – where you basically create a review of a product that’s about to launch & get on Google/YouTube page-1 to place your offer in front of a ton of traffic.
  6. Choosing Offers (13.30 mins) – How to select affiliate offers to promote on Muncheye.
  7. Get Approval For Offers (25.44 mins) – Islam shows you how to get your affiliate applications approved by vendors.
  8. Recording Your Screen (5.29 mins) – Using software called Screncastomatic for recording your product reviews.
  9. Getting Ready to Record (16.31) – The elements you need in place before producing your videos.
  10. Bonus Pages (15.25 mins) – A discussion about creating your product bonus pages with Commission Gorilla & Profit Maximizers.
  11. Recording Your Video (24.47 mins) – Islam talks you through the process of putting your product review videos together.
  12. Creating a Thumbnail (6.16 mins) – Using Canva to create thumbnail images for your video reviews.
  13. Ranking Your Video (14.17 mins) – How to get your videos to rank on the first pages of YouTube by filling in the video description fields correctly.
  14. Promoting Your Offer (6.58 mins) – A Discussion on creating squeeze pages to send traffic to your bonus pages.
  15. Islam’s Daily Routine (23.32 mins)

Overall, there seems to be a fair bit of training from Islam.

But there are some crucial elements that he skips, which I’ll talk about in my final conclusion.

In addition to that training, you’ll find bonus tutorials on stuff like building a buyers list, making custom bonuses, and creating squeeze pages.

But it’s just stuff that’s on YouTube for free anyway.


What’s The Cost of Cougar Commissions, You Say?

At the moment, the cost is just $11.95, which isn’t bad I suppose.

But to implement the strategies, you’ll need to splash out on the following tools:

  • Screencast-O-Matic – free, $15/year or $9/month (depending on the plan you want)
  • Commission Gorilla – $49/year
  • Thrive Content Builder WordPress Plugin – $5 via
  • ClickMagick – $27/month – $97/month

And as for the upsells (which you knew were coming) inside CC, they are as follows:

  • Massive Product Bargain Bundle = $37
  • 30 x Day DFY Email Campaign = $67
  • Quadruple Reseller Rights for 100% commissions = $97 (why do you think Google’s full of “biased” CC reviews?)
  • Cougar Commissions DFY = $197

So realistically speaking, it will cost you more than just 12 bucks to get rolling with CC.


Final Conclusion: Is Cougar Commissions a Scam?

I’ve gone through all the training and I can honestly say that Cougar Commissions is a legitimate product to get your hands on.

But as for recommending it to a newbie, it’s gonna be a big NO from me, I’m afraid.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some value behind scenes from Islam.

But there are too many downsides to this product, for my liking.

Because first of all, Islam misses out some crucial steps when it comes to the meat and potatoes of CC.

For example; HOW to actually set up a YouTube account and upload videos, and put your bonus and squeeze pages together.

It’s like he purposely leaves some of those parts for other marketers to cover in the bonus YouTube video sections

And secondly, “launch jacking” is one of THE most toxic approaches to affiliate marketing that you could ever involve yourself in.

Because for starters, you’ll be up against some pretty stiff WarriorPlus competitors.

Experienced ones, who will do absolutely anything to claw their way to the top of the YouTube and Google search engines with their “biased” content.

Just so they can cash in from promoting crap, basically.

Furthermore, making money online shouldn’t revolve around peddling stuff in the ‘make money’ arena just to turn a buck.

Affiliate marketing should be about building an online business around a niche that you’re PASSIONATE about HELPING people in.

Build something that you can be TRULY proud of UNLIKE all the “launch jackers” out there.

Speaking of which…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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