Copy Paste Income System Review: [Is Ewen Chia At It Again?!]

I dunno about you, but I think it’s about time that Ewen Chia stopped pumping out hyped-up stuff like the Copy Paste Income System.

In this review, I’m gonna explain exactly how the product in question works.

And also why it won’t deliver the results as advertised on the tin.

So without beating around the bush, let’s get down to the ins and outs of Chia’s money-maker…

At a Quick Glance

Copy Paste Income System Review
Name: Copy Paste Income System (CPIS).

Owner: Ewen Chia (the dude behind Fast Track Cash & Commission Money Machine)


Cost: $37 + $100s in Upsells.

My Score: 3/10.


  • Video training tutorials
  • ClickBank offers a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Hyped-up & misleading sales page
  • Comes with mostly thin & outdated training
  • $100s worth of upsells
  • Ewen Chia’s known for producing junkie products


Unfortunately, Ewen Chia is no stranger when it comes to peddling “get-rich-quick” style junk.

YES, he may well be an internet and affiliate marketing expert adored by a bunch of peeps in his niche.

But it doesn’t shine through with his Copy Paste Income System, sadly.

Because first of all, his product’s hyped-up to the max…

Leading you astray with some “system” that’s easily gonna make you a ton of commissions as a ClickBank affiliate.

If anything, CPIS is designed so Chia can rally a team of affiliates to make a bunch of money for him and themselves by tricking newbies.

And second of all, the training what you get inside CPIS just doesn’t cut the mustard.

Because the video tutorials don’t just lack in the depth department, but they teach old school stuff that’s not that effective.

So in my opinion, you’ve got more chance of shaking hands with the fluffing pope than raking in $100s daily with Chia’s system.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s The Copy Paste Income System About, You Ask?

According to Ewen Chia, his Copy Paste Income System made him $3,000+ in a weekend with a single ‘Copy Cut Paste’.

He says that the “secret” is buried in his sales letter.

And even tries to convince you that his simple method will bring you $100s in affiliate commissions daily like the snapshot below:

Ewen Chias Daily ClickBank Affiliate Commissions

Ewen Chia’s ClickBank Sales!

Chia also reckons that the dollars will roll into your bank account while you watch a movie or have fun with the kids…

It’s a method that works ALL THE TIME…

It’s a never-been-seen before method that’s the fastest and most profitable way to get an online Biz started and making $1,000s on autopilot…

All for just $37, and not a penny more!

With total “get-rich-quick” nonsense like that, how on earth did Chia become a “#1 international bestselling author”?! LOL.

And whilst on this topic, check out the top affiliate marketing books that I recommend for making-money – even if you’re a total newb.

Unfortunately, Chia makes some pretty bold and outlandish claims.

But then again, that’s “GURUS” for ya, right?

If CPIS really is the best thing since sliced bread, making your wildest dreams come true…

Then why isn’t everyone and their grandma stinking rich from such an easy-as-pie “copy paste” method, huh?

In fact, see the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk’s YouTube channel (a true webpreneur) to hear what he has to say on what it REALLY takes to accomplish true success.

Trust me, being an affiliate marketer myself, there are no easy and fast paths to megabucks. It’s a myth.

But Chia knows best, obviously!


How Does The Copy Paste Income System Work, Huh?

I’m telling you now, CPIS doesn’t work in the way that Chia wants you to believe.

Because his “system” isn’t a system at all, since it basically revolves around promoting ebooks with your affiliate links embedded.

So if people buy your product recommendations, you’ll make money in the form of commissions – percentages of those sales.

More specifically, Chia helps you to find a niche, products to promote, research keywords, create ebooks, and promote them to your audience.

Don’t get me wrong, Chia gives you some over-the-shoulder guidance inside his 6 video tutorials.


But There Are Numerous Downsides to The Dude’s Course…

First of all, the training’s quite vague because he fails to paint the full picture of building a profitable business from scratch.

Yeah sure, you may get help for starting off on the right foot.

But that’s as far as it goes for your 37 dollar investment, sadly.

OK, tell a lie, there’s one advanced lesson on the topic of email marketing.

Which is more about promoting another of Chia’s products named Autopilot Profits

But don’t expect to suddenly become an “expert” from watching just short 6-minute video LOL.

Because the concept takes time and work to master just like any internet marketing method.

Secondly, the way in which you’re taught to promote your ebooks sucks, to be totally honest.

Because you’re encouraged to share your ebooks on Slide Share, various forums, and Facebook groups.

Not only will these strategies require a ton of effort, but they’re not guaranteed to pay off, I’m afraid.

Especially when there are many amateur affiliate marketers already “spamming” Facebook groups with their crap, for example.

So why Chia doesn’t encourage and show you how to build your own website for marketing your ebooks is beyond me.

Because having a website is crucial in this day and age of digital marketing.

Since a website/blog allows you to build your own brand, stand out from the crowd, and become much more successful than other affiliates.

The same also applies to sales funnel creation, which you can learn to do inside Funnel Academy if you’re up to the challenge.

And thirdly, Chia offers you 10 pre-made ebooks to promote.
Copy Paste Ebooks
Where you just attach your ClickBank affiliate ID to earn from the products inside.

However, the content isn’t just vague, but the ebooks send you to sleep (Z z z) and are promoted by other CPIS members.

So overall, I just don’t think you’ll get very far with Chia’s so-called system.

PSST! If you wanna see REAL systems from more reputable product publishers:

Check out Commission Hero, 12 Minute Affiliate, 1K A Day Fast Track & the Super Affiliate System, to name a few.


Final Conclusion: Is The Copy Paste Income System a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownTo be perfectly honest with you, I think the Copy Paste Income System deserves to be dumped in the borderline scam category.

YES, Ewen Chia delivers some form of training, and he may well be some “#1 author” or “Super Affiliate”…

But it doesn’t excuse the fact or give him the right to mislead newbies like YOU with some garbage “pipe dream” sales page.

The guy’s abusing the trust of his followers, basically.

Furthermore, it seems what he’s teaching you isn’t just shallow, but also outdated material.

Because affiliate marketing has evolved past the point of just promoting pre-written “generic ebooks”.

It’s about building your own brand by offering your audience heaps of unique “VALUE“.

Which in turn will lead to a profitable affiliate Biz.

So judging from what I’ve discovered with CPIS…

I seriously wouldn’t get your hopes up with easily raking in $100s per day via ClickBank with this product.


Want a Kick-Ass Money-Making Alternative?…

In my experience, turning a profit through affiliate marketing is never as easy as some shady “GURUS” lead you to believe

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So refuse to fall victim to this crap.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on CPIS? Please hop on the conversation below…


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