Commission Blueprint Review: [A Roadmap to Affiliate $?]

Hey, thanks for dropping in on my unbiased review of the Commission Blueprint!

But it’s not to be confused with the “Evolution” version, before you ask. 😛

Anyway, Glynn Kosky claims his system can generate at least $500 in the next 7 days or less for affiliate marketing newbies.

In fact, it’s already made a WHOPPING $500,000 in commissions over a 12-month period!


But is this guy yanking your chain just to easily shift his product for his own personal gains?

Or can you really pocket some nice sums of cash during the next week and beyond, huh?


You’re about to find out in THIS review, so hang tight…

At a Quick Glance

Commission Blueprint Review
Name: Commission Blueprint (CB).

Owner: Glynn Kosky.


Cost: Free + Upsells + other expenses.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Free Access
  • Training tutorials
  • Support provided
  • Comes with bonuses


  • Outdated sales page
  • Some freebies are inaccessible
  • Most tutorials are discussion-based
  • Can be an expensive method
  • Comes with upsells


In a nutshell; Commission Blueprint revolves around the process of building a squeeze page and email list, and promoting affiliate offers to your subscribers.

But it’s far from some “new” method, and also making $700 in the next 7 days is debatable since variables are involved.

Furthermore, only 2 out of the 9 training videos are walkthrough ones, which makes it highly unlikely that a newbie will succeed quickly.

But having said that, CB is free and there’s plenty of evergreen knowledge to take away from the tutorials.

So it’s definitely worth gaining access to, in my opinion.

Final Verdict: Legit.

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What’s Commission Blueprint All About, You Say?

Commission Blueprint (not Tim Godfrey & Steve Clayton’s ‘Evolution’ version) is a newbie-friendly system for stuffing your account with commissions.

It’s easy to set up with no tech skills and you’ll generate an income for years to come – allowing you to live a laptop lifestyle…

Well, according to Glynn’s outdated 2018 sales page anyway.

The guy also runs you through a list of methods he’s tried and failed at like Facebook and Bing ads without the correct knowledge.

But what really rattles my cage is that he claims to have wasted time creating niche websites/blogs and $1,000s on SEO to rank them.

But that’s BS because I know for a fact that blogging actually works.

The proof’s also all over Google. Just do various product review searches and you’ll see MANY WordPress blogs show up on page 1.

Plus, SEO is also a free strategy IF you’re willing to learn the ropes and invest the effort.

So he’s dishonest with you on that front, unfortunately.

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Glynn’s sales pitch really is no different from other stuff I’ve reviewed like EZ Passive Paydays, Incognito Method, and 0 To $100 In 24 Hours.

Basically, full of money-making hype.

But enough rambling…


How Does Commission Blueprint Work, Huh?

Inside the CB members’ area, Glynn has laid out a series of steps for you to follow.
Commission Blueprint Members Area
Step #1: An introduction to CB along with an invitation to watch a free training webinar from him.

Except, the webinar’s no longer accessible, which isn’t surprising since it was created in 2017 – making the whole thing stale.

Step #2: Here, you’ll claim your $233 per day website for free – BUT you’re unable to do so because the page returns an error message.

Next up, you’re told to download your free traffic software – BUT the link diverts you to a product called ‘Loop It’ for $12.94.

Followed by Glynn asking you to ‘Check Out My Highest Rated Program Here‘ – which again, is Loop It.

And then it’s on to the final stage…


Step #3: Watch The CB Training Course

In all honesty, the first two steps are extremely disappointing, to say the least.

But in this step, you’ll actually gain some value because there are 9 tutorial video modules from ‘Leigh – The Super Affiliate Millionaire’:

  1. The Overview (10.57 minutes) – Leigh shows the basics of making money online, explains the CB course credentials & highlights the importance of action-taking.
  2. The Great Offers (15.33 mins) – A discussion on niching down, how to go about choosing the best affiliate offers to promote & where to find them.
  3. Incentivizing Prospects (18.31 mins) – Leigh talks about how to convert visitors to sales by offering a problem-solving product, having an optimized squeeze page & a reason to make them buy (i.e. giving away bonuses). See my Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale & Work At Home Secrets & Scams reviews to see this method in action. 😉
  4. How To Create Landing Pages That Convert (40.29 mins) – Leigh explains the essential landing page elements (found in the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook) & shows you how to build a page inside ClickFunnels.
  5. Creating a Follow Up Series That Converts (29.19 mins) – A discussion and walkthrough on how to effectively construct your email marketing campaigns inside Aweber.
  6. Getting Super Targeted Traffic (20.11 mins) – Put simply, you’ll learn about the various ways of driving “paid” traffic to your squeeze page.
  7. Supplementing Traffic (10.52 mins) – This video’s all about “free” traffic strategies & how you can use them to be profitable, basically.
  8. Exactly What You Need To Do (11.30 mins) – A recap of the system (with a diagram) & also what you need to do to make money with it.
  9. Frequently Asked Questions (25 mins) – Pretty self-explanatory.

Overall, Leigh’s affiliate marketing training isn’t bad, to be fair.

But with that said, it’s similar to the mentorship inside My Online Startup – where most of the tutorials are “discussion-based”.

So while there’s value for a newbie to take way, every video really needs to be “over-the-shoulder” to build an online Biz, in my book.

As for steps #4 and #5 – they are all about accessing the upgrades and also your bonuses.


What’s The Cost of Commission Blueprint, You Ask?

CB doesn’t cost a single cent, which is always a bonus.

This is either due to the lack of demand for CB and/or it’s a way for Glynn to turn a buck from any upsells/resource recommendations inside the product.

Who knows.

But to make the system potentially work, you’ll need to buy:

  • Aweber (for building an email list) – this starts at $19/month
  • ClickFunnels (sales funnel software) – this starts at $97/month, which is quite a costly option.

And then there are the costs of operating paid ads that will easily run into $100s – $1,000s when you’re just starting out.

As for the upsells, I’ve absolutely no idea what they are, since I got instant access to CB through Profit Maximizers.

But you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll cost you at least $100 – $300 combined.


Is Commission Blueprint Worth it?

Well, since Commission Blueprint doesn’t cost you a single penny to buy.

And especially when you get evergreen value from the training videos, then, YES, I recommend getting your hands on the product.

Plus, it comes with heaps of freebies, which bumps up the value of the product further – making it a no-brainer.

My only issues are that some freebies aren’t accessible, there are only 2 actual video walkthroughs, and ClickFunnels is expensive.

But overall, it’s not a bad starting point for a newb to learn some knowledge on affiliate marketing.

However, just be prepared to invest time, effort and $ into this CB strategy because it’s not as easy as it seems to make $100s per week.


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Your buddy, Neil!

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