ClickBetter Review: [Are You “BETTER” Off Steering Clear?]

Thanks for dropping in on my unbiased review of ClickBetter!

Whether you wanna make money as an affiliate or as a product publisher, then you’ve picked THE perfect spot for the lowdown on the digital marketplace.

Is it really one of the better affiliate product networks to sign up to and earn an income from?

Or are you better off keeping it at arm’s length and choosing a MUCH better alternative, huh?

For an honest answer, you better get stuck into THIS juicy review…

At a Quick Glance

ClickBetter Review

Name: ClickBetter (CB).

Owner: Sean Clark, so I’ve heard.


Cost: Free.

My Score: 3/10.


  • Free, fast & easy to join
  • Instant affiliate approval
  • Affiliate tools & support
  • Get paid via check, prepaid debit card or eCheck, bank, SEPA or wire transfers


  • The ‘Make Money Online’ category is full of crap & scams, in general
  • Only a small selection of products to choose from overall
  • Some categories contain duplicate products
  • The majority of sub-categories are empty
  • A minimum $200 payment threshold must be met
  • No PayPal payment method offered
  • CB has a bad reputation


Don’t get me wrong, there are some good aspects of ClickBetter that make it a legitimate marketplace for affiliate marketers.

So it would be unfair of me to call out CB as a scam.

BUT with that said…

It’s an extremely poor place for a newb to get involved with because there are numerous garbage products – namely in its ‘E-business’ category.

So if you give a damn about your reputation online, then I seriously suggest giving this one a miss.

To learn about the red flags in more detail & also discover better alternatives, continue reading my FULL review below.

Final Verdict: Legit But Not Recommended.

But first things first…

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What is ClickBetter & How Does it Work, You Ask?

In a nutshell; ClickBetter (found in 2013) is a digital product marketplace for vendors to build themselves armies of affiliates to sell their stuff.

You basically pick a product that revolves around your niche, promote it, and collect an affiliate commission when you make a sale.

Then once you meet the minimum threshold of $200 in commissions, you get paid.

According to the CB registration page: “Everything is BETTER with Us – better commissions, conversions & features”

But I beg to defer, since my experience from an affiliate angle tells a completely different story.

And unfortunately, I’m not alone either – as you’ll see from other negative CB reviews on Google and other search engines.

But at least there are a few good things about CB.

First of all, the sign up process is a piece of cake.

Secondly, you’re automatically approved (with no questions asked) as an affiliate – just like the ClickBank marketplace.

And thirdly, help from the support team actually exists – you can usually expect a response within 24 hours.

While there are some good points about CB, here’s my beef with that marketplace…

Why ClickBetter is One The Worst Options For Affiliates

Don’t get me wrong, there are probably some good products across various categories available for you to promote.

But after viewing and researching the products in CB’s ‘E-business & E-marketing’ category, for example – the majority are total junk and scams.

Stuff just like Cash Formula, Easy Retired Millionaire, and Million Dollar Replicator, to name some products I’ve already reviewed.

And whilst on the subject of money-making scams; see John Crestani’s Work At Home Secrets & Scams workbook.

Where he doesn’t just help you to identify the red flags in-depth, but also shares some cool affiliate marketing strategies and tips.

I digress.

But what really raises a red flag (in my opinion) is that CB highlights these as its ‘Top 10 Products’.

ClickBetter Top Products

But that’s only because the creators and their shady affiliates keep peddling that junk to make it popular…

NOT because those products are actually valuable.

Furthermore, you can also bet your bottom dollar that those products also trigger high refund requests from disgruntled customers.

This leads to…

Damage to CB’s Reputation (+ Yours!)

Unfortunately, not only do those said p*ss poor products paint CB itself in a bad light…

But if you do promote those so-called “top products” – branding them as the best thing since sliced bread just to turn a buck online…

Then it’s gonna land your reputation in the gutter online – losing your audience’s trust and custom.

If the guys behind CB don’t give a rat’s ass about their reputation in the ‘make money online’ arena, then that’s up to them.

But don’t follow their lead because you’re in the game to provide “VALUE” to your audience – helping with their problems.

Which in turn will lead you to a successful brand and business on the internet in the long term.

So this is something that ALL newbs must bear in mind before starting an affiliate marketing Biz and especially promoting CB’s ‘MMO’ stuff.

Products Lacking in The Numbers Department

I must admit, I felt like a kid in a sweet shop as soon as I stepped foot inside CB’s marketplace.

But I quickly tasted fizzy sour apples in my mouth because there’s such tiny selection of products to pick from to promote.

And when I say tiny, I mean there are literally just 198 products broken down into the following categories:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • E-business & E-marketing
  • Gaming
  • Green Products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Languages
  • Self-Help
  • Software

But that number’s inaccurate because some products are listed multiple times, which means there are fewer than 198.

Duplicate Products Listed


In fact, what makes matters even worse is that the majority of sub-categories contain “0” products LOL.

Here’s the ‘Diets & Weight Loss’ one, for example.

No Diet and Weight Loss Sub Category Products Found


It returns ‘No Products Found’. So why does CB even bother listing sub-categories, huh?

It’s VERY surprising and disappointing considering CB has been knocking around for a good 6 – 7 years (at the time of writing).

You’d think they’d have 1,000s (even 10,000s) of products to select from by now, instead of a measly 100+, right?

3 Better (Kick-Ass) Alternatives to ClickBetter

If you’ve really got your heart set on promoting digital products and you also want instant affiliate approval, then the first place I recommend is ClickBank.

ClickBank has a wide range of products in lots of categories ranging from Arts & Entertainment to Sports.

While you may have to watch your step with some products – especially in its ‘E-business’ category…

There are still some cracking products like 1k A Day Fast Track, 12 Minute Affiliate, and Commission Hero to promote for high-ticket commissions.

Next up, there’s DigiStore24 that also has a bunch of categories to choose from.

While it not be as big as ClickBank, and probably has fewer products than CB to promote (lol) – it sure seems pretty reputable.

In fact, if DigiStore24 is good enough for John Crestani to list his Super Affiliate System on, then it’s good enough for me.

Finally, there’s the Amazon Associates program.

OK, it might seem more difficult to get affiliate approval, since you first need to build your own website containing some level of content…

But Amazon is one of the most reputable marketplaces with millions of products to promote across numerous niches.

YES, even high-quality digital goods in the internet/affiliate marketing arena like Ian Pribyl’s ‘From Nothing’ Kindle, for example.

In fact, if you wanna discover tons of amazing affiliate networks/programs – Wealthy Affiliate has an awesome ‘Affiliate Programs’ feature.

Affiliate Programs Platform

The tool doesn’t just shave time off your research efforts…

But also makes the process of finding networks/programs/products a piece of cake for newbies.

Final Conclusion: Is ClickBetter a Scam, Huh?

In my honest opinion, ClickBetter itself is actually legitimate because it provides tools, support, and pays you for promoting products.

But there’s far too much scammy stuff in its ‘Make Money Online’ category, for my liking.

Which, unfortunately, has earned CB a poor reputation and also poses a real threat to yours as well – should you promote those trashy products.

In regard to the other categories, I really can’t comment on product quality because I personally haven’t bought or promoted any of that stuff.

So I suggest really doing your homework and treading with caution when it comes to CB.

Overall, from a newbie standpoint, I seriously wouldn’t touch CB with a ten-foot barge pole due to all the red flags it raises.

But it’s your decision, at the end of the day.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions, thoughts or experiences with ClickBetter to share? Please hop on the conversation below…


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