Chris Farrell Membership Review: [#1 Option For Newbs?]

Welcome to my unbiased review of Chris Farrell Membership!

Is it really the best “one-stop-shop” for newbies to build profitable affiliate marketing businesses from scratch?

Or are there way better alternatives for learning to generate a passive income online?

To get the lowdown as well as my own true thoughts on the program, jump into this FULL review…

At a Quick Glance

Chris Farrell Membership
Name: Chris Farrell Membership (CFM).

Owner: Who do you think? 😛


Cost: $4.95 for the first 7 days (+ optional $47 upsell). Then it’s $37/month or $297/year.

My Score: 7/10.


  • Cheap to get started + reasonable membership fees
  • Tons of step-by-step newb-friendly training
  • ‘Done-For-You’ resources
  • Provides help & support
  • Offers a 30-day money-back-guarantee
  • Chris comes across as a likable & helpful English chap
  • The potential to earn a full-time income


  • There’s an upsell
  • Doesn’t provide all the tools you need
  • The community just isn’t active enough, for my liking
  • Methods taught aren’t exactly a cheap starting point
  • Training fails to cover more advanced traffic methods


In my opinion, Chris does a great job of guiding newbies by the hand when it comes to creating a successful affiliate marketing Biz.

I like the fact that the training’s easy to follow, there are ‘Done-For-You’ campaigns (in various niches), and Chris doesn’t rip you off, unlike the “guru” crap.

However, Chris fails to provide all the essential tools, and his support community is a ghost town, in my experience.

Overall, it’s a great program, but in need of some renovation work.

Final Verdict: Recommended.

But first things first.

See the “all-in-one” newbie-friendly platform that I highly recommend for the essential resources for earning a sustainable income online…

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What is Chris Farrell Membership, You Ask?

First of all, Chris claims CFM is your “one-stop-shop” for online success and has been voted #1.

But both claims are questionable (in my opinion) because the program is lacking in some areas, and he also fails to specify who actually voted it as the top dog.

I digress.

In a nutshell, the focus of CFM is to help you start and grow an affiliate marketing business that brings you a full-time income.

The program shows you how to make money online by implementing 3 simple steps:

  1. Find a Profitable Niche
  2. Build an Email Subscriber List
  3. Introduce Your Subscribers to Affiliate Product Offers

But unlike 95% of the WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and ClickBank ‘make money’ products I’ve across, Chris actually delivers REAL value for enabling you to succeed.


How Chris Farrell Membership Works For The Dough

In total, there are 5 key areas for helping you to get an affiliate marketing business up and running with CFM.

The 5 sections broken down:


Section #1: Quick Start (6 Videos)

These are basically introduction videos – explaining the ins and outs of CFM and encouraging you to connect with other members’ inside the private forum:

  • Intro (6.10 minutes)
  • 3 Money-Making Steps (3.57 mins)
  • Quick Start Tour (8.57 mins)
  • F.A.S.T (5.55 mins)
  • Introducing Yourself to The Community (3.54 mins)
  • What do I do Now? (1.28 mins)


Section #2: 10 Minutes To Success (31 Videos)

Inside this section, there are 31 days worth of step-by-step training videos to follow and implement – with each tutorial lasting up to 10 minutes.

You’ll be learning all sorts of topics that cover:

  • What You’re Going to Achieve in The Coming Weeks/Months
  • The Essential Tools For The Job
  • Finding a Money-Making Niche
  • Purchasing a Domain & Web Hosting
  • WordPress Basics: Installation, Themes, Plugin Activation & Permalinks
  • Creating Your 3 Pages & Choosing The Front Page
  • Opt-In Form Creation & Configuration
  • Aweber Introduction & Set up
  • Crafting Email Follow ups
  • Sourcing Affiliate Products
  • Driving Free/Paid Traffic

Put simply, you’ll learn how to effectively build a squeeze page and recommend affiliate products to your email leads.

But the cool part about the training is that Chris also equips you with ‘Done-For-You’ pages, images, a gift for your subscribers, and pre-written emails if you’re struggling.

Furthermore, the guy provides actionable tasks to accomplish at the end of each lesson.
Chris Farrell Membership First Website Training Video
Which, in my experience, are crucial for keeping you on track to affiliate marketing success.

The following 3 sections contain supplementary training to help you brush up on your skills…


Section #3: Specific Skills (16 Money-Making Labs)

I won’t dive into too much detail because there’s a huge stack of video tutorials to sink your teeth into on a variety of digital marketing topics.

In this section, not only will you learn about the fundamentals of WordPress – understanding WordPress and building your very first free website, etc.

Recommended: Get Free Training on How to Build a Profitable Blog Here!

But Chris will teach you stuff on ebook creation, using ClickFunnels to build sales funnels, and leveraging paid Facebook Ads, to name some topics.

There’s not a huge amount of depth to the videos, but the tutorials are a great starting for newbs to learn the basics, in my opinion.


Section #4: The “I Love Traffic” Videos

Here, you’ll learn about various (free and paid) website traffic generation methods that you can apply to the squeeze page you built in section #2.
Website Traffic Training Videos
Chris covers all sorts of website visitor strategies from organic Facebook comments – to forum and video marketing – to guest blogging, to name some.

But the only downside to some methods is that they aren’t exactly easy to implement from a novice standpoint.

So you’ll be required to spend plenty of time learning, practicing, and getting good at those strategies before you reap the rewards.

Furthermore, Chris fails to teach you the ins and outs of SEO, PPC, solo ads, and Instagram – other effective traffic-generation methods.


Section #5: Goodies (Treats Galore!)

Inside this section, Chris hands you a mixed goodie bag containing all sorts of sweet treats like:

  • Heaps of ‘Done-For You’ Affiliate Marketing Resources
  • Top Recommended Tools For Growing your Biz
  • Access to Chris’s Blog (Sharing The Highs & Lows of His Own Journey)
  • ‘Thought For The Day’ Motivational & Inspirational Videos
  • Stacks of ‘Express Webinar’ recordings

And finally, my most favourite goodie out of the lot…

The one and only, Gary Vaynerchuk (aka “Gary Vee”) getting a good old roasting from Chris himself.

Chris Farrell Interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk
Well, it’s more of Gary sharing his awesome and invaluable insights into Entrepreneurship.


Does Chris Farrell Membership Offer Support?

As already discussed, there’s a private forum for you to hang out with other members’ – building new relationships and picking brains.

However, the biggest downfall of the forum is that it’s like a ghost town because folks receive very few replies to their questions – even months down the line.
Affiliate Marketing Support Forum
It seems if a question receives more than one reply, it’s considered as a “HOT” topic lol.

The same also applies to the ’10 Minutes to Success’ training where Chris invites members’ to drop feedback below his tutorial videos.

But sadly, very few seem to engage.

Another support channel open to you is the option to message Chris and his team via the support ticket system – which is probably your best bet, if I’m honest.


What’s The Cost of Chris Farrell Membership, Huh?

For your first 7 days, it will cost $4.95.

And if you decide to take CFM more seriously, then it’s $37/month or $297/year – which are fairly reasonable prices, in my book.

There’s also a $47 upsell upon joining CFM, which is a secret report offering 27 high-converting emails.

Furthermore, Chris offers a ‘4 Week Fast Track’ program, but I’ve no idea about the cost since the doors were temporarily shut.

However, do also bear in mind that the squeeze page/sales funnel and email marketing method that Chris teaches won’t come cheap either.

Because you’ll need to fork out for tools, services, and paid traffic (if you decide the Facebook Ad route, of course).


Final Conclusion: Is Chris Farrell Membership Worth it?…

In my honest opinion, it’s totally worth joining due to the fact that Chris delivers a TON of value for a “drop in a bucket” price.

Yeah, there maybe an upsell thrown in.

But at least he won’t squeeze you like a lemon, unlike the majority of ‘make money online’ product publishers you come across these days.

And yeah, the member community isn’t exactly up to scratch either.

But you can contact Chris and his team if you’re in a pickle.

The only thing I would say is just be prepared to have a budget to work with because you’ll need funds for the recommended resources and traffic methods inside CFM.

But before you dash off…

==> See The Best Way to Start & Grow a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Biz!


Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or experiences to share with CFM? We’d very much LOVE to hear them below…



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