Cash Website Success Review: [Pfft, What $500 a Day?!]

If you’re looking for a totally honest and unbiased review of Cash Website Success, then THIS is it! 🙂

The person behind the product basically claims it’s a magical way of making a ton of cash quickly through Amazon.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth because it’s just another “get-rich-quick” scheme in disguise.

So jump right into this review to discover why the product doesn’t do what it says on the tin…

At a Quick Glance

Cash Website Success Scam Review
Name: Cash Website Success (CWS).

Owner: Willy Handcock (just a stage name).

Website: Numerous domains (too many to list!)

Cost: $47 + Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.


  • The possibility to request a refund 


  • Sales page leads you astray with the “get-rich-quick” fantasy
  • Creator uses a stage name
  • Member testimonials made by Fiverr sellers
  • Fake scarcity tactics
  • It’s a rehashed scam
  • Actual product is inadequate for earning online
  • Upsells also come with it


Put simply, Cash Website Success is an ugly two-headed beast that needs slaying because it’s nothing more than get-rich-quick garbage.

Not only are you deceived by the person hiding behind CWS who deploys numerous shady tactics such as fake characters, testimonials and income claims, etc…

Just so he or she can get hold of YOUR hard-earned cash…

But both the ‘Done-For-You’ website (with added costs) and training you’re supplied with are insufficient for generating an income online.

Because there’s absolutely no direction when it comes to learning how to drive targeted traffic to your site.

The only person benefitting from this product is…

Yup, you guessed it…

The coward who hides behind it.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

If you’re sick of the bullsh*t online, but searching for a legitimate way of earning a sustainable income as an affiliate marketer with your own website (that comes with tools, training & support)…

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What is Cash Website Success All About?

Apparently, Cash Website Success enables you to make $500 daily from Amazon’s affiliate program by exploiting some hidden loophole.

It’s some kinda “push-button” system that rakes in the dough on your behalf while you sit back and chillax with a cuppa.

And it’s so easy that even your great granny can do it with her eyes shut, blahdy blah.

Simply put, CWS is nothing but a hyped-up product selling you “the dream” of financial freedom from very little to no effort.

I’m telling you now, no such system exists.

Because, if it did, then why isn’t every human on planet Earth jumping for joy with money pouring out their ears?

Yeah sure, there are some great ‘copy and paste’ systems like 12 Minute Affiliate and My Online Startup, to name a couple…

But by no means will the cash easily and quickly flow into your bank account because said systems still require time and effort to generate an income from affiliate marketing.

I digress.

The only intention of the CWS product is for its creator to play you for a fool so he pockets a pretty penny at YOUR expense.

Unfortunately, these unethical toerags really don’t have your best interests at heart, at the end of the day.

Want more VERY good reasons why you should take CWS with a grain of salt?…


Red Flag #1: Member Testimonials Are Like Plastic Grass

According to some members’ of CWS, they have raked in an absolute fortune with the product in a short space of time.

Here’s one guy boasting about the easy-peasy $10,000s he’s made in just 4 months!

Cash Website Success Testimonial From a Man Making Five Figures
But I wouldn’t trust him as far as you can throw him because the scammer behind CWS has hired the guy from to read a script.

Black Man Selling Spokesperson Services on Fiverr


Yup, that’s right, he’s been “paid” to lie to you about CWS. UGH.

Also, he fails to back up his income claims with ironclad proof, which highly suggests the product’s non-existent from the offset.

And if you really pay close attention to some video testimonials, the members’ don’t even mention CWS itself.

This is so the creator can reuse the videos for other scammy products they intend to create in the future.


Red Flag #2: CWS is a Rehashed Dud

It may or may not come as a surprise to learn that CWS has been rebranded so many times.

Want proof?

Check out the following get-rich-quick style opportunities I’ve recently reviewed:

Real Profits Online

Real Profits Online Sales Page.

Each site comes with the same sales page/video layout and also incorporates the same red flags.

So whoever hides behind CWS is obviously responsible for the names I’ve highlighted.

So just watch your step moving forward because I can guarantee the product will continue to be rehashed.

Especially, when there are negative reviews like mine, and heaps of complaints and refund requests from angry customers.


Red Flag #3: Who is “Willy Handcock” Anyways?

The video presentation spokesman refers to himself as “Willy Handcock” (the founder of CWS).

But when he fails to provide circumstantial evidence of his identity in terms of social media presence – you should seriously run for the hills.

For all we know, Willy might actually be a Wendy, right?

Sadly, scammers use “pen names” and also hire peeps from for narrating their toxic sales videos.

Because, it’s the perfect cover that enables them to grab as much cash from the vulnerable as they can without getting named and shamed publicly.


Red Flag #4: Fake-Ass Scarcity Tactics

On the main landing page, you’ll notice a countdown clock with “x number of positions remaining in your area”.

I’m sorry, but what utter crap!

First of all, CWS is available worldwide, as long as peeps have a credit card and can speak good English, of course.

And secondly, the site has been up and running for a while and will continue this way.

Because why would the fraudster refuse the opportunity to “cash in”?

The only way this dud will get shut down is if it’s earned a bad reputation online and the creator feels it’s time to move on to the next brand to pocket some more $$$.

Check out my review of Work At Home Secrets & Scams to learn more about the unethical tactics deployed by shameless scammers… You might be shocked!


How Cash Website Success “Actually” Works

As you might have gathered by now, there is no “magical system” or website that’s easily gonna rake you in the big bucks from Amazon.

But what you actually get from CWS when you part with your cash is some ‘Done-For-You’ website and basic affiliate marketing training.

As for the website, it’s just a “cookie-cutter” site that won’t get ranked in Google because of it containing thin and duplicate content.

It’s the same site every CWS customer receives, which also means you won’t be able to make money as an Amazon affiliate either.

Because for the Amazon Associates team to approve your affiliate application, you first need to build your own website with “high-quality” content.

If Amazon sees that you haven’t made the effort to craft any decent content revolving around your niche from the get-go, then expect your affiliate application to be rejected.

The other thing I dislike about CWS is that you’ll need to shell out for expensive web hosting (through the scammer’s “affiliate link”) to activate your site.

And as for the training, it’s simply not enough to make your website profitable as an affiliate marketer because it just covers the basics like any PLR/PDF type of product.

There’s just no in-depth money-making stuff, so you’ll be wasting your time and effort with this product, in my opinion.


Final Thoughts: Is Cash Website Success a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownIn my opinion, I’d say YES – Cash Website Success is a total scam to keep at arm’s length.

First of all, both its sales page and video presentation pull the wool over your eyes – spewing out lie-after-lie.

The magical system is nothing but a “pipe dream” designed to target those needing to get rich, the fast and easy way.

And second of all, by no means is the product a reflection of what’s sold to you.

The ‘Done-For-You’ website won’t rank in Google, it requires expensive hosting to activate it, and the training’s inadequate for helping you to actually earn an income online.

So overall, I don’t recommend CWS.

The only person to get rich from this is the unethical money-grabbing creator. UGH.


Want a “Legit” Way to Earn Full-Time Online?…

Luckily, there is a way for you to build your own website and make sustainable money through affiliate marketing.

However, just don’t expect it to be some teddy bears picnic (as scammers lead you to believe for THEIR own benefits).

In order to truly crush it in the field of affiliate marketing and live life on your own terms without being tied to a “JOB” – WILL require heaps of time and effort.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on CWS or its siblings? Please join the conversation down below…


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