Cash Money Sites Review: [Why You WON’T be Raking it in!]

Howdy, welcome to my honest and unbiased review of Cash Money Sites!

According to the guys behind this ClickBank product, you’re gonna “exploit a $150 Billion marketplace and rack up rapid mass profit”.

But are their claims absolute bullsh*t or will their product really deliver the goods, you ask?

Dig into THIS review for a truthful answer and to also understand how the product actually works…

At a Quick Glance

Cash Money Sites Scam Review
Name: Cash Money Sites (CMS).

Owners: Jason Jordan & Mark Adams (supposedly).


Cost: $47 + hidden Upsells.

My Score: 1/10.



  • Sales video misleads you with money-making hype
  • Owners use stage names
  • Fiverr sellers paid to do fake member testimonials
  • Misleading income proof screenshots
  • Weak product that doesn’t work
  • Help & support seems to be non-existent
  • Comes with multiple upsells


To be brutally honest with you, Cash Money Sites is a total piece of junk that won’t make you a single penny online.

Because not only does the sales pitch throw up red flags in terms of fake owners, testimonials, and income screenshots.

(Not to mention the fact that it pulls the wool over your eyes with the notion of “get-rich-quick”)…

But all you get behind the scenes is some extremely basic website builder with absolutely no training on building a site or even making it profitable as an affiliate marketer.

Furthermore, the product lacks support too.

So you’re basically left to your own devices – meaning you’re screwed from the get-go as a newbie if you invest in this product.

There’s only one winner here, I’m afraid…

YUP, the unethical person (or folks) hiding behind it.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What is Cash Money Sites About, You Ask?

Jason and Mark (the creators) claim that Cash Money Sites is some magical software that’s gonna give you ‘Done-For-You’ websites with pre-written content and traffic included.

You simply part with $47 of your dollars, set up your new site, and sit back while your bank fills up with $1,000s in affiliate commissions on autopilot.

Blah, blah, blah.

Basically, the presale video presentation is full to the brim of empty promises – it’s just the typical pipe dream fluff you hear all the time with these types of products.

Ask yourself this:

If it’s really as easy as it seems to make bank with everything already done for you (and for only 47 bucks), then why isn’t every man and his dog already minted on the internet by now?


Sadly, the real intention of this product is to stuff cash into the creators’ pockets at YOUR expense.

I also noticed that the CMS sales pitch appears to be very similar to the likes of:

This is just a handful of the trashy products I’ve already reviewed that make the same far-fetched money-making promises.

And I’m pretty sure the creators of some of those scams must be the same guys behind CMS too. 

Because the sales pitches all seem very familiar.

But anyway…

Discover more reasons why you should avoid the product in question like the London plague…


Alarm Bell #1: Testimonials Are as Fake as Rubber Sh*t!

Apparently, some members’ are really raking in the megabucks from CMS and try to convince you it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Here’s one of those guys.
Cash Money Sites Member Testimonial From a Bald Guy With Grey Beard
But I’m calling his bluff.

Because he’s actually a paid performer from Fiverr peddling his “natural video spokesperson” services.

Bald Man With Grey Beard Selling Spokesperson Services Through Fiverr



And the same goes for all the other so-called member testimonials, unfortunately.

So here’s the question:

If CMS is the real deal, then why do the creators shamelessly hire Fiverr sellers to record fake-ass scripted videos?

Why don’t you hear from genuine members with ACTUAL proof of the system working like a dream?



Alarm Bell #2: Who The Heck Are Jason and Mark Anyways?

Jason Jordan & Mark Adams are the brains behind CMS, allegedly.

And then even try to convince you that they’re the real creators’ by making a public appearance.
Jason Jordan and Mark Adams Owners of Cash Money Sites
But as the saying goes: “Appearances can be deceiving”.


Because the guys don’t actually provide any social media evidence to support their claims.

Which to me suggests their identities are pen names and their faces are actually stock images.

This is always the case with online tricksters these days.

Because stage acts allow them to scam as many unsuspecting folks as possible without ever being called out and damaging their own reputations on the internet.

Furthermore, I’m willing to bet that Jason and Mark have never made a single cent with their CMS product, since they’re fabricated characters anyway.

Which kind ties in with the next red flag I’m about to discuss…


Alarm Bell #3: Overexaggerated Income Claims

The knuckleheads reckon their so-called product has made them an absolute fortune online already.

And also they display a bunch of screenshots as proof to show that you can follow in their footsteps – easily raking in £1,000s in affiliate commissions.


My advice is to take their claims with a pinch of salt.

Because firstly, income screenshots are easy-peasy to forge in this day and age – especially when scammers have access to Adobe PhotoShop software.

Secondly, building a true money-making website that brings you $1,000s per month in can take you a good couple of years of solid graft.

So anyone who tells you differently is just trying to make a quick buck themselves from YOU.

Trust me, I’ve been around the affiliate marketing block long enough to realise that big results don’t come easily…

Even if you choose to roll with a ‘Done-For-You’ system like 12 Minute Affiliate or My Online Startup

Don’t expect miracles to happen overnight.

Because the internet isn’t some magic cash cow – You have to invest time, effort, and money for success to happen.


How Does Cash Money Sites “Really” Work For $?

Well, it’s certainly no “magical” money-making system, that’s for damn sure.

And unfortunately, the actual product you lay your hands on is nothing to shout home about either.

Because it just doesn’t work. Period.

After you’ve handed over your dollars, all you really receive is access to some ‘iBuddyHost’ drag n’ drop website builder tool, which has very basic features.

And that’s it.

There’s absolutely ZERO training to go with it on how to actually build a website from scratch and make money with it via affiliate marketing.

And to add insult to injury, there’s ZERO pre-written content and also no ways are provided on how to drive traffic.

So all in all, CMS is a pretty useless product that’s a total waste of your hard-earned dollars, to say the least.

And even if you were to build your CMS site, there’s no way of knowing if it’s optimised for SEO or whether it actually belongs to you or not.

But even if it is optimized, Google may punish your site for containing “duplicate content” that other customers also have on their websites.

So don’t expect any search engine rankings and traffic – There’s a lot that goes into creating a successful website from scratch.

So there are definitely some risks tied into the product, which is why I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy…

OK, maybe I would. 😉


Final Thoughts: Is Cash Money Sites a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownAs I say in all my reviews of “pipe dream” products…

If the sales page walks you down the garden path with get-rich-quick nonsense and provides a product that’s unfit for getting the job done – Then it’s a scam.

Pure and simple.

So I hope this answers your question.

Unfortunately, the only people laughing all the way to the bank with CMS are the unethical creators’ and their “affiliates” promoting the crap for an easy buck.

But at least there’s one good thing I can say about CMS…

ClickBank will return your $47 if you ask nicely within a 60-day window.


See The Legit & Proper Way to Earn Online With a Website…

If there’s one thing I like about the CMS sales page, it’s that it speaks the truth about making money from affiliate marketing itself.

Because it’s a legit Biz model that absolutely any newbie can start out with.

But everything else within the sales video is pure rubbish because it tries to deceive you using various unethical practices.

But there is some good news…

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Now, the hard work part is all on you…

But my top recommended program equips you with everything else I’ve just mentioned for success online.

So whatcha waiting for?

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share with CMS? Please feel free to chime into the conversation below…


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