Cash Magnets Review: [A REAL Magnetized Dollar-Maker?]

A warm welcome to my attractive review of Cash Magnets!

Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong are at it again…

They’ve produced ANOTHER product that seems like the best thing since the sandwich.

Except, this one’s all about quick-to-set up ‘set n’ forget’ cash magnets that produce a passive income 24/7… in quick time.

But is this REALLY a magnetized product that’s gonna attract stacks of folding stuff (in terms of affiliate commissions) for you daily?

Or is it more of a “demagnetized” one that won’t pull in a single penny, huh?

Hmm, there’s only one way to find out…

At a Quick Glance

Cash Magnets Review
Name: Cash Magnets (CM).

Owners: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong.


Cost: $12.95 (at the time of writing ) + $100s for upsells, resources & traffic.

My Score: 4/10.


  • Cheap front end cost
  • Training videos
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • The majority of training lacks depth & step-by-step guidance
  • The magnets are NOT quick & easy to set up
  • Extra expenses required for resources & paid traffic
  • Comes with a bunch of upsells


Unfortunately, 13 bucks don’t take you very far with Cash Magnets, in all honesty.

All you’ll receive are lots of generic videos on funnels, blogging, YouTube, reviews, and Adsense.

As for the funnels section, it’s confusing as hell because it’s as if Mace has randomly thrown the training together without a care in the world.

I couldn’t really make much sense of it, unless it’s just me being a dumb ass lol.

Joking aside, to really get any of the magnets (which are far from new and revolutionary, BTW) up and running in 30 minutes, you’ll need heaps of experience.

The same applies when it comes to the Bing PPC ads traffic training video too.

Final Verdict: Legit. But Not Exactly Fit For Newbs.

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What is Cash Magnets All About, You Say?

Well, according to the sales pitch, you’ll easily create your first cash magnet in 20 minutes or less that will generate a passive income 24/7 from free traffic.

And then follows the usual hype of the method being brand new, fast, unseen, and newbie-friendly.

One, that only requires 3 steps:

  1. Set up Your Magnet (10 – 30 minutes)
  2. Add the “Secret Sauce” LOL
  3. Watch Your Magnet “Pull in” Daily Commissions

Apparently, once your magnet’s up and running, you’ll start seeing a continuous drip of affiliate commissions hitting your inbox on a daily basis.

And you can repeat this process as many times as you desire to really ramp up your earnings.

Blah, blah, blah…

So an easy-peasy life-changing product for just 13 bucks? Seriously?!

Unfortunately, there’s more to CM that meets the eye, and it’s always the same case with Mace and Armstrong’s products underneath the surface.

Like, The Secret Weapon, Octane, Goodwill, and Boomerang Buddy, to name a few examples.

They build up your hopes…

Only to soon realise there’s nothing revolutionary about their methods, some are borderline unethical, and others require you to splash out, etc.

So what does CM entail and which category/categories does it fall under, huh?


OK, Enough Waffle – Let’s Pop The Hood of Cash Magnets…

When you step inside CM, the members’ dashboard looks just like THIS.
Cash Magnets Training Dashboard
Where you’ll be greeted by a 3.58-minute video introduction from Mace himself.

He explains that CM is all about starting with one of the five recommended magnets, pairing it up with a traffic source, and BOOM…

You know the rest!

Well, so the guy reckons.

Let’s check out these 5 “magnets” he speaks of…


Funnels (4 Training Sections)

Mace kicks things off with sales funnels – where he offers 4 video tutorials on setting up a funnel for yourself.

#1: Quick Website Set-Up (7.47 Mins)

Here, Mace walks you through the easy and fast process of building a free WordPress website through HostGator.

#2: Funnel Landing Page (6.41 Mins)

You’ll be briefly shown an example of a high-converting funnel magnet you can roll with.

But the problem is that Mace encourages you to use a hyped-up landing page telling newbies the three money-making things they wanna hear.

#3: Instant Profit Connection (6.46 Mins)

Here, you’re quickly shown how to create a sign-up form through Aweber and attach a ‘make money’ product affiliate link.

So when someone subscribes to your email list and also sees the Thank You Page, they’ll be enticed by your affiliate offer.

#4: Passive Income With Emails (16.30 Mins)

Mace briefly talks about the review magnet and applying it to your email series, and also writing your own emails.

I’m sorry, but this “Funnel” magnet is a crock of sh*t!

First of all, not at any point does the guy show you what to do with your WordPress site from video #1.

Secondly, nor are you shown HOW to get your landing page set up or even hook up your Aweber email list.

And thirdly, there’s absolutely ZERO help on setting up an Aweber Autoresponder from the offset.


Reviews (1 Training Section)

#1: Full Review Promo Strategy (22.31 Mins)

Inside this tutorial, you’ll learn about using ClickFunnels or Commission Gorilla for setting up video review pages.

Where Mace also recommends Profit Maximizers to grab 80 of his products as bonuses to offer alongside your affiliate promotions.

Rounded off by the guy generally talking about traffic and other elements (some of which are inside Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook) to enhance your offers.

But again, there’s no actionable step-by-step training for implementing this method.

Hmm, I can feel a trend being set…


Blogging (4 Training Sections)

#1: My Story With Blogging (12.06 Mins)

After being inspired by Matthew Woodward – Mace basically shows you his own blog…

Highlighting the importance of lead-capture and generally discussing monetizing your blog the smart way.

#2: Quick Website Set-Up (7.74 Mins)

This is the same video from the ‘Funnels’ magnet training. So I won’t repeat myself.

Recommended: Forget HostGator… Build a FREE WordPress Blog via SiteRubix Instead!

#3: How to Grow Your Blog (17.34 Mins)

The first thing I like about this video is that Mace explains the importance of having a blog full of “high-quality” content that peeps wanna read.

Pretty much like THIS review. 😉

He then basically walks you through the structure of his own blog and talks about the “bread crumb” method for driving quick website traffic.

#4: Blog Look & Feel (4.40 Mins)

In a nutshell, Mace recommends that you buy a template theme from StudioPress and shows how to upload it in your WordPress dashboard.

While he offers some basic guidance on starting off on the right foot with affiliate marketing through blogging.

There’s A LOT more you need to learn in order to make your blog profitable.

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YouTube & Adsense (9 Sections)

OK, for the last two magnets, I’m just gonna give you quick overviews because I’m sure you’ve read enough by now, right?


  • YouTube Look & Feel (2.40 mins)
  • Keyword Research (8.05 mins)
  • How to Get Views (12.19 mins)
  • Monetizing Your Channel (18.18 mins)


  • Quick Website Set up (again!)
  • Simple Google SEO (5.41 mins)
  • Keyword Research (12.08 mins)
  • Outsource Options (5.40 mins)
  • Easy Monetization (3.24 mins)

And just like the other magnets, Mace provides guidance on the money-making strategies, but hardly any actionable steps, if I’m being honest.

When it comes to the traffic-generation side of things, there’s a 24-minute video from Armstrong – which is taken from another product called ‘Paytrix’.

Where there’s only really a small section of the video that focuses on him showing you how to set up a PPC campaign in Bing.


What’s The Overall Cost of Cash Magnets?

At the time of writing this review, the entry price is just $12.95.

But to implement the methods will require investments for websites, sales funnel/page building software, an autoresponder, domain names, and PPC traffic.

So you’re looking at forking out potentially $100s for the magnets combined.

And YUP, since CM is a WarriorPlus product, there are upsells:

  • ‘Done-For-You Magnets’ = $37
  • ‘High Ticket Magnets’ = $197
  • ‘Advanced Secrets’ = $97
  • ‘Limitless Traffic’ = $197
  • ‘License Rights’ for reselling CM for 100% commissions – hence, why you’ll see a load of “positive” reviews floating around on Google.


Final Conclusion: Is Cash Magnets Worth it?

In my opinion, Cash Magnets is more suitable for an affiliate marketer with experience under his or her belt.

Because Mace just doesn’t dive deep enough into the topics – offering newbies a clear step-by-step path to follow, in my opinion.

For example, take the “funnels” magnet. What the hell is all that about?!

First of all, he shows you how to build a website via HostGator.

But fails to show you what to do with it.

Secondly, he talks about his high-converting and hyped-up landing page in the ‘make money’ niche.

But doesn’t show you how to replicate it, create your own or even hook it up to an autoresponder.

And thirdly, he tells you to use Aweber for building your list.

But doesn’t actually walk you through the process of setting one up.

So this is the level of training to expect from this product.

This means, without REAL guidance and also experience, there’s no way on this earth you’ll create a funnel, blog or YouTube money-maker in under 30 minutes.

Add to that, you need to spend time and/or money mastering free/paid traffic strategies.


Want a Much Better Money-making Solution?

Instead of dabbling in a bunch of money-making methods all at once, the smart way to do affiliate marketing is to learn and crack just ONE strategy at a time.

Otherwise, you’re gonna be over-your-head and not get very far, unfortunately.

So the platform I’m about to recommend doesn’t just equip you with all the tools and resources you’ll need as a “blogger”…

But also provides step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a HUGE community of marketers for turning your blog into a full-time passive income machine.

Sound like your cuppa, young grasshopper?…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on CM? Then drop in on the conversation below…


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