Big Profit System Review: [A Big Fat Scam in Disguise?]

Welcome to my brutally honest review of the Big Profit System!

According to the sales pitch, you’ll get your hands on a complete Done-For-You system.

One, that allows you to rake in $1,000s from high ticket stuff without recruitment and selling.

But will you really rake in the megabucks with this program or is it just a big rip off designed to scam the pants off you?

If you’re after a truthful answer from someone who has no affiliation with the product, then jump into THIS review…

At a Quick Glance

Big Profit System Scam Review

Name: Big Profit System (BPS).

Owner: William Foley.


Cost: $1K – $20K + multiple $280 admin fees + $100s for promo materials. WTF?!

My Score: 0/10.


  • There are none I can think of – tell a lie, it’s a great example of what to avoid online lol


  • Sales page is hyped up
  • An overpriced money-making scheme (with no tangible products)
  • Extra money required for admin fees & promotional materials
  • No refunds provided
  • A strong possibility you’ll lose money instead of actually make it
  • William Foley is behind other shady products


The guy behind the Big Profit System wants you to believe that it’s a legitimate way of making a ton of cash online quickly.

But the truth be told, it’s just another “high-ticket recruitment scheme” in disguise.

Because it contains no real products – the whole thing’s designed to rip off anyone who buys into it.

Unfortunately, it’s so-called money-makers like this that give affiliate marketing a bad reputation.

Sooner or later the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will come for William and his unethical opportunity.

Just you watch…

The only folks who roll with such opportunities are the greedy and naïve, at the end of the day.

Be BETTER than them.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s The Big Profit System About, You Ask?

Apparently, the Big Profit System is a 2-step formula.

One, that will have you making $15K per month in affiliate commissions during your next 3 months – even as a complete newbie.

According to the sales page, some average folks are even making up to $10,000 on a weekly basis as easy as apple pie.

Holy Batman!

And to make that kind of cash, you don’t need to sell or recruit, or even need a telephone and internet connection.

Because the system works around the clock automatically.

Blah, blah, blah…

Surely, you’d need an “Wi-Fi connection” for setting up the online system though, right? LOL.

Joking aside…

But that’s all the sales pitch really states in order to spark your curiosity.

Just so you end up filling in a quick survey and entering your name, email, and phone number (which I strongly advise against).

3 step questionnaire

Well, unless you love being bombarded by sales calls 😛

Anyhoo, once you get past that part, there’s a sales video on how regular folks are making up to $10K per week with the system.

Where, you’ll also see members receiving and opening checks of $500 – $10,000 at home.

All they did was pay a one-off fee and listen to their success coach for the big bucks to come rolling in.

But as amazing as all that sounds…

It’s just your typical hyped up sales page designed to get that excitement and adrenaline flowing.

And that’s to push you into parting with $1,000s for the system and potentially being out-of-pocket from the very start.

How The Big Profit System Works For The Big Bucks (Apparently)…

Well, they say it’s a 2-step formula. But really BPS is a 3-step system.

Scratch that, it actually takes more than 3 simple steps to make real money on the internet.

But any way, BPS works like this (according to the sales pitch):

Step #1: Lead Generation

Basically, you receive a ‘Done-For-You’ affiliate website – where BPS generates the prospects for you with its professional marketing messages.

It’s your job to generate that word called “TRAFFIC” to your website. 

Which, isn’t easy from a newbie perspective using the pre-designed postcards that you can order from BPS.

Step #2: Sales Closed For You

Once your prospects confirm their details through your website, they’re contacted by success coaches (or more like “salespeople”) who close the sales on your behalf.

This pretty much seems like the standard process with high-ticket recruitment-style schemes these days…

I know because I was a member of Empower Network and also Digital Altitude for a short period...

Folks were in these programs for greed reasons rather than learn how to build REAL online businesses using the training products.

I digress.

The reason why the sales are closed for you by BPS success coaches is because folks are reluctant to fork out $1,000s for big ticket items.

Especially, if there’s nobody to guide them by the hand and give them piece of mind.

Which is understandable, right?

Step #3: You Receive Money

When the sales are closed by the success coach team, you simply wait for the commission checks to arrive directly on your home’s doorstep.

And that’s pretty much it…

Raking in the big bucks from BPS sounds ever so simple, doesn’t it?


Unfortunately, there’s a catch. A VERY big one.

YES, you can potentially make money with the system, BUT…

You Must “Spend” Big to Make Big Bucks With Big Profit System!

Without beating about the bush, BPS is simply a “money-making scheme” – regardless of what current members’ say.

High Ticket Five Level Earning Plan

Because all you’re doing is recruiting others into the same system that you’ve bought into…

Just to earn between $500 – $10,000 (50% affiliate commissions) from every level sale.

But get this…

There is no tangible product being sold! *GASP*

Which, presents a real risk.

Because it could land you in hot water with the FTC for participating in an unethical and illegal “scheme”.

Not to mention the fact that you stand to lose a heck of a lot of money if/when the opportunity closes its doors right after you’ve joined.

Speaking of monetary losses/pricing…

How Much Does The Whole System Cost?

In order to qualify for such huge commissions, you must first fork out for the following levels yourself:

  1. $1,000
  2. $3,000
  3. $6,000
  4. $12,000
  5. $20,000
Big Profit System Level 5 Fee

Plus, with each level comes an admin fee of $280!

And on top of that, you have to splash out $100s on any promotional postcards you wish to purchase.

So you’re looking at splashing out almost $1,300 (at the very minimum) for starting out as an affiliate of the system.

But if you struggle to convince a few other folks to part with cash for the system, then the chances of recouping your costs are very slim, unfortunately.

However, the absolute worst thing about these overpriced systems is that if your referrals upgrade to higher levels than you, you’ll lose out on $1,000s in commissions.

So you’re practically pressured into spending $10,000s (along with every other sucker – Sorry, I meant member.)

The whole system’s criminal, if you ask me.

Because nobody in their right mind would risk losing that much cash to a so-called opportunity of this nature.

3 More Reasons Why Big Profit System’s a No-No…

In addition to BPS being a total and utter ripoff, there are other factors you might want to take into consideration before falling into the trap.

#1: Fabricated Member Testimonials

On the BPS sales page itself, a couple of members basically claim the opportunity has changed their lives.

One guy, in particular, says he expects to rake in $15,000 this month.

Here’s “Tommy” with his testimonial.

Testimonial From Grey Haired Man Making Fifteen Thousand Dollars

But if the testimonials are genuine, then how come the member photos are from other areas of the web.

Meet the same guy again – whose face is also on a totally different website.

Grey Haired Man With Beard Smiling in Blue Shirt

So to me, this says actual members’ are unwilling to reveal themselves because they know they’re partaking in a shady opportunity.

#2: BPS is Actually Operating Illegally

There are two main reasons why BPS is an unethical “pyramid scheme/cash gifting scheme”…

Or whatever you want to call it LOL.

First of all, most participants end up losing $1,000s.

Because it’s an unsustainable business model (just like Empower Network), at the end of the day.

There’s only a tiny percentage of members who actually profit…

The ones who have been involved in BPS the longest and/or can afford to market the opportunity.

Secondly, there’s no “tangible products” – which means everyone joins for the sake of filling their pockets with $10,000s.

Why do you think the FTC closed down My Online Business Empire (MOBE for short) and also Digital Altitude?…

They were “high-ticket schemes”.

#3: William “Bill” Foley is a Shady Character

Upon doing my research into BPS, it seems the guy behind it has been involved in plenty of get-rich-quick crap like:

  • Empower Network (now defunct)

And he has used brands like Legacy Marketing Systems Inc. and Ocean Breeze Marketing to market his projects.

Furthermore, when there’s no actual photo of the guy or social media profiles you can follow…

You really have to ask yourself if William Foley is a guy you can trust with so many scammy products under his belt and lack of authority.


Final Conclusion: Is Big Profit System a Scam?…

In my honest opinion, 100% YES, Big Profit System is a total scam to avoid like a plague of locusts.

Put simply, the name of the game is to splash out $10,000s just for the sake of recruiting others who do the same – lining your pockets with an absolute fortune.

Which, makes it a pyramid/cash gifting scheme – whichever way you want to look at it.

Not only are you risking a heck of a lot of money, but BPS may well be put out of business by the FTC someday.

Let’s just hope that day comes soon.

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions, thoughts or bad BPS experiences to share? We’d LOVE to hear from you below…


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