Affiliate Marketing Forums: [12 of THE Best For 2020!]

Whether you’re a newb or pro trying to sniff out the best affiliate marketing forums – then your search is over!

Because I’ve reviewed twelve (YES, 12!) of the super-duper gathering places for affiliate marketers of all levels.
Best Affiliate Marketing Forums Online
So whether you’re on a mindset-changing & goal-setting mission, in need of a helping hand to start & grow a Biz or just wanna mingle and inspire others…

Or in fact, you wanna do all of those things, and then some…

Then this review is for YOU!

But before we dive right into things…


What Are Affiliate Marketing Forums & Why The Hell Should You Participate?

In a nutshell; affiliate marketing forums are fantastic meeting places for affiliates of all levels to mingle and learn from one another.

From a Beginner Standpoint, You Can:

  • Pick expert brains to get all the guidance (+ secret tips) you need
  • Find essential tools & services for starting & growing a Biz from ground zero
  • Build long-lasting relationships with other members/affiliates around the globe
  • Learn about all the junkie products & also how to avoid scams online like the London Plague

As an Established Affiliate, You’ll be Able to:

  • Build & scale your brand by offering newbs invaluable insights
  • Use marketplaces for promoting your products & services
  • Hook up with other experts to create Joint Ventures with

Need I say more, huh?

There are countless benefits (for both sides of the coin) of getting involved in communities.

But just be prepared for A LOT of learning and legwork for these communities to pay off because it’s not gonna be an overnight “thing”.

So which affiliate marketing forum(s) should you join?

The answer lies within this review, so hang tight, buddy!


My Top 12 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Forums to Sink Your Teeth Into…

SPOILER – The top pick forums (in no particular order) are:

  1. AffiliateFix
  2. WickedFire
  3. WarriorForum
  4. Digital Point
  5. DN Forum
  6. SitePoint
  7. StackThatMoney
  8. BlackHatWorld
  9. affLIFT
  10. CPAElites
  11. Affilorama
  12. The top secret one I use! 😉

So without further ado (adieu – or however you pronounce it), let’s find you an awesome forum or two to join…


#1 AffiliateFix

Born: 2014.

Founder: Oliver Kenyon.

Cost: Free.


AffiliateFix claims to be “the most active & friendliest affiliate marketing community online!”

After a closer inspection, I can certainly say it’s a busy-bee forum with a lot of buzz.

This forum has 10,000s of active discussions and 100,000s of messages on a wide range of topics.

Subjects, like getting started in the affiliate arena, general affiliate marketing, traffic strategies, training courses, and success stories, to name a few.

Also, with a marketplace to buy and review products, and also boasting 100,000+ members- it’s worth a shot!


#2: WickedFire

Born: 2006.

Founder: Jon Fisher.

Cost: Free.


WickedFire – with almost 150,000 threads, 2+ million posts, and 200,000+ members:

Is an affiliate and internet marketing (SEO) forum.

Where you’ll discover all sorts of topics like “shooting the shit” (LOL), online startups, traffic & content, and hosting & domains.

It also comes with a sell, buy & trade marketplace – so expect a lot of SHOUTING and getting hot under the collar with this forum.

A perfect place to learn and also blow off some steam, in my opinion.

However, just watch your step as a novice because this affiliate marketing forum may get a little fiery.


#3: WarriorForum

Born: 1997.

Founder: Clifton Allen

Cost: Free or $97/Year.


The WarriorForum refers to itself as “the world’s #1 internet marketing community and marketplace”.

Which is probably true because how many times do you hear “WarriorForum” roll off the tips of marketers tongues when you inquire about the top forum?

WF has been knocking around since the stone ages of online marketing and has a STAGGERING 1+ million members!

So it’s easy to see why it’s the Big Daddio.

From a community standpoint:

There are plenty of discussions on social media, ad networks, email marketing, SEO, PPC, and growth hacking, to name a handful.

And from a marketplace angle, there are special offers, an affiliate marketing database, and warriors for hire, etc.

However, just be cautious of some marketers trying to sell you crap.


#4: Digital Point

Digital Point
Born: 2007.

Founder: Shawn Hogan.

Cost: Free.


Digital Point is a great platform for talking shop with folks from around the globe.

Boasting over 800,000 members, 2-million discussions, and 16-million messages, this is certainly one forum you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

Not only do folks discuss stuff on search engine marketing, general online marketing, and affiliate programs, etc.

But comes with some cool free tools, a marketplace to buy and sell, and also some advertising options for your affiliate campaigns.

There are heaps of goodness inside this forum, if I’m being honest.


#5: DNForum

Born: 2001.

Founder: Dan Gessler.

Cost: Free.


DNForum revolves around the topic of domain names. Hence, the name. 😛

OK, it may not be an affiliate marketing forum.

But with that said, if you plan on building a WordPress website or any other site for your niche…

Then inside this forum, you’ll get clued-up on the domain industry from a newbie standpoint and learn everything there is to know from experts.

Furthermore, it’s a great place to buy and sell domain names.


#6: SitePoint

Born: 1999.

Founders: Mark Harbottle & Matt Mickiewicz.

Cost: Free.


Saying that SitePoint is a forum that’s specifically for “web developers” to discuss PHP, JavaScript, and generally geek-talk…

It’s actually a diverse meeting place where folks talk about other stuff like WordPress, content, domains, SEO and social media.

Basically, all the good internet marketing stuff you need to learn about for building a successful Biz.

And the forum’s fairly active too, which is a bonus.


#7: StackThatMoney (aka STM Forum)

STM Forum
Born: 2010.

Founders: Lorenzo Green (aka Mr. Green), StackMan (Jordan) & Besmir.

Cost: $99/month.


I’m not gonna lie, the STM Forum seems a little pricey.

But it’s not your typical run-of-the-mill affiliate marketing forum because for starters, it’s where all the “Super Affiliates” hang out to rub shoulders with.

And secondly, it’s place where you’ll find tools, landing pages, video training & tips, services, and global meet ups.

Basically, it’s an “all-in-one” platform that can help you to become a super affiliate in any niche.

If you’ve got the cash to splash, this hub is definitely worth a shot, in my book.


#8: BlackHatWorld

Born: 2011.

Founder: Diamond Dave

Cost: Free.


Personally, I’m not a fan of the name “BlackHatWorld” because it obviously represents the dark and shadowy side of SEO – where the Decepticons congregate.

But on the inside of the forum, there are actually some good topics being discussed by peeps.

Like the concept of making money, affiliate programs, PPC, social media, blogging, web-hosting, and White Hat SEO.

There’s also a huge marketplace of offers spanning across many areas of internet marketing.


#9: affLIFT

affLIFT Affiliate Marketing Forum
Born: 2018.

Founder: Luke Kling.

Cost: Free, $20/month, $100/6 months or $350 for life.


affLIFT (a new-comer comprising 1,000s of members) basically covers every nook and cranny of the affiliate marketing arena.

Not only will you get tons of help inside this affiliate marketing forum…

But it also has a beginners course, traffic source guides and campaign case studies covering various angles of effectively promoting products.

However, you’ll still need to splash out on the tools of the trade to put the methods into practice and have lift off.

But overall, it’s a great starting point for newbs, in my book.


#10: CPAElites

Born: 2013.

Founder: HawkEye (not to be confused with an Avenger).

Cost: Free.


CPAElites is quite a close-knit and warm-welcoming affiliate marketing forum.

One, that revolves around CPA marketing – if you hadn’t had already guessed.

Here, you’ll get all the newbie guidance you need, help with untapped niches, tutorials, and even some tools thrown in.

You’ll find all sorts of topics on affiliate networks, CPA (Cost Per Action/Acquisition), White & Black Hat SEO, social media, and web-hosting, etc.

Put simply, all the knowledge you need for hitting the ground running with affiliate marketing.


#11: Affilorama

Affilorama Affiliate Marketing Forum
Born: 2006.

Founder: Mark Ling.

Cost: Free.


While I’m not a huge fan of Affilorama itself – due to being one of the most overwhelming affiliate training platforms on the planet…

I must admit, it’s got a great active affiliate marketing forum comprising 10,000s of members.

Where you’ll find an affiliate hangout and topics on market research & marketing ideas, SEO, PPC, content creation, website building, and affiliate programs.

OK, it doesn’t cover as many topics as most of the other top-dog forums – BUT there’s plenty of value to take way from Ling’s community.

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

The jewel in the affiliate marketing crown…


#12: Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Forum
Born: 2005.

Founders: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim.

Cost: Free starter account. Then $49/month, $234/6 months or $359/year for Premium membership.


No word of a lie, Wealthy Affiliate is the absolute best + most cost-effective community you can join – ESPECIALLY if you’re a beginner.

Because it’s an “all-in-one” solution that provides you with WordPress websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from 2-million members…

Basically, the whole shebang for building a highly successful affiliate marketing Biz from scratch around any hobby or passion you have.

To learn more, read my FULL comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate.


My Final Conclusion on Affiliate Marketing Forums…

At the end of the day, support is a vital component of affiliate marketing success. Fact.

Because without the right mentor(s), not only will you struggle to get your foot in the door of the arena…

But you’ll also be spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast – even if you do have the right tools and resources at your disposal.

So you need someone (or a group of people) to help you effectively get up and running and build a sustainable business in the long term.

This is where affiliate marketing forums come into the picture – so I suggest that you pick one or two forums in this review to join.

Just don’t get too greedy now because “info-overload” is bad for business… and health, in my opinion.

But if you want HUGE success online (whether you’re a newb or pro), then see the #1 affiliate marketing community that gets my vote!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on the communities above? Please join the conversation below…


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