Become a Super Affiliate in 6 Steps [It Starts With Mindset]

If you wanna become a Super Affiliate and roll with the big guns in your arena, then it all boils down to mindset and really upping your game.

Unfortunately, you won’t go from zero to affiliate marketing rock star hero overnight because it’s a long-winded process.

But if you adopt the habits, rituals and strategies that I’m about to unveil (and really work on yourself and online Biz)…

You’ll join the ranks of the elite at some point.

And before you ask me about a specific time-frame…

NO, I haven’t been to the future in a time-travelling Delorean 😛 …

I might lay out the path for you, but the answer is 100% dependent on YOU, at the end of the day.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to become a super success at this “affiliate marketing” thing…


What The Heck is a Super Affiliate Anways?

How to Become a Super Affiliate in 6 StepsPut simply, a super affiliate is someone who takes things to a whole nother level when it comes to promoting affiliate offers and making commissions.

He or she is like a desert drag racer – they’re so far ahead of the Mario Kart race, that their competitors’ see and eat dust.

It’s unreal, I tell ya!

That’s because the super affiliate is hungry like the wolf for success…

They’re willing to go above and beyond to rake in $100s, if not $1,000s on a daily basis.

Whereas the average Joe type of affiliate is just looking for a side-income to top up the salary paid from their “JOB”.

But don’t be intimidated by the term “Super Affiliate” if you’re an absolute newbie.

Because anyone (and I mean ANYONE) has the potential to earn that title on the internet…

Just as long as you build a concrete foundation from the get-go, apply yourself consistently, and refuse to fall for the “get-rich-fast-push-button” baloney.

Great, now let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of rocking the affiliate marketing world…


What Does it Take to Become a Super Affiliate & Kick Butt Online?

If you really wanna become one of the top dogs in the affiliate marketing space, then here are the 6 things that you must do:


#1: Establish The Mindset of an Entrepreneurial Warrior

The Super Affiliate MindsetStarting off with the right mindset is absolutely key to crushing it online.

Because you can’t create a 6 – 7 figure empire with an “employee” mindset.

So you need to think of and treat your business as a business, and not just some part-time hobby online.

You must be determined to work your socks off day-in-day-out, be focused and disciplined, have faith and self-belief, and practice the art of patience.

Because success certainly is no overnight event, nor is it as easy as pie – as some product publishers and marketers lead you to believe.

Add to that, it’s important to condition the mind in terms of reading personal development books, listening to audio, and watching YouTube videos.

Because I assure you, there will be down days and also times that you’ll hit roadblocks and feel like chucking the towel in.

BTW, this free training course has a cool section on ‘Success Mindset’, and the Overnight Millionaire comprises some great ‘Mind Hacks’ too.


#2: Set Goals (What’s Your “WHY”?) & Design a Workplan

Goal setting is another crucial component part of the puzzle.

Because you must establish a strong WHY and create a solid plan of action.

But don’t just start an affiliate marketing business for the sake of “making money” because it’s a pretty lame WHY, to be honest.

Instead, focus on and list purposeful goals that revolve around:

  • YOUR personal selfish WHY – What are the things that YOU want out of life?
  • Things that actually hurt YOU – How would YOU feel being unable to help family/friends in difficult times?
  • Passionate things that drive YOU – They could be giving back to family, friends & charities, or world-travel, etc.

When your goals are recorded, you should work out the overall cost in terms of monetary value.

And then break that figure down into monthly, weekly, and even daily figures.

Because it gives you a daily income target to aim for, which will ultimately lead you to attain your goals.

But be realistic about your goals by spreading them across 12, 24 or 36 months, for example.

Because you must factor in your Biz-building method(s), since they’re not all born equally.

Which can take you months to create big momentum.

Once you’re certain about your target, the next step is to create a work plan calendar to set aside days and times to work on your Biz.

But ensure your plan is based on taking MASSIVE action and making sacrifices like Netflix for it to work.


#3: Choose Your Niche & Internet Marketing Vehicle

Arrow Signs in The DesertRather than dabbling in a bunch of industries, find that ONE niche that you’re knowledgeable on and passionate for.

Because first of all, when you build an online Biz around something you love in life, you’ll keep plugging away.

Plus, it won’t actually feel like work, which is another bonus.

And secondly, “niching down” can drastically increase your chances of success because there’s less competition.

For example; ‘men’s weight loss shakes’ would be the smart choice…

As opposed to rolling with ‘weight loss’, which is too broad and competitive.

However, just don’t go too narrow with your niche selection.

Because not all niches are born equal – some may yield little to no income results.

Once you’ve nailed your niche, you must then choose your ONE strategy.

Do you wanna:

  • Start a WordPress blog?
  • Start a YouTube channel?
  • Build a sales funnel & do email marketing?
  • Leverage a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter?
  • Do paid traffic advertising like solo, Facebook or Pay Per Click ads, etc?

Trust me, there are many directions for building out your new affiliate marketing Biz.

So choose your weapon of choice.


#4: Locate The Resources & Rub Shoulders With The Successful

You’ve probably heard it like a gazillion times (especially on Facebook): “You must find a mentor”, right?

Which is right because to become a super affiliate…

You must learn from the elite who will teach you the ropes of implementing your chosen strategy.

However, that’s only a third of the battle.

Because you still need the essential tools of the trade and also extra support from a huge community.

A community, not only comprising noobs in the same boat as you, but also super affiliates who are happy to share golden nuggets.

However, it’s vital that you learn to steer clear of affiliate marketing scams and also all the high ticket affiliate fluff on the web too.

Because there are many money-sucking pitfalls and illegal schemes floating around, believe you me.

Of course, you’re free to try to become successful on your lonesome – figuring out what resources you need and how to use them…

But in my experience, success will take you much longer without the help of seasoned marketers guiding you by the hand.

This is why you might wanna see this “all in one” affiliate training platform I use for creating a successful online Biz.


#5: Test, Track & Scale Your Efforts

Bar ChartThe thing I’ve come to realise about affiliate marketing is that it’s all trial and error.

Because you won’t always hit the bullseye.

Yeah, you might have everything nailed in terms of goals, niche, strategy, training, tools, and support, etc…

But it doesn’t necessarily mean your success is set in stone…

Things can and do head South as well as North in affiliate marketing land.

Which is why you must consistently test and track everything using tools like ClickMagick to know your numbers.

These tools enable you to monitor metrics like click through rates, email opt-in rates, sales conversions, so-and-so forth.

So when you have a campaign that’s converting poorly, it’s actually an opportunity to do some tweaking and boost the numbers.

Once you have a campaign that’s producing great monetary results, that’s the time you can start to scale things…

For example, you can reinvest your profits in driving more traffic, branch out into promoting other offers, more niches, and strategies.


#6: Be Smart About What You Promote (Spoiler: It’s Not High-Ticket!)

When it comes to the last item on my “how to become a super affiliate” checklist…

It’s important that you promote the right affiliate offers.

Both in terms of what’s best for your audience and the economical side of affiliate marketing.

First of all, the difference between being a sh*tty marketer and an awesome one is the type of offer you promote to your audience.

Because if you peddle any old product for the “cool factor” on the surface, but seriously falls short behind the scenes…

Then eventually, you’ll lose the trust and respect of your audience.

So choose an amazing product, use it yourself, and be confident in the fact that it actually helps to provide solutions to problems.

And secondly, while I have no problem with one-time and also high-ticket commission offers, you must continually generate sales

The solution?…

YUP, promote good old subscription-based products that pay you “monthly recurring” commissions, baby!

Even if you earn $3.50, $23.50, and $38.80 per customer, per month (like I do with Partner With Anthony, Wealthy Affiliate, and the ClickFunnels affiliate programs)…

The commissions can quite easily build up to a sustainable income that grows exponentially.


Final Conclusion: You Have What it Takes to Become a Super Affiliate

YES, you read that correctly… YOU have the power to become a super affiliate, young grasshopper!

I know, as scary as it sounds…

But you don’t need to be some caped-crusader like Superman or Supergirl to hit the jackpot with affiliate marketing.

Because as long as you’re willing to change your mindset, set your goals/plan, work your socks off, make sacrifices, take failures on the chin, and be a decent human being…

Then massive success awaits for you around the corner.

You just need to give yourself and your online Biz adequate time to grow into the full-sized Groot.

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on transforming into a super affiliate? Hop on the conversation below…


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