Auto Income Sites Review: [$500/Day For “FREE”?…]

Inside this honest review, I’ll be discussing Auto Income Sites – A new online money-making product to hit the virtual shelves.

The guy behind it claims you’ll get $500-per-day automated websites to copy for free.

YUP, not costing you a single buck!

But do you REALLY receive what’s promised to you on the surface?

Or is this just another dubious scam that comes from the land of make-believe?

Well, you’ve certainly landed in the right place for the answer you’re looking for.

So without beating about the bush, let’s find out the truth…

At a Quick Glance

Auto Income Sites Review

Name: Auto Income Sites (AIS).

Owner: William Dale (just a stage act, since there’s no actual proof).


Cost: Free, apparently (SPOILER: Real price is $47 + Upsells).

My Score: 1/10.


  • A great example of the products you should avoid at all costs
  • 60-day refund via Digistore24


  • A hypey sales page making misleading income claims
  • The owner uses an alias
  • Fake testimonials, income snapshots & scarcity
  • It comes with upsells
  • It’s gone from being sold on ClickBetter to ClickBank to Digistore24 (A clear-cut sign the product gets banned due to guideline-breaking &/or too many customer complaints)


Auto Income Sites is a hands-free system that easily banks you upwards of $500 in commissions on a daily basis, allegedly.

Yeah, pigs might fly!

It’s just a lame sales pitch filled with hogwash, at the end of the day.

Because making the sort of money online that dreams are made of is no teddy bear’s picnic…

It requires time and effort (and LOTS of it) to earn a passive income as an affiliate marketer…

Not to mention the right training, tools, and support along the way to online success.

I think you’ll find the only person making stacks of cash from AIS is the creator who deceives newbies like YOU.

Because there is no “happily ever after” with it – You’ll just end up wasting your hard-earned dollars on a product that doesn’t deliver the goods.

So count me out – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

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What’s Auto Income Sites All About, You Say?

According to the sales page, you can copy the creator’s free $500 a day Auto Income Sites.

Which, to me, seems like a pretty bold and outlandish claim.

Followed by a sales video that starts with an abc news report on the whole “work from home” craze that’s sweeping the planet.

And of course, what hypey video would be complete without the usual claims of members being over the moon with the “push-button system”…

It being a “one-of-a-kind opportunity” for a select few peeps looking to quickly rake in $500 – $3,000 daily…

All you need to do is “follow 3 simple steps” for the megabucks to roll in…

It being that “mouse-button-click easy”, even your 78 year old grandma can do it in her sleep?…


I’m sorry, but if you’re willing to buy into that drivel, then you might as well believe in a flying luckdragon.

But SHH, don’t tell Falkor I said that. 😉

Joking aside, making a sh*t ton of money online really isn’t as simple, fast or easy as the AIS video presenter leads you to believe.

Because if was, then why isn’t everyone and their uncle Buck already living a lifestyle of their wildest dreams?

Trust me, I’m an affiliate marketer myself (if you hadn’t had guessed), and there’s no such thing as a get-rich-fast system.

Another warning that stood out like a sore thumb is the fact that I noticed the AIS sales pitch seems to be a reflection of:

My Commission Bootcamp, Commission Code, Pay It Forward System, and Auto Millionaire Site, to name some recently-reviewed duds.

Which leads me to suspect that “William” (the AIS creator) has a string of rehashed pipe dreams on the go. Ugh.

Whilst on the subject of red flags, here are some good reasons why you should keep AIS out of reach…

Red Flag #1: As Seen on abc, Fox News & CNBC (LOL)

In addition to the “As Seen On” top American news channel logos (which is a LIE) displayed on the AIS website…

The sales video begins with an abc TV news clip of a couple of reporters discussing the ‘work from home’ trend – shown at the top of this review.

The clip itself is genuine, don’t get me wrong. Because this home working stuff’s always on the news, right?

But the creator basically piggybacks off and exploits the news stories in order to give AIS some level of credibility.

Red Flag #2: Faker-Than-AstroTurf Member Testimonies

Also at the beginning of the sales pitch, AIS members can’t thank William enough for his magic life transformational system.

First up, a lady named Vanessa Robinson claims the system took just 30 minutes to set up and she’s already banked $1,300 in 3 days.

Followed by other members who say they’ve made $100s – $1,000s within their first 7 days.

Auto Income Sites Fake Female Member Testimonial

But there was a testimonial that caught my attention from this member below:

Because not only has she recorded short testimonies for duds like The AZ Code and 7 Minutes Daily Profits in the past…

But it turns out that anyone and their grandma can hire her on for her ‘spokesperson’ services.

Woman on Fiverr Selling Video Spokesperson Gigs


So I think it’s fair to say that the so-called AIS members are just a bunch of LIARS reading from a script, right?

After all, how can they possibly rake in a ton of fast cash from a system that’s a total myth, huh?

Red Flag #3: Fake Scarcity (No Surprise There, I Guess)

William tries to convince you that AIS is only available to the next 100 people and will be taken down in 24 hours…

Blah, blah, blah.

Countdown Timer

Heck, there’s even a countdown clock underneath the sales video itself.

Except, it’s complete and utter bullsh*t, in all honesty.

Because you can bet a dollar to a donut that if you load up the website in the next 24 hours or even in a month’s time, you can still get AIS.

That’s because it isn’t going anywhere – it’s just sales psychology designed to scare you into taking action quickly.

Nobody wants to miss “the golden opportunity of a lifetime” boat, right?

Scarcity is a highly effective pressure selling tactic, which is why scammers’ have also jumped on the bandwagon.

But in my opinion, it should only be deployed in an ethical sense, like with Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday special offer, for example. 😉

Red Flag #4: Who in God’s Name is “William Dale”?

According to the video presenter (who I’m willing to bet was hired from Fiverr), his name’s William Dale – the creator.

My Name is William Dale

But if that’s true, then why doesn’t he show his face on camera?

Furthermore, why can’t he be located from a quick Google search or even be found on social media to support his identity?


That’s because the guy’s a stage act to disguise the true scammer’s identity, so he can play you for a fool without being called out.

Red Flag #5: Fake-Ass Income Screenshots

William (who says you can call him “Will”) reckons that he’s already made $1,000,000s with his AIS system.

Here’s one of his life-changing income examples, apparently:

Three Hundred Thousand Dollars in Bank Account

But take the guy’s claims and income screenshots with a grain of salt because he’s full of crap.

First of all, anyone can learn to use PhotoShop software to manipulate images these days, can they not?

And secondly, he fails to present ironclad proof of HOW AIS has raked him in a fortune – making his system questionable.

Red Flag #6: It’s Far From Being “FREE” (It’s a FAT Lie!)…

William reckons that his system is entirely free…

It won’t cost you a single cent to start making bank with his system.

But don’t fall that lie.

Because as soon as you enter your credentials (name and email) to get your hands on the system, the cost is actually $47, along with some upsells.

And then it will cost you extra for tools and services to get going with the product.

In my opinion, the only reason why you’re told it costs nothing is to get you to watch the tacky sales pitch and then enter your info…

So even if you refuse to make a purchase, the scammer will just bombard your email inbox with more junk…

Making money from you in the future.

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Who Is Auto Income Sites For Exactly?

Simply put, AIS benefits ONLY the individual who put together the sleazy sales page.

He or she tricks unsuspecting newbies into believing that little to no work will lead them them down the yellow brick road to an extraordinary lifestyle…

Only for them to hit a brick wall after forking out a chunk of money on some crappy system that fails to deliver the goods as promised.

And then BOOM…

The narcissistic creator pockets a fortune from 100s, if not 1,000s of victims who fall prey to his or her blatant lies.

So nothing good comes out of AIS for any customer, I’m afraid.

How Does Auto Income Sites Work Under The Hood?

By the sounds of the name, you’ll get some sort of money-making squeeze page templates behind the scenes.

Admittedly, I refused to buy this product.

Because I already bought it under various names and lost cash in the past.

So what will happen is that there’s either some sort of basic website building software or ‘Done-For-You’ squeeze pages.

However, you may have to fork out for ClickFunnels in order to actually use the templates for your website.

But that’s only part of the battle, I’m afraid.

Because to potentially make money with the pages, you’ll need some solid training on generating traffic.

Which, unfortunately, you won’t get from the creator because it will just be shallow and/or outdated stuff.

But if you choose the solo ad route, then you’ll easily burn through cash on paid traffic with no guaranteed results.

The other problem is that you’ll need an autoresponder like GetResponse to actually build an email list…

But again, there will be no training on using an autoresponder or how to craft email follow-ups that convert subscribers into sales.

How Much Does AIS REALLY Cost?

You’re led to believe that it’s free, but the actual cost is $47, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Because next up, you’ll be persuaded to purchase crap quality upsells that can easily cost in the region of $100+.

And then you’ll need to buy ClickFunnels which comes with a $97 monthly subscription to install the AIS website templates.

I’m willing to bet that you’ll get the ClickFunnels software via the scammer’s affiliate link – putting even MORE moolah in their pockets.

And as for an email list builder/autoresponder service, GetResponse starts at $15/month.

But if you’re clueless when it comes to driving organic traffic to your website, then be prepared to invest $100s – $1,000s into paid traffic methods.

Which, unfortunately, can also burn holes in your pockets without the correct training.

So overall, you’ll potentially be spending an absolute fortune on some “pipe dream” that won’t bring you home the bacon.

Final Conclusion: Is Auto Income Sites a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs Down

My answer to that question is: YES, absolutely.

Because not only is the sales pitch riddled with blatant LIES…

But the actual product you gain access to is no “magical system”.

It’s nothing but a fairy tale myth, I’m telling ya.

By all means, feel free to chuck a bunch of money into Auto Income Sites.

Just don’t come crying to me after it’s left a bitter taste in your mouth.

Joking apart, nothing good ever comes from these mythical products.

The only one living the life of Riley, at the end of the day, is the shady guy (or gal) hiding behind it.

But with that said, there is light at the end of the tunnel if you’re looking to make sustainable money via affiliate marketing…

Because there are legitimate programs like my #1 free pick (Commission Academy) that truly kicks ass…

Where the platform gives you WordPress websites, tools, step-by-step training, and 24/7 community support recommendations…

The full monty for building a successful Biz as a blogger around your hobby or passion.

Your buddy, Neil.

Got any questions or thoughts to share on AIS? Hop on the conversation below…


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