André Chaperon & Shawn Twing (Affiliate Marketing Legends?)

Glad you made it! Now, if you’re here in search of joining André Chaperon and Shawn Twing’s affiliate program…

Then bad news I’m afraid – they’re NOT accepting new affiliates (at the time of writing).

Boo Hoo.

But if you’re wondering if André and Shawn really are affiliate marketing gods, what courses they offer, and if their teachings can allow you to create a six-figure affiliate Biz in the long-term…

Then you’re in the right place.

So come, let’s take a walk together, young Padawan…

Who Are André Chaperon and Shawn Twing, You Ask?

Let’s start with a little about André Chaperon when he’s at home.

Chaperon said “BYEEE” to his boss in 2003 and embarked on a new journey in the affiliate marketing world.

He worked his ass off for 3 years, which led him to hopping on a plane from London to Las Vegas in 2006.

Where he promoted a $1,000 product to his tiny (<1,000 subscriber) email list from a Wynn hotel room.

To his amazement, he racked up a WHOPPING $70,000 in high-ticket commissions and earned the #1 affiliate spot for that specific offer.

In 2009, he transformed his entire email marketing system into a course called ‘AutoResponder Madness’ (ARM).

Today, Chaperon is still a badass copywriting and email marketing sensei.

He’s also the co-founder of Tiny Little Businesses (TLB) with a guy named Shawn Twing.

tiny little businesses

As for Shawn, between 1998 and 2021 – he operated a highly successful digital marketing agency.

He’s spent more than two decades developing, executing, optimizing, and scaling online marketing strategies for both small and big clients.

Today, he’s joined forces with André, where the duo writes 200,000+ words a year, crafting emails, content, and trainings.

So, these guys really are the Batman and Robin of the copywriting and marketing world in general.

André Chaperon & Shawn Twing’s Training Courses

On the TLB products page, you’ll discover a fab bunch of André and Shawn’s courses and workshops to meet your business needs.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or involved in building any sort of online Biz – you can leverage the strategies for big growth.

The courses available to buy are as follows:

Art of Email (AOE) – Formerly AutoResponder Madness (ARM)

The Art of Email (an email marketing manifesto) is basically an updated version of AutoResponder Madness.

Inside AoE, there are 11 modules that cover the following topics:

  1. (Foreword, Introduction, Strategic Upstream Decisions, Strategy + 10,000′ View, How to Think About Writing, & the Nine Dot Puzzle)
  2. Principles of Serialized Narratives
  3. Soap Opera Series
  4. Relationship Building Series
  5. Value Newsletter
  6. Bridge Emails
  7. Story-Powered Promotions
  8. Product Launch Series
  9. Customer Onboarding Series
  10. Putting It All Together
  11. Advanced Ideas

The aim of AoE is to teach students to challenge “the conventional way” of doing email marketing.

By redefining it – focusing more on relationship building and less on engineered sales – creating a more powerful and easier path to conversions.

The Durable Business (TDB)

When it comes to The Durable Business course, you’ll learn all about timeless principles to grow a business from $0 – $100,000 in revenue.

Simply, by identifying the underlying framework for building a sustainable asset in the digital sphere.

What’s so great about this course is that Chaperon and Shawn will be doing their own case study.

So, you’ll see them practice what they preach – building out a new online side-hustle from $0 to $100K…

Totally from scratch, in a market that’s alien to them, and with ZERO list, reputation, and advantage over their students.

Hard work but sounds like super-duper FUN!

The Traffic Engine (TTE)

Every successful webpreneur knows that any business is doomed from the get-go without high-quality traffic generation strategies applied.

But with The Traffic Engine course, it’s not your typical “Average Joe” training you’ll find on YouTube or inside cheap-ass products.

It’s more of a manifesto (21 years in the making!) that focuses on the new strategic paid traffic generation model of today.

At the end of the day, it’s all about building (what Shawn calls) “A Happy Customer Creating Engine”.

Which will generate you conversions and profits without spending a fortune on yesterday’s traffic methods.

Sphere of Influence (SOI)

The Sphere of Influence revolves around the “engagement” side of things – it’s a strategic approach to making better prospects.

More specifically, the course helps you create an effective, customer-centric, value-driven business in the 21st century (Shawn’s words).

It’s one of André’s masterpieces that allows his students to see the world that’ll forever change how they do business.

Which in turn, will allow anyone to become a much better online marketer moving forward.

Modern Marketing System (MMS – aka “The System”)

On the 3rd of January 2022 – André and Shawn sunsetted all said products listed above.

“They did what?!?”

But worry not because they’ve launched the Modern Marketing System (a whole “ecosystem”) instead…

That’s basically a mothership product comprising all 4 courses, so that students can get the whole picture of success painted:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Conversion

Which is WAAAY more beneficial than one stand-alone product teaching a small piece of the puzzle, right?

To enrol in the Modern Marketing System is a one-time $1,495 investment or 3 payments of $545.

Naturally, this is the part where I’d put a link to buy MMS, but since they’re not taking new affiliates on board…

Oh well (not that I’m bitter about missing out on a high-ticket commission or anything LOL).

All jokes aside, I just wanted to inform you of a new(ish) training product to get your hands on in 2022 and beyond.

Conclusion on Affiliate Marketing With André Chaperon & Shawn Twing

I think given the fact the duo has had big success in the digital arena for decades, speaks volumes about their reputation and credibility.

After researching these guys and their courses, I think they definitely have much knowledge and wisdom to offer new – experienced affiliates…

Specifically, affiliate marketers looking to learn modern-day email marketing skillsets to really level UP their businesses.

In fact, André and Shawn’s training will benefit any web-based Biz owner who is prepared to roll up their sleeves and get dirty in the trenches.

So, on that note, I’m leaving the ball in your court.

Your buddy, Neil 🙂

Any questions or thoughts on today’s topic? Please drop your comments below…

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