7 Minutes Daily Profits Review: [I Wouldn’t Bank on it!]

Cheers for landing on my unbiased review of 7 Minutes Daily Profits!

According to the dude behind this money-making product, you only need to spend seven minutes of your time on the web each day to rake in $100s daily.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard this type of hype before with 22 Minutes To Profits and 12 Minute Affiliate, to name a couple of similar-sounding products.

But as for being told you’ll make money in just 420 seconds, now that’s really taking the p*ss, in my book.

To find out why and also to get the lowdown of 7MDP, dig into this review…

At a Quick Glance

7 Minutes Daily Profits Scam ReviewName: 7 Minutes Daily Profits (7MDP).

Owner: Vince Howard (just an alias).

Website: 7minsdailyprofits.online.

Cost: $97 + Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.


  • Good resources are provided
  • Email support is available
  • ClickBank offers a refund


  • Sales page follows a ‘get-rich-quick’ theme
  • Owner hides behind a pen name
  • Fake member testimonials
  • Comes with upsells
  • Focuses on solo ads – They don’t convert that well, which makes them a risky investment


Unfortunately, 7 Minutes Daily Profits is advertised as a far-fetched money-maker on the surface to fool you into parting with cash.

It simply does not deliver $500 paydays as easy as pie, otherwise, everybody would already own the product, bringing the economy to a standstill lol.


But on a more positive note, there are some resources on the inside that cover sales funnels, email marketing, and solo ads.


The PDF and video training are generic and outdated – it’s just PLR type of stuff that underdelivers.

Furthermore, solo ads aren’t the best approach for newbs because they can easily eat away at your funds – especially when results aren’t guaranteed.

Trust me, I chucked $100s into solo ads to promote a legit program called My Online Startup

I made no front-end sales and ended up with an email list full of “tyre kickers”. UGH.

Needless to say, I quit paying for the damn ads.

Final Verdict: Borderline Scam, so tread cautiously.

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What is 7 Minutes Daily Profits About, You Ask?

Apparently, 7 Minutes Daily Profits is some “secret software” that enables you to generate $500 daily, the fast and easy way.

The method is so simple, that even your great-grandma can use it with her eyes closed and both hands tied behind her back.

Blahdy blah.

But the video spokesperson gives you no info on how his software works for the big bucks, which raises a red flag in my eyes.

If 7MDP really delivers what’s promised on the tin, then why is the creator reluctant to share the ins and outs of it, huh?

Answer: It’s because cyberspace is no magical kingdom for bringing money-making dreams to fruition as easy as pie.

You can ask any “hard-working” internet and affiliate marketer, and they’ll say the same thing.

Basically, the 7MDP presentation is bait for hooking and sparking the curiosity of the vulnerable who are easily misled by the notion of ‘get-rich-quick’.

But before I explain how the product actually works, check out a couple more big red flags raised by the sales page…


“Vince Howard”, Is He Even Real?

The spokesman in the video reckons he’s Vince Howard, a former truck driver who stumbled upon a million dollar secret.

And then packaged it up as the 7MDP product.

But if the guy’s genuine, then how come there’s no evidence of his identity, other than a voice (which is more than likely a hired “voiceover”)?

Fraudsters tend to roll with pen names so you can’t call them out online – harming their reputations.

It basically enables them to freely fill their pockets from taking the vulnerable for fools.


Fake-Ass Member Endorsements

According to one happy as Larry 7MDP member, she raked in an astonishing $85,000 last month!
Female Member Who Made Eighty Five Thousand Dollars Last Month
Holy Batman!

But after doing some research on Fiverr.com, you can hire the lady for pennies on the dollar to be “your video spokesperson”.

Woman on Fiverr Selling Video Spokesperson Gigs

Source: Fiverr.com.

So it’s as clear as day that the person behind 7MDP has paid the seller to read from his or her script to make the product seem genuine.

Furthermore, she shows you ZERO proof of her $85K earnings being genuine.

So seriously take her testimonial with a grain of salt, along with others you come across on the sales page.

These red flags are great examples of what to be cautious of before parting with your cash, and that applies to any far-fetched opportunity.


How Does 7 Minutes Daily Profits “Really” Work?

Believe it or not, you do actually get SOME level of value for your $97.

Once you go behind the scenes of 7MDP, you’ll discover a bunch of resources for making money through a concept aclled affiliate marketing.
7 Minutes Daily Profits Training Dashboard


Here’s What You Get Access to in More Detail

First up, there’s the ‘Welcome’ page, where you’ll find a 90-minute Masterclass from Chris Luck.

But then you’ll need to fork out $1,400 to access Luck’s advanced product after the class via the 7MDP creator’s “affiliate link”.

Next up, is the ‘Premium Traffic Source’ section, where you’ll see some training on sales funnels, email marketing, solo ads, and also tracking your results.

Additionally, there are tutorial videos on becoming a solo ads provider yourself. Which, really should be reserved for seasoned marketers.

Thirdly, you’ll select one of the six ‘Done-For-You’ squeeze page templates to roll with.

Where, you’ll also sign up for a GetResponse autoresponder account and integrate it into your page for collecting email subscribers.

And finally, there’s the ‘Unlimited ROI Traffic’ part which covers topics like Ad swaps, social media, and special traffic hacks.

All in all, the entire collection of training videos and PDFs is sub-par at best.

Because it’s all just basic overview type of stuff and no real meat on the bone for success.

This leads me to the next part…


The Biggest Downsides to 7 Minutes Daily Profits

First of all, you’ll be lumbered with promoting 7MDP itself among other ‘make money’ products to your email list for commissions.

But the ‘make money’ industry contains many crappy get-rich-quick products similar to 7MDP.

It won’t just trigger refund requests from your customers (= lost commissions), but won’t do your reputation any good either.

Secondly, building an email list is one thing.

But learning how to actually “profit” from your subscribers in the long term is a challenging task which needs mastering.

7MDP only skims the surface, that will only take you so far as an email marketer.

Thirdly, buying solo ads from vendors is incredibly expensive (to the tune of $100s – $1,000s) and risky.

Because, there are various factors to consider like mainly the quality of the traffic, squeeze page, your promotional email broadcasts, and even your offer itself.

Trust me, I’ve been down the solo ad route before and I lost cash. It’s not pretty.

So I urge you to tread with caution when it comes to the strategy.


Final Conclusion: Is 7 Minutes Daily Profits a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownTo be quite honest, I’m having real difficulties with my final conclusion of 7 Minutes Daily Profits.

On one hand, the repulsive video presentation leads you astray with pipe dream baloney and also throws up other red flags.

But on the other hand, you do get some value out of the product in terms of training (even if it’s vague and dated) and squeeze pages.

However, just because you get resources, don’t think for one second that you’ll have $500 days as easy as pie…

You’ll be bitterly disappointed.

Because there are variables that come into play for creating a successful online Biz.

Furthermore, driving traffic to a sales funnel using solo ads is an unsuitable method for newbies on small budgets.

Not to mention the fact that’s it’s one of THE worst paid traffic methods you can throw your cash at because the traffic’s poor quality.

So after weighing up both the pros and cons of 7MDP, I’m branding it as a borderline scam that I wouldn’t recommend.


What’s The Best Way to Earn a Living Online, Huh?

Unfortunately, chasing pipe dream opportunities that offer you the world on a plate is like a dog chasing its own tail – going in circles.

But the awesome news is that you absolutely can earn a full-time income in the field of affiliate marketing as a newbie.

However, just be prepared to work your socks off because it won’t be a smooth ride.

But a ride that’s totally worth it when it pays off.

So if you want step-by-step training, tools, and 24/7 support for creating a successful web-based business from scratch…

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Your buddy, Neil 😀

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