7 Figure Affiliate System Review [Michael Cheney A Scammer?]

This is the ONLY review of Michael Cheney’s 7 Figure Affiliate System you must read.

Because unlike 99% of WarriorPlus “affiliates”, I actually bought the product and I’m also unaffiliated with it…

Which, means I have no commissions to gain.

So rest assured, what you’re about to learn inside THIS review is from a totally unbiased standpoint.

I digress.

Here’s the golden question you ponder:

Does Michael’s brand new system truly deliver the goods to help YOU bank a 7-figure income as an affiliate?

Or is it just another scammy run-of-the-mill type of product to avoid like the plague, you ask?

Read on to find out…

At a Quick Glance

7 Figure Affiliate System Scam Review


Name: 7 Figure Affiliate System (7FAS for short).

Owner: Michael Cheney.

Website: live.7figureaffiliatesystem.com.

Cost: $19.95 (at the time of writing) + Upsells.

My Score: 5/10.


  • Good video training
  • Bonus videos & PDFs included
  • Reasonable front-end price
  • Members’ Facebook group
  • 30-day money-back-guarantee
  • Affiliate marketing is a legit & awesome model


  • Sales page is a little hypey
  • Basic training isn’t step-by-step
  • Comes with upsells
  • Cheney is a controversial marketer
  • It’s sold via the WarriorPlus marketplace (WarriorPlus has a bad Trustpilot rating)


Despite the downsides to the 7 Figure Affiliate System, Michael Cheney hasn’t done a bad job when it comes to his training system.

Because you can pick up some good value from the training, so pen and paper at the ready!

I won’t go into detail, but you’ll learn all sorts of strategies that can make you profitable as an affiliate and even outperform your competitors.

But the training’s only the type of stuff you’re taught in the classroom rather than over-the-shoulder style.

So it’s important that you already have an online Biz started BEFORE you buy this product…

Otherwise it might not make much sense to you from a complete novice perspective without a foundation in place, in my opinion.

Final Verdict: Legit

But before moving on…

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And before we actually get into the meat and potatoes of 7FAS…


Who is This “Michael Cheney” Guy Anyway?

Put simply, Yorkshire-born Michael Cheney is a digital entrepreneur – He’s been building online businesses for a good 22 years!

He built his very first internet Biz from his bedroom, and sources claim that he now generates a WHOPPING 7 figures per year.

To cut a long story short, Michael is the creator of a bunch of training products named:

  • 7 Figure Franchise
  • Commission Cartel
  • Commission Machine
  • Copy Paste Commissions
  • And Commission Black Ops, to name a handful…

With his latest 2022 one being 7 Figure Affiliate System, which I’m putting under the spotlight.

Unfortunately though, Cheney is a somewhat of a controversial character.

Because some of his customers found his training stuff underwhelming.

And I hate to say it, but I also had bad experiences with a couple of his products in the past.

Interestingly, Cheney publicly announced his IM career retirement on Facebook in 2020.

Which, to me makes his big success claims questionable.

And why is he suddenly resurrected (that’s if he even retired in the first place) with his new 7FAS product?



What Is The 7 Figure Affiliate System All About?

According to Cheney, his 7 Figure Affiliate System is a brand new course that reveals how he makes $126,831.61 (gotta love those exact figures lol) a monthly on autopilot…

By using a “secret affiliate system” that runs on 100% free traffic

More specifically, it’s meant to be a money-making machine that works for you around the clock to earn you over $2,000 per day in commissions.

It’s basically your shortcut to big success in the affiliate marketing arena.

Blahdy blah.

But as 7FAS is a WarriorPlus product (UGH!), the sales page tells you absolutely nothing about the actual ins and outs of the system…

It’s so Cheney can sell you on the “dream life” and spark your curiosity enough to push you over the edge and buy his product.

I dunno about you, but I find the sales pitch a little too fluffed-up for my liking.

I digress.


Who Is The 7 Figure Affiliate System For Exactly?

In Cheney’s words: “7FAS is for anyone looking to start, scale, and grow a digital business in 2022”.

But as you scroll through the sales page, you’ll learn that it’s targeted more towards startup affiliate marketers seeking the lazy route to riches…

Ones, who are only willing to spend a minimal amount of cash on their futures – since 7FAS is just $20 itself and focuses on unpaid traffic methods.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a smart move to save a buck when starting out on your affiliate journey.

But in my experience, you simply CAN NOT start and grow an online Biz as cheaply as peanuts.

Because there are certain tools and resources you’ll need, whether you choose blogging, vlogging or sales funnel building, etc.

Furthermore, having already gone through the 7FAS training myself…

From my point of view, you’ll only benefit from the training IF you’ve already started and laid the foundations of an online Biz…

In terms of a niche website (aka blog) or funnel, for example.

And here’s why…


How Does The 7 Figure Affiliate System Work? (The Training Revealed)…

Once you access the 7FAS training area that looks something like this:


7 Figure Affiliate System Training Dashboard


The core training modules cover the following topics:

  • Riches Are The Niches (9.17 minutes)
  • Where The Money Is And How To Get It (15.15 mins)
  • The Golden Thread (15.48 mins)
  • Secret Sales Triggers (28 mins)
  • Win The Sale By Adding Value (22.07 mins) – Tell it to the majority of WarriorPlus “affiliates” LOL.
  • Produce The Perfect Promo (23.50 mins)
  • Turn On Traffic (16.31 mins)
  • Secrets of a 7 Figure Super Affiliate (12.36 mins)

In addition to the core modules, there’s a live training webinar and a bunch of video and PDF bonuses from Cheney in your members’ area.

Surprisingly, Cheney’s training isn’t that bad considering it’s a WarriorPlus product…

I even picked up some golden nuggets to apply to my own online Biz *GASP*

But with that said, none of the training is actually step-by-step, click-by-click, over-the-shoulder type of stuff.

Because most of what Cheney teaches is classroom-based stuff comprising slides, white boards and video discussions.

That’s why the “system” is only any good if you already have an established online Biz from the get-go.

But if you don’t, then you may need to buy a couple of the add-ons.

Which leads me to the next part…


What’s The Cost of The 7 Figure Affiliate System?

The front-end cost is $19.95, which isn’t bad for the value behind the scenes.

But on the other hand, Cheney’s sales page leads newbies to believe a $20 investment is sufficient to start making money with his system.

Which isn’t entirely true, considering factors come into the picture.

But anyway, here are the optional upsells:

  • 10 Automatic Money Makers = $197
  • Ultimate Traffic Machine = $97
  • 7FAS Reseller Package (to keep 100% of the profits promoting the system as an affiliate) = $97

While I didn’t buy the upsells, I’m guessing that extra funds will be required for other tools and services to put the first 2 upsells into action.


To Conclude: Is The 7 Figure Affiliate System a Scam?

In my opinion, the 7 Figure Affiliate System is probably one of the “better” products I’ve bought through WarriorPlus in a long time, to be honest.

While Cheney may not have the greatest reputation (judging from his past sub-par product releases), I think $20 is worth the price for the value he gives you.

Therefore, I believe 7FAS to be a legitimate system.

Just don’t expect the basic entry level to deliver what’s promised throughout the sales pitch.

Because although the guy delivers value in the form of classroom-based training…

The training isn’t exactly “actionable” in a step-by-step format.

That’s why you need to get an affiliate Biz started beforehand…

And THEN apply the training to your Biz.

That’s my take on the whole thing anyway.

Your buddy, Neil.

If you’ve got any questions or feedback to leave on 7FAS, please drop your comments below…


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