30 Day Success Club Review: [Who Crushes it in a Month?!]

Thanks for checking out my unbiased review of 30 Day Success Club!

The product owner boldly claims you’re gonna easily make literally $10,000s online within just a month – and then $1,000s/day thereafter.

But let’s just cut straight to the chase, shall we?…

The product’s just another “get-rich-quick” scheme intended to excite your bones for the creator’s own benefit, and nothing more.

To get the lowdown on the so-called money-maker and why the creator’s words are meaningless, dive right into THIS honest review…

At a Quick Glance

30 Day Success Club Scam Review
Name: 30 Day Success Club (30DSC).

Owner: Debbie Joven (allegedly).

Website: 30daysuccess.club.

Cost: $37 + hidden Upsells.

My Score: 2/10.



  • Sales page hypes up the income-generation process
  • Video spokesman is likely a voiceover
  • Owner goes by a pen name
  • Cookie-cutter website product doesn’t work
  • Training’s too vague + teaches spammy methods
  • There are upsells


Put simply, 30 Day Success Club is just another fairy-tale product that under delivers.

Not only does the sales video hype up the money-making process and deceive you to make you wee your pants with excitement…

But the actual product’s a huge disappointment in itself under the hood.

Because it’s just a basic ‘Done-For-You’ website that won’t produce any results – especially when the training you get is inadequate for making your site profitable from the get-go.

So overall, 30DSC is a complete waste of your time.

Sadly, the only person to pocket a pretty penny from this product is the creator who dupes newbies like YOU.

Oh, and his or her “affiliates” will be profiting at some level from the junkie product as well.

Which is no real surprise, right?

So I suggest you keep this product at arm’s length at all times.

Final Verdict: Not Recommended.

But before taking one more step, see a legit way to earn a real sustainable income online through affiliate marketing if you’re a complete beginner…

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But if you’re more of a “Done-For-You” money-making system type of guy or gal, I also recommend you check out 12 Minute Affiliate and My Online Startup.

Because they are great starting points for newbies, in my opinion.

You just need to be willing to work your butt off for big success to happen with either system.

I digress.


What is 30 Day Success Club About, You Say?

Did you know 30 Day Success Club is some “little-known secret, that average folks are using to generate millions of dollars every year” from affiliate marketing?

And you can also get your hands on the very same easy-peasy “secret software” for making $1,000s every single day for zero cost?
30 Day Success Club Claims to be Free
Well, according to the sales video spokesman you can.

But if I were you, I wouldn’t believe a single word of that nonsense.

Because the guy lives in cloud-cuckoo-land.

First of all, the notion of “get-rich-quick” is a myth, which means no such “magical” software exists.

Affiliate marketing is an awesome way to turn a buck online – I’m doing it myself right now (with FuriousAffiliate.com).

But earning an income through this business model is no teddy bears picnic.

Because it takes real time and effort, I assure you of that.

And secondly, how on earth is 30DSC “free” when it comes with a price tag of $37? LOL.

Even if the system truly existed, I’m sure the creator would charge MUCH more than a few bucks for it, right?

To be honest, the claims all over the 30DSC sales pitch comes as no shock to the system.

Because I continually come across this far-fetched garbage on marketplaces like ClickBetter and ClickBank, etc.

Products, just like:

Just to name a handful I’ve exposed on this blog that fail to deliver on their promises.

Don’t get me wrong, ClickBank has some great products you can buy in the ‘online Biz’ category.

But just be cautious of the few like 30DSC that cry the word “SCAM”.


How Does 30 Day Success Club Work, Exactly?

I’m telling you now, 30DSC will never get you your dream car, the luxurious lifestyle or even the “rich and famous” pad you desire.

Even if the sales video pitch does seem pretty convincing.
Rich and Famous Luxury Home
All the presentation sells you is “the dream” from investing very little to no effort.

What you really gain access to behind the scenes of 30DSC is some basic ‘Done-For-You’ website that requires a bunch of basic steps to activate it:

  1. Enter your ClickBank affiliate ID
  2. Select a domain name for your site
  3. Name your site
  4. Enter some keywords for SEO & ranking purposes
  5. Write a website description

And you’re good to go…

Your new populated website is meant to easily generate you affiliate commissions from the promotion of ClickBank products.

And then you’re also basically taught to “SPAM” your way to success – sharing your website link all over the internet.

But sadly, there’s A LOT more that goes into the creation of a profitable website, in my experience.

Your 30DSC website simply won’t do the job, and here’s why…


The Tried & True Way of Building a Successful Website…

To build a profit-producing website in this day and age really isn’t as simple as completing a few basic tasks, sharing your link on Facebook, etc, and waiting for the cash to pour in.

Although, it would be amazeballs, right?

For true success as an affiliate marketer, building YOUR own website via WordPress is a must.

Because it puts you in the driving seat.

As opposed to some ‘Done-For-You’ website that doesn’t actually belong to you and can easily be pulled down by the 30DSC creator.

Secondly, you’ll need to learn how to optimise your site for SEO using essential plugins, so your site stands a chance of ranking in Google.

Thirdly, you must have in-depth step-by-step training and the right support for writing “high-quality” content and learning the ropes of SEO for generating traffic.

And finally, elbow grease, time, and patience are also requirements of success in affiliate marketing.

So there are many moving parts that come into play for creating a money-making website from the ground up.

Which are all taught in great detail inside First-Time Internet Marketing Profits – A pretty awesome training course for newbies that I’ve also implemented.

But by all means, try it the 30DSC way and see how far it gets you. 😛


Final Conclusion: Is 30 Day Success Club a Scam?

Big Cartoon Thumbs DownAny product that revolves around the notion of get-rich-quick is most definitely a scam in my eyes.

So I hope that’s your question answered with 30 Day Success Club.

Not only does the sales pitch peddle a system that’s far too good to be true…

But I’m also willing to bet the video spokesman is hired as a voiceover, and the creator ‘Debbie Joven’ is an alias too – since there’s no proof of identification.

Furthermore, the ‘Done-For-You’ website is a no-go.

Because it’ll never get ranked in Google and receive free organic traffic, I’m afraid.

And that’s because your site will contain the same duplicate content used by other 30DSC customers.

Not to mention the fact that other SEO aspects come into play (as already discussed).

The only traffic you’ll get is from spamming your website URL all over platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and forums, etc.

And even then, the chances of that traffic converting into affiliate commissions is pretty slim, since your site holds no value in terms of helpful content.

The one and only good thing about 30DSC is that ClickBank offers a refund when you say pretty please with sugar on top.

But just be cautious of any upsells you buy because I think ClickBank only refunds your initial investment.

But don’t quote me on that though lol.


Want a Money-Making Solution That “Actually” Works?…

As I’ve already said, if you have the right resources, then you absolutely can earn a full-time income as an affiliate marketer in any niche.

But don’t think for one second that it’s gonna be as easy as stealing candy from a baby – as ratbag scammers want you to believe.

Hmm, I wonder why?

So if you wanna get your hands on the essential WordPress websites, tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support…

And you’re also willing to work like a donkey to make success happen for yourself as a newbie…

==> Get Started With My #1 Recommendation For Free!

Your buddy, Neil.

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