24 Hour Profits Review: [Really a FAST Foolproof Method?]

Looking for the inside scoop on 24 Hour Profits? Then your search stops right HERE!

After I took Empire for a spin (which, I had no luck with. Well, with the first traffic method anyway) – IS this product gonna be any different?

Does Fergal Downes really deliver on his promises of it being a FAST foolproof way for newbies to make bank using free traffic?

Or is it just another lousy WarriorPlus-style product that does very little for beginners in the land of affiliate marketing?

The truth’s about to be uncovered, so hang tight!

At a Quick Glance

24 Hour Profits Review
Name: 24 Hour Profits – AKA 24 Hour Pro (24HP).

Owner: Fergal Downes.

Website: fergalscoaching.com/24-hour-pro-clickbank.

Cost: $2 for 7 days & then $17/month + Upsells & other expenses.

My Score: 5/10.


  • $2 for a 7-day trial
  • Newbie-friendly video tutorials
  • DFY bridge page & a cheat sheet
  • Email + Facebook support group
  • 60-day money-back guarantee via ClickBank


  • The sales page is slightly hyped-up
  • Most of the training lacks depth (you don’t get much for $17/month)
  • More expenses for resources & solo ads
  • Comes with upsells


24 Hour Profits helps you to roll with one of Fergal’s products, build a bridge page to promote it, and generate traffic via Facebook + paid solo ads.

Yeah, I was a little shocked when I stumbled across the “solo ad” training, since 24HP is advertised as a “FREE” traffic method, right?

But when Fergal explains that if you invest your organic Facebook profits into solo ads, then the method’s technically free.

As for the training: There’s a couple of great traffic-generation video tutorials on leveraging FB and solo ads.

But $17/month is still steep when most of the training’s fairly shallow and skips crucial steps (that I elaborate on in my review).

Which I think is intentionally done to push you into buying Fergal’s DFY upsells.

But on a whole, I think 24HP still has great money-making potential – even moreso so with the upsells.

However, just don’t ask me how fast you’ll start raking in the affiliate commissions.

Because it obviously depends on your effort levels and other factors like how well you follow the training.

Final Verdict: Legit, But It’s Not For Everyone’s Taste.

But before sinking your teeth into this review, try my #1 newbie-friendly recommendation for making sustainable money via affiliate marketing.

However, if it’s not your cuppa, then grab this 100% free training course on building a 6-figure online Biz as a noob.


What’s 24 Hour Profits All About, You Say?

24 Hour Profits seems to be a replica of another ClickBank product from Fergal Downes called Empire, that I recently tried out.

And before you ask why the dude’s got the same product on the go under two different brands, I haven’t the faintest idea.

But moving on…

Downes reckons that 24HP is a beginner-friendly method – revealing how to bank easy affiliate commissions with free traffic in just 30 minutes daily.

In fact, you can rake in $286+ within your first 24 hours of rolling with Fergal’s ‘unlimited FREE traffic system’ that works for anyone.

Apparently, anyway.

Basically, the whole system’s designed for inpatient beginners who wanted the cash rolling into their banks YESTERDAY.

I dunno about you, but I think those are some pretty bold and hyped-up statements made by the guy on his sales page.

So, to find out if 24HP really does live up the hype or if it’s just a load of baloney, I decided to take the 7-day test drive.

(BTW, if you attempt to exit the sales page, you can try 24HP for $1 – saving yourself a WHOLE dollar 😉 lol).


Here’s What I Discovered Under The Hood of 24 Hour Profits…

Once I purchased 24HP and skipped the upsells, I finally arrived at the members’ area (shown below):
24 Hour Profits Training Dashboard
Downes kicks things off with a quick intro video to 24HP.

Where he also offers some good advice on getting your online work out there instead of being a perfectionist because it will kill your success.

And he’s 100% right, you know.

I think I’ve lost count of the times that I tried to perfect my blog content, images, ad campaigns, etc.

It’s frustrating as hell, I tell ya!

But trust me, you can still make the affiliate commissions with work that’s a little rough around the edges.

So just start your damn affiliate marketing Biz and tweak things as you go.

I digress.


Let’s Get Down to The Meat & Potatoes of 24 Hour Profits

When you’re ready to jump into the training with both feet, there are 8 video lessons to watch:

  1. Overview (5.05 minutes) – A quick run-through of the 4 system steps: grab your link, build a bridge page to promote it, send traffic & profit.
  2. Welcome, Part 2 (1.59 mins) – Downes discusses the ‘Done-For-You’ funnel he’s created for you. Basically, it’s just a fancy term (applicable to ANY product lol) to encourage you to promote his Empire product for commissions.
  3. How The System Works For You (4.58 mins) – Downes has created a DFY bridge page & shows how to hire a Fiverr freelancer to install it for you on your WordPress site via the Instabuilder plugin.
  4. Getting Your MONEY Link (6.16 mins) – A quick lesson on finding your affiliate link on ClickBank, so you’re ready to start promoting the product.
  5. Get Fast FREE Traffic (18.43 mins) – Apparently, you can make a full-time income within the next *GASP* 2 months with this method! You’ll join a couple of FB groups, add 25 new friends 5X per day, engage with them, do attention-grabbing promo posts on your wall & PM your interested friends with your link.
  6. Paid Traffic: What Are Solo Ads? (1.14 mins) – It’s not the strategy I was expecting to see inside 24HP, but it’s basically about paying email list owners to promote your offer(s) to their subscribers.
  7. Paid Traffic: Finding The Best Solo Ad Sellers (7.20 mins) – How to use Facebook for finding solo ad sellers. Where Fergal also offers sound advice on only buying tier 1 traffic @ 0.50 cents (or under) per click. For the icing on the cake, he even recommends the best solo ad seller. 😉
  8. Conclusion (0.58 seconds) – It’s all about TAKING ACTION.

The two most invaluable video tutorials (in my opinion) are the ‘fast free traffic’ and the ‘finding solo ads’ ones.

The others could do with “beefing up” to give newbies more of an insight into starting an affiliate marketing Biz.

In addition to the training, there’s a quick 5-step cheat sheet to follow and Fergal’s live coaching calls to sign up for.


What’s The Cost of 24 Hour Profits, You Ask?

The fantastic news is that you can try 24HP for a whole 7 days for just $2 (or $1 if you hit the “back” button).

After that, it’s $17/month to remain as an active member.

(I’m guessing that there’s a monthly fee so Fergal’s affiliates like YOU can also generate a passive income promoting 24HP itself, right?)

But then you’ll need to have the Instabuilder WordPress plugin installed for roughly $5 from Fiverr.

This also means that you need to build a free WordPress website BEFORE both the plugin and Fergal’s DFY bridge page can be installed.

And then guess what?…

YUP, you’ll also need to pay for web hosting and a domain name if you wanna stand out from the crowd with your own blog/site.


Or There’s Option B:

Learn to create your own free WiX page to promote Empire, just like I’ve done ==> HERE.

And if you choose the paid solo ad route, the cheapest traffic packages start at $45 – $50 apiece.

But with that said, if you make a few sales, that’s your ad expenses covered. And then some.

So technically, 24HP is free from that standpoint.

As for the 24HP upgrades, they are as follows:

  • ‘Done-For-You’ Package to make money 5X faster = $17.
  • ‘Free Traffic Bonanza’ for copying Fergal’s exact traffic methods = $17.
  • ‘DFY Facebook Messenger Bot’ for generating high ticket sales = $97.

So yeah, you may need a little cash going spare for speedier results with 24HP.


Final Conclusion: Is 24 Hour Profits Legit?…


I truly believe that if you follow Fergal’s Facebook and solo ad training to the letter, you can make money as a newbie.

But the level and speed of your income both depend on your efforts and cash investments, obviously.

However, 24 Hour Profits may not suit every beginner’s taste, and here’s why:

First of all, Fergal jumps right into the training assuming that you already know how to build a WordPress site and/or WiX page.

Unfortunately, without that essential newbie knowledge, you’ll be stuck at the starting block.

Which means either finding the appropriate training outside of 24HP or investing in the DFY upsells.

Secondly, it revolves around promoting Fergal’s products in the ‘Make Money Online’ niche.

In my experience, you really must be PASSIONATE about HELPING people to make money themselves if you want success.

But If you’re uninterested in this niche, then you’ll need to figure out how to apply the training to your own niche and chosen product.

And thirdly, the biggest problem with Facebook is that it’s damn frustrating, irritating, and overwhelming, to say the least.

Adding 100+ friends per day is the easy part.

It’s the rest of it that can literally consume a good 2 – 3 hours of your time daily.

Because if you’re not having to spend heaps of time engaging with your new buddies via PMs and FB posts…

You’re having to deal with a continuous stream of notifications, friend requests, tyre kickers, spammers, scammers, and peeps pitching their crap.

So from my point of view, paid traffic’s the best option because it comes with fewer headaches and faster results.


On The Hunt For a Kick-Ass Money-Making Option?…

Fergal claims that Facebook is the best method for growing a successful affiliate marketing business.

But that’s just his opinion, and I beg to defer lol.

Because in my opinion, the #1 way to build a lucrative affiliate marketing Biz is by blogging and generating free organic Google traffic.

There are MANY awesome benefits tied in with building your own blog and attracting targeted visitors via the search engines.

But I don’t wanna ramble on with a gazillion and one reasons as to why – that’s for another day.

So, if you’d like to build a WordPress blog (via SiteRubix), tools, step-by-step training & 24/7 support from a 2-million member community…

All the trimmings for creating a successful online Biz based on your passion – then give Wealthy Affiliate a whirl for free!

Your buddy, Neil 😀

Got any questions or thoughts to share on 24HP? Please hop on the conversation below…


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