1-Click Blog Post Plugin Review [The “Write” One For You?]

Thanks for “clicking” through to my review of the 1-Click Blog Post Plugin (created by Ankur Shukla).

Let’s face it, bloggers of all experience levels (myself included) suffer from writer’s block at some point.

In fact, it happens to me on a regular basis (LOL) – I make a coffee, power up my desktop, log in to my WordPress dashboard, attempt to start an article…

And guess what?

Yup, my mind goes completely blank. UGH.

So, if you currently suffer from blogger’s block and seek a MUCH easier way to crank out WordPress posts at speed…

Then perhaps the 1-Click Blog Post plugin has your name on it.

But there’s only one way to find out for sure – jump into THIS review for the lowdown on the plugin…

What Is The 1-Click Blog Post Plugin All About?

1 click blog post plugin

Put simply, Ankur Shukla has designed the 1-Click Blog Post Plugin to make life simpler for bloggers to publish articles without hardly any legwork.

The plugin (+ cloud-based software) enables you to convert any YouTube video transcript into written content in 3 seconds flat.

And then it’s just a case of sprucing up each piece of content to your liking before publishing it on your blog.

However, if you don’t already own a WordPress niche site – I recommend using the free SiteRubix builder – it’s how I built mine (Furious Affiliate) 😉

I digress.

While the idea of Ankur’s plugin sounds epic on paper, I can’t help but think it will land you in hot water with Google and YouTubers’ for stealing their content.

In other words, you could potentially be faced with copyright law issues.

In fact, I highly recommend fine combing your way through YouTube’s Creative Commons terms before going full throttle with the plugin.

But on the other hand, you could always use the plugin to gather tons of YouTube inspiration.

And then blog about all those ideas and topics in your own words – many bloggers are already doing just THAT.

Which is perfectly safe, not to mention ethical.

So, I give the plugin a big thumb’s up from that angle.

How Ankur Shukla’s WordPress Plugin Works

To be perfectly honest, the process is a piece of cake.

1 click blog post plugin settings

Because using it involves just 5 very basic steps:

  1. Download & install the 1-Click Blog Post Plugin to your WordPress site
  2. Start a new post on your blog
  3. Copy any chosen YouTube video URL & paste into the box
  4. The content is extracted & then added to your post (in just 3 seconds!)
  5. Edit the content or publish it as it is – and voila!

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like the idea.

In fact, if it was still 1999 (and YouTube actually existed LOL) – I’d be using the plugin to crank out content day and night.

Because the internet was still a youngster back then – it was easy as pie to get Google rankings, traffic and sales.

Trust me, this comes from my Squidoo days – I made a killing promoting Halloween and Christmas stuff for Amazon, eBay and Commission Junction.

But returning to THIS day and age of the web…

As I said, don’t just post someone’s video as an article (word-for-word) – you should edit the whole post, in my opinion.

Because writing your own unique content is the only REAL way to create a sustainable Biz via blogging in 2022 and beyond.

How Much Does The 1-Click Blog Post Plugin Cost?

In my opinion, the 1-Click Blog Post Plugin isn’t badly priced – there are 3 reasonable plans to select from:

  • Single Site Licence – $12 per month (with no setup fees)
  • Multi-Site Licence – $24 per year (no setup fees either)
  • Unlimited Sites Licence + Cloud Edition – $27 one-time (no annual fees)

And in case you’re unfamiliar with the “Cloud Edition” – it means you can still use the software, even if you don’t have a WordPress site.

But if you do choose to purchase the plugin, be advised that you’ll be persuaded by some optional upsells.

Which is the “norm” with products sold through the WarriorPlus marketplace, right?

Anyways, the upsells (aka OTOS) are as follows:

  • Pro version – $47
  • Headliner – $37
  • FotoFinder – $37
  • Tag Machine – $37
  • Developers – $47

The upsells are basically designed to give the plugin and your blogging efforts more “oomph” power for potentially better results.

Conclusion: Is The 1-Click Blog Post Plugin Worth It?

In all honesty, I think the answer boils down to HOW you intend on using the 1-Click Blog Post plugin for yourself.

On one hand, I would totally recommend the plugin if you’re gonna use it to gather a mountain of inspiration from YouTube videos.

Because you can easily and quickly get a lifetime’s worth of topics and ideas to write fresh blog content around.

But on the other hand, if you’re just gonna use the plug for a ‘copy n’ paste’ job, then it’s not recommended.

Because technically, you’ll be stealing vloggers content without their permission.

Unless, of course, you go the YouTube Creative Commons route, which would require some research.

So, on the whole, I’m in two minds when it comes to the 1-Click Blog Post Plugin.

But I’ll let you be your own judge.

How To Write “Profitable” Blog Content…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tools that can make life easier for us bloggers.

But not if they come with risks that can potentially land you in trouble with ‘Big G’ (Google) and the original content creators.

So, your best bet is to learn how to produce your own unique content that can actually put moola in your pocket for YEARS to come…

And WITHOUT checking over your shoulder for the boogie man.

So, check out Commission Academy for free to learn the ropes of writing your way to a full-time passive affiliate income.

Your buddy, Neil.

Have any questions or thoughts to share on the 1-Click Plugin? Please drop them below…

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